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Chaotic logo.png
Genre Animation, Adventure, Family, Fantasy
Format Animated television series
Created by Peter Samuel Kanyike
Starring Adam Caroleson
Darren Dunstan
Rebecca Soler
Marc Thompson
Emily Williams
Country of origin Denmark Denmark
 United States
Language(s) English
No. of series 3
No. of episodes 79 (List of episodes)
Producer(s) Chaotic of America
4Kids Entertainment
Bardel Entertainment
Running time 19 minutes
Original channel 4Kids TV
Original run October 7, 2006 (2006-10-07) – present
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Chaotic is an animated series produced by 4Kids Entertainment and animated by Bardel Entertainment. It is based on a Danish trading card game. Much of the plot is based on the original storyline of the Danish trading card game. The characters, Tom and Kazdan, bear the names of the original main characters.



Chaotic tells the tale of a teenage boy named Tom and his friend Kaz. They both play the Chaotic Trading Card/Online Game. Kaz always tries to tell Tom about a secret code to play for real which Tom refuses to believe. While playing online Tom receives the special password. When he enters the password into his game scanner he is transported to a place called Chaotic that is able to take him to another world where the characters, locations and items in the card game came to life.

There are two parts to the Chaotic world, Chaotic itself and Perim. Chaotic is where the people play an advanced version of the card/online game where they transform into the creatures. The games can be watched via monitor by other players.

The second part is Perim. In Perim the creatures, locations and items from the game are real. Players from the Chaotic game can teleport into Perim and scan the locations, creatures and items with their scanners, gaining the ability to use them in their game. There are four tribes in Perim. Two tribes, the Overworld and the Underworld, have been at war over a great power called the Cothica. Despite their names, there is no definite good or evil tribe, as both have different stories and interpretations of how the war began, with each tribe seeing the other as being evil. The Danians and Mipedians have since joined the war, turning it into a four-way conflict over the Cothica. It is said that the Mipedians were once united with the Overworlders and the Danians united with the Underworlders; it is still unknown why they separated.

Both Chaotic and Perim are made up of a mysterious code called the "Chaotic Code". The code is noted for constantly changing in random ways; thus, it is considered "chaotic." In Perim, the Chaotic Code describes everything. It contains the information for all the creatures, battlegear, attacks, mugic (a cross between music and magic), and locations. The Cothica, mentioned above, is the source of all the codes in Perim. The code also describes everything in Chaotic. The BattleDromes, Transporters, and CodeScanners can analyze and/or modify this code for matches, transport, or creation of virtual cards.

When the players are in Chaotic/Perim they exist simultaneously on Earth. When a Chaotic player leaves Chaotic they become one person again and the Earth version of the player gains the memories of anything they experienced in the Chaotic/Perim world. This is awkward the first time they transport, as their online deck is blocked so that their Chaotic self can use it and their scanner becomes none functional, causing many people to believe they have broken their scanners until they are re-united with their Chaotic self.



A short preview was shown on 4Kids TV on September 30, 2006 at 10:30 am (ET). The show officially premiered on October 7, 2006 at 10:30 AM (ET). 4Kids Entertainment plans to "roll out the storyline over seven years", implying there are currently seven seasons planned for the television series. [1] A second season- titled Chaotic: M'arillian Invasion aired September on 4Kids TV. While season 1 used flash animation, the M'arillian Invasion season is animated in anime-style traditional animation. Jetix (US) bought the cable rights to the show and began airing it daily at 7 AM October 1, 2007. The Secrets of Lost City season is animated in anime-style traditional animation, like the previous season.

Digital cable providers Comcast Cable, Cox Communications and Bresnan Communications premiered four new episodes in February 2008 on 4KidsTV's Video On Demand.

Teletoon and The CW4Kids air most of the premiere episodes for their respective countries. The CW4Kids premieres began in February 2009 with M'arillian Invasion episode 14, while Teletoon began airing the second season in January 2009. Cartoon Network took over premieres for the final seven M'arrillian Invasion episodes in the US in August 2009, but The CW4Kids regained the premieres when the third series- Secrets of the Lost City started on Halloween 2009. Toon Disney aired the show on Jetix. On February 13, 2009, Jetix along with Toon Disney merged into a new network called Disney XD (a new channel similar in scope to Jetix). The Jetix brand no longer exists in the United States, but series 1, the original Chaotic, continues to air on Disney XD. Cartoon Network acquired the rights for the second and third seasons and began airing them and Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's in June 2009. By airing the second season straight through, CN was able to premiere episodes before CW4Kids.

