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The following is a litany of characters from the U.S. version of The Office. The Office is a television series based on the British television comedy of the same name. The format of the series, a parody of the fly on the wall documentary technique that intersperses traditional situation comedy segments with mock interviews with the show's characters, provides the audience access to the ongoing interior monologues for all of the main characters, as well as occasional insights into other characters within the show.

The similarities between characters in the U.S and UK versions are summarized separately.


Main characters

All characters have been present since Season 1 unless otherwise stated.

Name Portrayed by Description
Michael Scott Steve Carell
  • Regional Manager of Dunder Mifflin Scranton (Season 1–present)
  • President/Founder of The Michael Scott Paper Company (Season 5)
  • Co-Manager of Dunder Mifflin Scranton (Season 6; returned as single manager of the branch after being bought out by Sabre; Jim returns to Sales).
  • Founder of "Diversity Tomorrow" (Diversity Day)
  • Founder of "Scott's Tots"
Jim Halpert John Krasinski
  • Sales Representative (Seasons 1–3; he also intermittently acted as the de facto Assistant Regional Manager of Dunder Mifflin Scranton during this time; after a short stint as Co-Regional Manager, Jim is currently once again a salesman)
  • Assistant Regional Manager of Dunder Mifflin Stamford (Season 3)
  • Assistant Regional Manager of Dunder Mifflin Scranton (Seasons 3–5)
  • Co-Manager of Dunder Mifflin Scranton (Season 6; returns to Sales.)
Dwight Schrute Rainn Wilson
  • Sales Representative / "Assistant to the Regional Manager" (Season 1-present)
  • Staples Sales Associate (Season 3)
  • Beet Farm Owner
Pam Halpert (née Beesly) Jenna Fischer
  • Receptionist (Seasons 1–5)
  • Secret Assistant to the Regional Manager (Season 3)
  • Sales Representative of The Michael Scott Paper Company (Season 5)
  • Sales Representative of Dunder Mifflin (Season 5–present)
  • Member of the Finer Things Club
Andy Bernard Ed Helms
  • Sales Representative / "Regional Director in Charge of Sales" (Season 3–present)
Stanley Hudson Leslie David Baker
  • Sales Representative
Phyllis Lapin-Vance Phyllis Smith
  • Sales Representative
  • Member of the Party Planning Committee
Angela Martin Angela Kinsey
  • Senior Accountant
  • Head of the Party Planning Committee
Kevin Malone Brian Baumgartner
  • Accountant
Oscar Martinez Oscar Nuñez
  • Accountant
  • Member of the Finer Things Club
Product Oversight
Meredith Palmer Kate Flannery
  • Supplier Relations Representative
Kelly Kapoor Mindy Kaling
  • Customer Service Representative
Creed Bratton Creed Bratton
  • Quality Assurance Representative
Kelly Erin Hannon Ellie Kemper
  • Receptionist (Season 5–present)
Ryan Howard B. J. Novak
  • Temp (Seasons 1–2, 5-present)
  • Sales Representative of Dunder Mifflin (Season 3 & 5)
  • Vice President, North East Region and Director of New Media (Season 4)
  • Fill-in Receptionist (Season 5)
  • Bowling Alley Clerk (Season 5)
  • Salesman of The Michael Scott Paper Company (Season 5)
Darryl Philbin Craig Robinson
  • Warehouse Foreman
Corporate and Human Resources
Jo Bennett Kathy Bates
  • Chief Executive Officer
Gabe Lewis Zach Woods
  • Sabre Director of Sales
Karen Filippelli Rashida Jones
  • Regional Manager of Dunder Mifflin Utica Branch
Toby Flenderson Paul Lieberstein
  • Human Resources Representative
  • Member of the Finer Things Club
Holly Flax Amy Ryan
  • Human Resources Representative of Dunder Mifflin Scranton (Seasons 4–5)
  • Human Resources Representative of Dunder Mifflin Nashua (Season 5–present)
David Wallace Andy Buckley
  • Chief Financial Officer (Season 2-6)
Charles Miner Idris Elba
  • Vice President of North East Region (Season 5–6)
Jan Levinson Melora Hardin
  • Vice President of Regional Sales (Seasons 1–3)
  • Owner & Chandler of Serenity by Jan Candles
Roy Anderson David Denman

Other Dunder Mifflin/Sabre employees

Todd Packer

Todd Packer (David Koechner) is a boorish Outside Sales Representative. He tells obscene, disrespectful jokes which offend everyone except Michael for the most part, though in one deleted scene from Season 1 Michael is uncomfortable when Packer starts telling a Jewish joke and quickly changes the subject. He refers to Jan as "Thomas." He has also been known to jokingly presume other males in the office are homosexual, such as when he asked Jim if he is "still queer" and when he calls the Scranton office asking to speak with a "gay nerd" named Michael Scott.