The show currently airs Saturdays on 4Kids's new programming block, The CW4Kids on The CW Television Network, Cartoon Network, and Disney XD in the US. It previously aired on the now-defunct 4Kids TV block, which was shut down at the end of 2008.

The series has also been dubbed to Arabic, and is currently airing on MBC3 channel.

In January 2009, the first season of Chaotic started showing daily on Jetix in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland.[1]



  • Tom Majors (a.k.a. MajorTom): Mainly an OverWorld player – is the main protagonist of the series. He is subsequently shocked and overwhelmed by his first transportation to Chaotic, transforming into the Card Game Creatures and experiencing the battle "for real." However, Tom eventually overcomes his fear and is presented as a bold risk taker and thrill seeker, meeting the Creatures and exploring the locations in the dimensional world of Perim. Tom is honest, truthful and trustworthy and cares deeply for his friends. Tom's favorite and trademark card is Maxxor, the leader of Perim's Overworld. His name and username are a reference to Major Tom, the fictional astronaut from the David Bowie song, "Space Oddity".
  • Kazdan Kalinkas (a.k.a. KidChaor): Mainly an UnderWorld player – focuses on the game, becoming a better player and improving his battle skills and his collection. He tends to be more cautious and less adventurous; preferring to calculate the odds before taking a risk, unless rare Creatures, BattleGear and MugicSpheres are at stake. Kaz frequently warns Tom about the dangers of Perim, but Tom usually ignores Kaz. Kaz's favorite and trademark card is Chaor, the leader of the Underworld
  • Peyton (a.k.a. PeytonicMaster): Peyton is known as the comedic figure of the show, in many scenes, he is shown to have a crush on Sarah (as well as the other female companions of Chaotic). He is a formidable yet quirky Chaotic player. Peyton speaks in slang and has an encyclopedic knowledge of the game and Perim. His intense opinions, his appearance and his unorthodox style of battle and the way he expresses himself all lend themselves to comedy. He often tests unusual theories and strategies in battle, which, shockingly, lead to victory more often than not. Though he loves to win—especially with his Mipedian Creatures—Peyton will also battle using some of Perim's freakiest Creatures, just to have the experience of transforming into them and "feeling their vibes." While most Chaotic Players think that one tribe is better than the others, Peyton knows how to "look past the personalities and find the powers", though when he isn't testing out different creatures he perfers his Mipedian decks.
  • Sarah (a.k.a ChaotiKween): Sarah is the smart, feisty female of the group with intentions of speaking her mind. A fearless and shrewd Chaotic player, she is often in situations of stumbling into a fight with the boys and/or the other Players. On few occasions, Sarah is shown to have enough courage when confronting a Creature who gets her angry and is often at the event of leading Tom, Peyton or Kaz to drag her out of danger. She is also very protective of the boys and is willing do anything to help them. Sarah is shown to have a close relationship with Tom. Expressing a life-long interest in insects, she is usually drawn to the ant-like Danians.
  • Krystella and Klaybourne (a.k.a. Klayotic): Krystella and Klay are a crafty team of pranksters. Though they don't look alike, they seem to be related and do everything together. The duo's favorite activity besides battling in Chaotic is sabotaging the lead characters. Krystella and Klay are snobbish, conceited, rude, and patronizing. Klay is seen to have preferred using Lord Van Bloot over all his other cards.



These creatures rule most of Perim and are depicted as mostly heroic. In the card game their specialty is being elemental specialists, a large number of Overworlders having an "Element" that can cause extra damage when used with an attack. Their Mugic color is Blue. Among the known OverWorlders are:

  • Maxxor: The ruler of the OverWorld tribe, labeled in the card game as an Overworld Hero. He is known for his courage and power. His most notable features are his green skin, the strange purple markings that cover his body, and his red tunic. He is the arch enemy of Chaor.
  • Abohan: A Past OverWorlder who was an adviser to Kiru. He resembles a Diatryma.
  • Afjak: A Past OverWorld Muge who was the son of Najarin, and his apprentice. He learned the secret of Dranikus Threshold and disappeared to an unspecific point in time.
  • Aivenna: An OverWorld Hero. Aivenna is a pink humanoid creature in golden battle armor. She is the long-lost sister of Nivenna and was trained by Intress and Drabe.
  • Arias: A humanoid Bighorn Sheep-like OverWorlder with a raging anger problem.
  • Attacat: An OverWorld Guardian Warrior that resembles a humanoid black panther. Attacat's special ability can move to any available spot on the field.
  • Blazier: An OverWorld Scout. He is a short yellow humanoid with a green cowboy hat.
  • Blügon: An OverWorld Warrior that guards The Snow Peak along with his best friend, Raimusa. He looks like a blue Yeti. Any water attacks done by Blügon deal an additional 5 damage.
  • Bodal: An OverWorld Caretaker that is in charge of the Overworld Arsenal and appears unable to keep a secret. Bodal's special ability enables it to gain an additional 5 wisdom for any adjacent OverWorld creatures the player controls.
  • Dractyl: A bird-like OverWorlder that serves as Maxxor's messenger at times. Dractyl's special ability enables it to move to any available spot on the field.
  • Ettala: An OverWorld warrior. Described as a one-eyed brute. He is one of Mommark's creations.
  • Frafdo: An OverWorld guardian. He resembles a humanoid bird who wields a bow (which he can fire plasma arrows) and is also wearing his Evergreen Tunic. He is seen very loyal to Maxxor and is willing to follow him around everywhere helping him with quests for the Overworld. He makes his home inside Castle Bodhran. Frafdo's special ability enables him to gain 5 courage for any adjacent OverWorld creatures the player controls.
  • Garv: An OverWorld Caretaker that watches over Lake Morn. He resembles a humanoid manatee. Garv's special ability enables the player to flip the target BattleGear face-up or face-down.
  • Gespedan: An OverWorld Scout that resembles a humanoid gazelle. Gespedan's special abilities enable it to gain 5 speed for any adjacent OverWorld creatures the player controls and can move to any available spot on the field.
  • Heptadd: An OverWorlder that can use Mugic from any tribe, and has mastered the use of all Elements. Heptadd can also cast any Mugic from any of the Tribes. He is rumoured to have connections to the Cothica.
  • Hoton: An Overworlder who resembles a humanoid owl.
  • Intress: A female, tiger-like OverWorld Elementalist. She once stopped an invasion force from the Underworld by herself, and has a secret bond with Chaor's most faithful companion Takinom. Intress' special ability enables the creatures the player controls to gain 5 energy for each elemental type they have.
  • Kinnianne: A female fox-like OverWorlder that serves as the Ambassador to the Mipedians. Being an Ambassador to the Mipedians, Kinnianne's special ability enables her to cast Mipedian Mugic.
  • Laarina: An OverWorld Scout that resembles a mantis.
  • Lomma: An OverWorld Guardian that resembles a humanoid antelope. Her family was killed when she was a child and vowed that no harm will come to her tribe again.
  • Mezzmarr: An OverWorld Scout that lives in Lake Ken-I-Po. He resembles a part-man, part eel creature.
  • Mommark: An OverWorld Scientist that creates other Creatures from DNA samples collected by his servants. The list of his creations includes Staluk, Maglax, and Ettala as well as UnderWorlders Ghuul, Rarran, Stelgar, and Zaur.