Although Michael considers Packer to be his best friend, their friendship appears to be largely one-sided, with Packer treating Michael more like an audience for (and occasional target of) his jokes rather than a friend. However, Packer has said they are friends. He once picked up a bouncer's girlfriend while he and Michael were at a convention and left Michael behind, after which Michael was savagely beaten up by the bouncer and his friends. Packer and Michael were also once on a sales trip where they met twins and brought them back to their hotel room where only Packer had sex with both of them. A dedicated prankster, Packer left a highly odorous substance in Michael's office in "The Carpet", which was never clearly revealed onscreen (however, throughout the episode, it is implied that this substance is human excrement).

Because of a DUI, Packer cannot drive his red Chevrolet Corvette convertible. His personalized Pennsylvania license plate "WL HUNG" causes Ryan Howard to wonder if Packer is a big fan of William Hung.

Packer has flirted obnoxiously with Pam, causing her to pretend to have to be on the phone for hours. He has also approached Karen before finding out that she is dating Jim, to which he responds by claiming that Jim "must have been scared straight." In Sexual Harassment, Jim is seen in one of the talking head interviews stating that he hates Todd Packer, echoing one of Packer's jokes: "Who has two thumbs and hates Todd Packer? This guy."

Todd Packer's counterpart in the UK version is Chris Finch.

In The Carpet, Michael says that Todd Packer used to sit in Dwight's seat when he came into the office during Michael's days as a salesman.


Rolando (Adam Jamal Craig) is the somewhat stuck up receptionist at Dunder Mifflin, Utica branch. In the episode Branch Wars, Rolando informs Pam about the raid on the Utica branch by Michael, Dwight, and Jim. In the episode Lecture Circuit Part 1, Michael and Pam travel to Utica so Michael can perform a presentation to the Utica staff, including Karen. Upon entering the office, Michael introduces Pam to Rolando (whom she already knows) and suggests that they go on a "little friend date", to which Rolando responds with a scoff and proceeds to tell Michael he is late for his meeting. [1]

Troy Undercook

Troy Undercook (Noel Petok) works in banking at the corporate office. Troy Undercook is notorious for encouraging Ryan Howard's partying and cocaine abuse. Dwight Schrute is convinced that Troy is in fact a hobbit. Troy originally appeared in The Deposition episode with no lines. He then reappeared with a more pivotal role in Night Out, and then returned once again in Goodbye, Toby in a deleted scene.


Sadiq (Omi Vaidya), does tech support. In "E-mail Surveillance", he is sent by management to teach Michael how to monitor office email. Sadiq's turban initially leads Michael to assume that he is a terrorist. This assumption leads Michael to run into the office and tell everyone to be quiet and turn off the lights so Sadiq will think that nobody is inside. Sadiq later attends Jim's barbecue (to the consternation of Michael, who still doesn't appear to trust Sadiq's motives). In "Fun Run", Sadiq cleans a computer virus from Pam's computer. He is a Sikh but resents being only classified by his religion, telling a meeting during "Fun Run" that he likes listening to hip hop and National Public Radio, and is restoring a 1967 Corvette.


A.J. (Rob Huebel) is an affable salesman at the Nashua branch, as well as, more notably, the boyfriend of Michael's ex, Holly, when she transfers there from Scranton. Michael meets him on his lecture circuit and becomes devastated when he learns Holly is dating him. Michael awkwardly calls out A.J. during his presentation about Holly, but A.J. doesn't react. He is seen again at the company picnic along with Holly, whom he is still dating. A.J. tells Michael they've started designing a house for themselves. Michael makes a number of joking insults at A.J., who doesn't respond to them. After Michael and Holly's disastrous presentation, Michael lets Holly leave with A.J. as he couldn't find the right time to talk to her about their relationship.


Kendall is the human resources representative for corporate. He was mentioned by David Wallace in the episode "The Job." While interviewing Jim Halpert, David called Kendall an irritating HR guy and said he is probably the only guy Jim isn't going to like. Kendall makes his first on-screen appearance in "Stress Relief," and appears again in "Company Picnic," in which he and Toby Flenderson talk about past human resources stories, showing a similar personality to Toby.

Jo Bennet

Jo Bennet (Kathy Bates), is the CEO of Sabre, who purchased Dunder Mifflin. She is a registered pilot and owns two Harlequin Great Danes, and is a friend of the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi. In addition, she has also written an autobiography. Upon her first visit to Dunder Mifflin Scranton, she first realized that there are two regional managers of the branch, and decides that Jim and Michael must choose which of them will drop down to sales. She is stubborn and is used to always getting her way.