  • Najarin: A wise mugic-using OverWorlder, labeled in the card game as an OverWorld Muge. He appears as a tall thin humanoid, with blue skin, wearing pants similar to that of a Genie, and with a long white beard that covers his torso. He is hinted to be more than 1000 years old (which may or may not be uncommon for the creatures of Perim) as he is quoted as saying "Yes, Chaor's ancestor was one of the greatest OverWorlders of all time. I'm proud he was my friend, despite what he ultimately became". Najarin's special ability enables the player to return a target Mugic Card from the graveyard to their hand.
  • Olkiex: An OverWorld Strategist. He is a four-armed beaver-like creature that works as Bodal's assistant. Olkiex's special ability enables the player to flip a face-up target BattleGear face-down.
  • Owis: An OverWorld Guardian that resembles a humanoid goat. Owis' special ability enables him to heal 10 energy to himself and 5 energy to a target creature.
  • Raimusa: An OverWorld Warrior that helps guard his house on Scimitar Peak. He appears as a blue animal-like humanoid dressed in samurai armor with a Japanese accent.
  • Raznus: A wolf-like OverWorlder that serves as the Ambassador to the Danians. He is one of Maxxor's oldest friends, in their youth he once taught him a valuable lesson, about waiting and listening, rather than violent action. Being an Ambassador to the Danians, Raznus can prevent a Danian from being targeted by Mugics or a creature's special ability. He also allows Danians to cast OverWorld Mugic.
  • Sluhrk: An OverWorlder that resembles a scorpion.
  • Staluk: An OverWorld Warrior that was one of Mommark's successful creations. He is intended to destroy any trespassers in OverWorld territory. Resembling a centaur with a horse's head. Staluk's special abilities enables him to do an additional 5 damage for each Earth attack and can move to any additional spot on the field.
  • Tangath Toborn: A humanoid lion OverWorlder, second in command of the OverWorld. He was believed to be the next leader, but had presumably perished while preventing the Glacier Plains from melting into a tsunami that would have ultimately flooded Perim. Tangath Toborn's special ability enables him to heal 10 energy to himself.
  • Targubaj: An OverWorld Muge that resembles a humanoid ape. Targubaj's special ability enables him to heal 10 energy to any target creature.
  • Tartarek: A turtle-like OverWorlder. During the "M'arrillian Invasion," he fell under the control of the M'arillians in secrecy until Kaz's match with Tartawrecker helps Najarin exposed him in front of the Tribal Alliance as a traitor.
  • Velreth: An OverWorld Warrior that resembles a green humanoid rhinoceros. Velreth's special ability enables him to move to any available spot on the field.
  • Vidav: An OverWorld Muge who resembles a humanoid white tiger in a purple wizard's robe. Vidav dreams that one day all the tribes will learn to live in peace and end the senseless war. He is best friends with Hoton and regrets what has happened to him. It is revealed Vidav had recently begun taking Hoton to Castle Bohdran and using his mugical abilities to restore his strength. Vidav's special ability enables him to heal 15 energy to a targeted creature.
  • Viqtarr: An OverWorld Strategist that resembles a humanoid Grizzly Bear.
  • Vlar: A Past OverWorld thief that discovered the Vlaric Shard. Vlar's special ability is that in the event that he is unequipped, he can swipe the BattleGear equipped from the engaging creature.
  • Wytod: An OverWorld Muge that resembles a humanoid deer. He is known for saving Maxxor and Najarin twice. When Wytod is sacrificed, the player chooses a new target for a target Mugic which only targets a single creature.
  • Xaerv: An OverWorld Scout that spys on other tribes. He lives in the Storm Tunnel and specializes in air attacks. Xearv is also very naive.
  • Yokkis: An OverWorlder who only wants to have fun. Always making "jokes" on other creatures but takes it too far. Tharax has been pranked by him for too long and will do anything to destroy Yokkis. Yokkis' special ability enables him to increase the courage, power, wisdom, and speed of any OverWorld creatures.
  • Zalic: An OverWorlder who guards The Passage: the area that links the OverWorld with the UnderWorld. He is a blue humanoid who has a Hercules Beetle-like head. Zalic's special ability enables him to heal 15 energy to himself.


The UnderWorlders rule most of Perim's UnderWorld and are often depicted as villainous. In the card game their specialty is their "Intimidate" ability, which can decrease their opponent's stats. Their Mugic color is Red. Among the known UnderWorlders are:

  • Kiru: Kiru is a legendary OverWorlder and Chaor's ancestor. He is depicted as one of the greatest leaders in OverWorld history, enough so to have the capital city of the OverWorld named after him. His history of events are not immediately clear, but for unknown reasons, he had turned into an UnderWorlder. He resembles a purple version of Chaor with the facial features of Maxxor.
  • Chaor: The ruler of the UnderWorld tribe, labeled in the card game as an Underworld Conqueror Warrior. He appears as a giant red gargoyle, with blue horns jetting out of his body from his head, spikes on his back, and hooves. He is the arch enemy of Maxxor. Chaor is the descendant of Kiru who was one of the greatest OverWorld leaders to ever live, though for unknown reasons he turned and became an UnderWorlder. Chaor is determined to conquer all of Perim, but none more so then the OverWorld. He dreams of conquering Kiru City and defeating his enemy Maxxor.
  • Agitos: A Chinese Dragon-like UnderWorlder that is a loyal advisor to Chaor. Agitos also serves as the announcer at matches in the UnderWorld Colloseum. He is famous for using tales of his great deeds to bolster the morale of UnderWorld soldiers. However, his many deeds are open to debate as to their authenticity.
  • Atrapol: An UnderWorlder who is a general of Lord Van Bloot's army. He resembles a full-armored warrior. Atrapol's special ability enables him to destroy a target engaging creature's BattleGear if he wins a Power Challenge.
  • Barath Beyond: An UnderWorld Ethereal Warrior.
  • Borth-Majar: They are two UnderWorlders that work as one. Borth is small and green, and is incredibly smart, but lacks the strength of even the most common creatures. Majar is a giant rock monster, and is incredibly strong, but "can't even remember his own attacks." When the two of them worked together, they are an unstoppable force. But when Kaz plays as Borth Majar, he splits us to cover more ground, but it apparently "split his mind in two." They are seen in "The Final Stand Part 2" in Kiru City, when fighting off the M'arrillians.
  • Cerbie: An UnderWorld Taskmaster that resembles a Cerberus.
  • Dindyon: An UnderWorld Commander that resembles a lizardman.
  • Eximiar: An UnderWorld Warrior. He resembles an unspecified Centauroid creature with pawed-front legs and hoofed-back legs. Eximiar's special ability is that when engaged with an UnderWorld Creature, he gains 5 fire and 5 recklessness.
  • Grook: An UnderWorld Warrior that watches over the Underworld Prison "The Pits." Grook is also a famous battle trainer, and many of the Underworld's best warriors owe their skills to his intensive training regime. Grook often asks his former pupils to fill in for him when he needs to carry out missions for Chaor.
  • H'earring: A bipedal gremlin-like UnderWorlder who assists Kaz with scan-quests. Listed in the card game as an Underworld Scout. His most notable feature are his big ears which can reach down to his knees, this also makes him vulnerable to sonic attacks. He has a taste for gross and disgusting food, like Dractyl's old dead scales. H'earring's special ability enables the player to look at the top 3 Location Cards in the target Location Deck and put them back in any order.
  • Jiggorex: Not much known about Jiggorex, but is mostly found with Khybon, possibly an assistant of his.
  • Kaal: A Past UnderWorld Conqueror. He resembles a giant lava monster. Kaal was responsible for enslaving some of Kiru's people in his mines.
  • Khybon: An UnderWorld Warrior who that builds and designs battlegear. He has yellow skin, and four arms, only one of which has one real hand, the rest have all been replaced with tools to aid him in his work. He is often seen at "Iron Pillar" where he works in the forges.
  • Krekk: A one-eyed gargoyle UnderWorlder that is loyal to Lord Van Bloot. Krekk's special abilities causes the target engaging creature to lose 10 power until the end of combat and enable Krekk to move to any available space on the field.