Gabe Lewis

Gabe Lewis (Zach Woods), is the director of sales for Sabre, taking Charles Miner's job. He seems intimidated by Sabre CEO Jo Bennett, and apprehensive to argue with Michael Scott.


Nick (Nelson Franklin) is the IT administrator brought in by Sabre corporate. Reserved but amiable, Michael regards him as a "nerd." He also appears in the episode Job Fair prior to the Sabre buy out.

Warehouse employees


Lonny (Patrice Oneal) Dock Worker. Lonny joins his friend Darryl in open displays of irritation by and intimidation toward Michael. He became a vocal supporter of Darryl in trying to establish a union, citing the low pay they receive in comparison to the office employees. He is best known for yelling at Michael after Michael trashed the entire warehouse. He also insulted Michael in front of the staff during Darryl's safety training seminar, after Michael frequently interrupted the presentation with his obnoxiousness, and made fun of Michael anew during the office staff's own workplace safety lecture. Kelly insults him, referring to him as "Sea Monster" because he is overweight. His catch phrase seems to be screaming "Dammit, Michael!"

Madge Madsen

Madge Madsen (Karly Rothenberg) Dock Worker. Madge is a female warehouse employee who played against the office team during the Basketball game (which led to Michael's crude reference to her as "the East German gal"). When Michael led the male office workers into the warehouse for some "guy time," Madge excused herself from the proceedings. Initially Michael did not understand why she was leaving, indicating that he had not realized that she was a woman. Michael mistook her name by calling her "Pudge" and later "Padge", not knowing her real name. Michael and Dwight stole her uniform when heading out to prank the Utica branch during "Branch Wars", and Jim ended up wearing it during the whole fiasco. Madge makes a brief appearance in "Heavy Competition" when Dwight mistakes her for Michael as she walked by him.


Phillip is a Dock Worker who is visibly shocked at Michael's antics.

Jerry DiCanio

Jerry DiCanio (Matt DeCaro) is a Dock Worker. In the episode Basketball, Michael, knowing that his team is winning, claims that Jerry's inadvertent elbow hit to Michael's face is an intentional foul. Michael then declares that their "friendly" game has led to violence, and abruptly ends the game, declaring his team the winner. He shares his name with an NBC executive.


Michael (Lamont Ferrell) is a Dock Worker who once gave Michael Scott a ride home, getting stuck for an hour in traffic, only to find that the latter had forgotten his name the following week.


Matt (Sam Daly) works at the Dunder-Mifflin warehouse. It is presumed that he started work there shortly before December 2009. It is revealed in Secret Santa that Oscar Martinez secretly has a crush on him, and that Matt is also gay. Pam spends the whole Christmas party trying to get Oscar and Matt to bond.

Former Dunder Mifflin employees

Charles Miner

Charles Miner (Idris Elba) is the newly appointed Vice President of Northeast Sales for Dunder Mifflin, having taken over the position vacated by Ryan and Jan. He was previously employed by Saticoy Steel and comes from an accounting background. Miner is first introduced in "New Boss" when he visits the Scranton branch, which is one of the branches he oversees. Initially he seems to get along with Michael when they meet for the first time in corporate headquarters but that is short lived when Charles' no-nonsense management skills clash with Michael's laid back demeanor. Michael designs a series of bagels by cutting out a chunk of each them to resemble a C in honor of Charles, who rebuffs the gesture. He even purchases lunch for the employees which irritates Michael, who had plans of his own to treat the employees to lunch. Tensions between Charles and Michael rise when Charles continually usurps Michael's authority with his employees such as ordering employees to do extended work on office hours and not overtime; revealing the bad news about the staff's 401K plans that Michael has kept secretly from the employees and dissolving the party planning committee. This last move causes Michael to give his two weeks notice, given that the planning was for Michael's 15th anniversary with the company.

Charles also keeps Jim under intense scrutiny, particularly when a prank involving Jim wearing a tuxedo doesn't seem to amuse the humorless Charles. When Jim tries to smooth things over with Charles after they got off to a bad start, Charles casually tells Jim that his position as "Assistant Regional Manager" is "made up". During "Dream Team", Charles is revealed to be a serious fan of soccer, which prompts the staff to feign their enthusiasm for the sport as well. Charles later engages in a soccer game in the parking lot, which ends in disaster after Jim dodges the ball and it hits Phyllis Lapin in the face. Jim lied to Charles in order to kiss up to him, saying that he was a serious player prior to the game. In "Broke" when CFO David Wallace visits the office, Charles sucks up shamelessly to his boss which Jim notices, given that it's different from Charles' no-nonsense persona. Charles vocalizes his disdain at Jim's presence in a meeting with David Wallace, who wanted Jim present. Charles thinks of Jim as a slacker who's "been a disappointment" but finds out under embarrassing circumstances later on, that Jim is smarter than he thinks. Jim later makes a snide remark at Charles when he makes another obvious attempt to kiss up to Wallace. Charles is revealed to have somewhat of a contradictory personality in front of Wallace, judging from how he seemed to get along well with Michael when they met at corporate headquarters in addition to his sudden attitude change when Wallace met with him in Scranton.