  • Lord Van Bloot: Chaor's second-in-command, an UnderWorlder with plans to overthrow Chaor. He resembles a harpy/skeleton creature with a mechanical eye. He is listed in the card game as an Underworld Conqueror Muge. Lord Van Bloot makes his home in Gothos Tower.
  • Magmon: An UnderWorld Elementalist that resembles a lava monster.
  • Narfall: An UnderWorld Elementalist. It resembles an unspecified creature in a hooded cape with the hood covering the eyes.
  • Nivenna: An UnderWorld Conqueror Muge. She resembles a gray-skinned humanoid with red hair, long ears, and wears a black cloak. She is the long-lost sister of Aivenna and was trained by Takinom.
  • Ooloo: An UnderWorlder that resembles a lava monster. During the M'arrillian Invasion, Ooloo fell under the mind-control of Milla'iin.
  • Pyrithion: An UnderWorld Warrior with a human torso and arms and the head and tail of a cobra.
  • Ragetrod: An UnderWorld Warrior that resembles a humanoid two-headed dog with four arms and one of the heads wears an eyepatch. Ragetrod's special ability enables the player to relocate target opposing unengaged Creature into an unoccupied space adjacent to it.
  • Rarran: A bat-like Underworld spy, Rarran is said to work in the UnderWorld prisons, and fight on the frontlines. Rarran have numerous friends, though unknown to them, Rarran is actually one of Mommark's creations. He escaped soon after he was created, swearing revenge against Mommark. He joined the UnderWorlders in hopes that they would help him achieve his goal. During the M'arrillian Invasion, he fell victim to the M'arrillians. Rarran's special ability enables him to move through any occupied spaces.
  • Rothar: An Underworld Warrior. Basically a minotaur, though he has one thumb and two fingers per hand. Proud, boastful, and something of a jerk, Rothar is still a great warrior and will put his life on the line for those he considers his friends. Of all the UnderWorlders, Rothar is considered the most honorable.
  • Skithia: An UnderWorlder that is loyal to Lord Van Bloot. Skithia's most distinct features are her dark clothes, pale skin and blue fire. She is said to be a rival of Takinom. Skithia's special ability enables her to do an additional 5 damage for every fire attack.
  • Stelgar: An UnderWorlder created by Mommark. He looks like a starfish. It grows into gigantic size when dry and exposed to the sun.
  • Swassa: An UnderWorld Warrior with four arms.
  • Takinom: An UnderWorld Warrior that protects the capital city of the UnderWorld, and is seen as being one of Chaor's advisors. She appears as a bat winged humanoid, with clawed feet and hands. She has a fierce rivalry with Intress, and is mentioned to dislike Skithia due to Skithia's loyalty to Lord Van Bloot. Takinom's special ability enables the player to sacrifice an UnderWorld creature to restore her health by 25.
  • Tharax: An UnderWorlder that protects the entrance to the UnderWorld. Tharax looks like a shelled crab with a mushroom on his head.
  • Toxis: A giant, foul-smelling, frog-like UnderWorlder that lives in "The Pits."
  • Ulmar: An UnderWorld Scientist that creates the Underworld's BattleGear. He appears as a short hunched green skinned humanoid with an exposed brain. He is responsible for most of the UnderWorld's most powerful BattleGear, including the Vile Driver: a tall two legged transport with dual fire cannons.
  • Ultadur: An UnderWorld Commander whose super-speed rivals Gespedan.
  • Voorx: A Past UnderWorld Elementalist that resembles a water monster. He resides in the geysers near Ancient Kiru City as those that live there end up having to appease Voorx with the right gifts so that Voorx can keep the UnderWorlders from passing.
  • Zalvar: An UnderWorlder that protect the entrance to the UnderWorld. Zalvar looks like a blue-and-violet wolverine.
  • Zapetur: An UnderWorlder. He resembles a giant lava monster. Zapetur's special ability enables the player to sacrifice a BattleGear to deal 5 damage to target creature. Zapetur can also be sacrificed to destroy a target BattleGear.


The Mipedians are lizard-like creatures that live in the deserts of the OverWorld. Some can turn invisible while others can conjure Warbeasts to do their bidding. In the Card game their specialty is their "Invisible" ability, which can allow them to attack first as well as provide extra damage on that first attack. Mipedians also have conjurers that can summon Mipedian Warbeasts and control them. Their Mugic color is Yellow. Among the Mipedians are:

  • Ajara: A Past Mipedian Scout.
  • Blazvatan: A Mipedian Warbeast. Resembles a humanoid lizard with tornadoes surrounding his arms and legs.
  • Enre-Hep: Known as the "High Muge of the Desert", Enre-Hep is the most powerful Muge of the Mipedian tribe.
  • Iflar, the Crown Prince: A Mipedian Royal who leads the Mipedians in the absence of their missing King. His cousin Prince Mudeenu is next in line.
  • Ixxik: A past Mipedian Warbeast that resembles a Tyrannosaurus.
  • Kolmo: A Mipedian Elite that resembles a chameleon.
  • Masaba: A Past Mipedian general.
  • Owayki: The spirit of a Mipedian warrior that is neither dead or alive.
  • Prince Mudeenu: A Mipedian Royal, and Captain of the Guard. He is the cousin of the Crown Prince, Iflar, and is next in line for the Mipedian throne.
  • Siado: A Mipedian stalker that finds out information for Prince Mudeenu. A personal friend of Peyton's, occasionally giving Peyton admittance into the Mipedian Palace for scans.
  • Sobtjek: A Mipedian Muge. He resembles a hooded horned lizard. When Sobtjek is sacrificed, the player can deal 25 damage to a targeted creature.
  • Taffial: Taffial is the chief archeologist of the Mipedians and plays an important part in the upcoming "Secrets of the Lost City" expansion.
  • Tiaane: A Mipedian Muge who has studied with Najarin himself. Tiaane lives in a cavern near the Mipedim Oasis where he carries out a simple lifestyle. He once saved Tom and Peyton from a raging sandstorm and provided them with water from his own stores. He allows Tom to scan him, hoping it will allow Tom to see the world the way Mipedians do. When the trio were attacked by the savage OverWorlder Sluhrk, Tiaane protected his new friends by calling up his Sacrifice ability to deal a crippling blow to the trecherous arachnid.
  • Zhade: A Mipedian Scout that spies on other tribes as seen in "Castle Bodhran or Bust" Pt 1. He is spying on Maxxor, Frafdo, Tom, and Kaz when they are in Castle Bodhran.


The Danians are ant-like creatures that live in the UnderWorld. Some have an ability to infect non-Danian creatures with Danian Parasites. Others have an ability which allows Danians to be sacrificed on their team in order to increase the strength of another Danian. This ability is called the "Hive" ability. Their Mugic is brown. Among the Danians are:

  • Illexia: The queen of the Danians.
  • Lore: Also known as the "High Muge of the Hive", Lore is rumored to be the most powerful Muge of the Danian tribe.
  • Ekuud: A Danian Squadleader noble, who preotects Queen Illexia. Ekuud special ability enables Ekuud to gain 5 energy for each Mandiblor the player controls.
  • Kolmo, Assimilated: Following a failed assassination attempted on Queen Illexia, Kolmo was infected with a Danian Parasite that causes Kolmo to turn into a Danian version of himself.
  • Odu-Bathax: A Danian Warrior who trains the new recruits for the army.
  • Raznus Assimilated: Unbeknownst to Maxxor, the Danians have infected Raznus with a Danian Parasite that causes Raznus to turn into a Danian version of himself. He gained different abilities and stats.
  • Vollash: A Danian Mandiblor that resembles a flying ant.
  • Wamma: A lazy Danian Mandiblor that assists Sarah in navigating the inner workings of Mount Pillar. Wamma's special ability enables him to gain 5 energy for each Mandiblor the player controls.


The M'arrillians are a race of energy beings that have the ability of mind-control. Among the M'arrillians are:

  • Aa'une: The leader of the M'arillians.
  • Ihun'kalin: A M'arrillian that was responsible for flooding Ropa'Sahhk.
  • Milla'iin: A M'arrillian Chieftain charged with the duty of flooding the UnderWorld. Milla'iin's special ability involves discarding two Mugic cards to destroy a targeted engaging creature with zero power.
  • Phelphor: A M'arrillian creature in UnderWorld form when first discovered by Khybon and Jiggorex. He mutates into a hideous octopus-like creature that can produce tentacles from anywhere when exposed to water. He's listed in the card game as an UnderWorld Conqueror Scout and M'arrillian Fluidmorpher Scout.


The following creatures come from Prexxor Chasm and have not yet been defined into a tribe:

  • Cromaxx: A Past Warrior that resembles a caveman version of Maxxor. Cromaxx's special ability prevents him from being harmed by Mugic that reduces a creature's energy.
  • Proboscar: A Past Beast that resembles a four-tusked woolly mammoth with a fanged mouth at the end of its trunk. Proboscar's special ability enables it to move into any unoccupied space as if it were adjacent.
  • Smildon: A Past Warrior Beast that resembles a humanoid smilodon. Smildon's special ability can negate the abilities of any location.
  • Ursis: A Past Warrior Muge that resembles an unspecified beast with constricting antennae.


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