In "Two Weeks", Charles begins interviewing outside of the company for the regional manager position Michael has left. He soon has security remove Michael from the office when he discovers Michael is planning to start his own paper company and is using company stationery in the process. When Michael returns, Charles attempts to physically remove Michael from the office. He later appoints Kevin Malone to take over as receptionist and Stanley Hudson as the productivity czar for the office, an indication that Miner doesn't know his employees well.

During "Heavy Competition," Charles compliments Dwight on his work ethic and lets him know that his hard work isn't going ignored. Dwight perceives this as Charles showing more respect to him than Michael did, which prompts him to bring Charles to a secret meeting he has been holding with Michael, who is ordered to stop pestering Dwight. However, Charles's respect for Dwight is short-lived in "Broke" when Dwight embarrasses Charles in front of their boss, David Wallace. When Dwight gets crucial information on Michael's paper company, he reveals this to Charles, who refuses to listen and proceeds to call Dwight and the present Jim "morons" to their faces. When Michael is later re-hired by David Wallace, he makes a demand that David fires Charles, an order which David refuses and calls Charles valuable. When Charles is about to leave the branch and return to corporate, he tries to say his parting words when Michael cuts him off, mirroring Charles's earlier treatment of Michael. Charles resurfaces in "Company Picnic", condescending to Jim again and heavily competing with corporate against the Scranton branch. When Charles utilizes the opportunity to take out Pam Halpert, Scranton's best player; Dwight stalls the game by kicking the volleyball away and irritating Charles. In a deleted scene, Charles openly ridicules Jim on the field and aggravates Jim.

During "New Boss" and "Two Weeks", Charles becomes the object of affection for Kelly Kapoor and Angela Martin. In a talking head interview, Charles reveals he is "aware of the effect [he has] on women."

He is presumably no longer with Dunder Mifflin following its' purchase by Sabre. This is evidenced by the fact that Pam states in The Banker that Michael is now the highest ranking employee in the company.

Devon White

Devon White (Devon Abner); former office worker, working in Supplier Relations. He was an office employee who sat across from Creed (who is directly responsible for getting Devon fired, to save his own job). Devon was reluctantly laid off by Michael on "Halloween", and took it badly. In a bid to salvage their "friendship", Michael offered Devon free Chili's gift certificates which Devon ripped up in Michael's face. While storming out, Devon invited "Kevin, Jim, Pam, Kelly, Toby, Oscar, Meredith, Phyllis, Stanley, or the temp," to drinks, leaving out Angela, Dwight, Michael, and Creed. This implies he was never friendly with Angela and Dwight. Devon then smashes a pumpkin on Michael's car in retaliation. The episode marks his only dialogue in front of the camera. When Michael later receives a $3,000 Christmas bonus because Dunder Mifflin saved money through downsizing, he considers calling Devon to thank him, saying "some good came of it." Ever since he was fired, he has been mentioned and seen in various other episodes.

Devon was also warned by Dwight in "The Dundies" to keep his speech short. On the Season One DVD, a deleted scene from Diversity Day shows Devon with a "West Nile" sign on his forehead, as he escapes the seminar for a smoke. On the Season Two DVD, a deleted scene from "Valentine's Day" shows Michael walking down the street in New York City, only to have a seemingly homeless pedestrian begin to chase after him, yelling at Michael as he chases him. In the following scene, Michael reveals that it was Devon chasing him, and cluelessly reflects that it was nice to see Devon again and get closure on their whole story.

Josh Porter

Joshua "Josh" Porter (Charles Esten) Stamford Regional Manager. Introduced in the "Valentine's Day" episode (and first mentioned- although not seen- in the "Pilot"), Josh was the Regional Manager of the Stamford branch before its closure in "Branch Closing".

Josh is a colleague of Michael's and seemingly a more responsible and competent boss (although some episodes imply that Michael's branch is more productive than Josh's). Jim worked for him in Stamford and seemed to look up to him (taking after his practice of biking to work). Michael resents Josh, initially because he feels that Jim prefers Josh's friendship to his own. This is later proven untrue; however, Michael still retained a certain resentment for Josh.

When it was announced in "Branch Closing" that Dunder Mifflin Scranton would be closing, Josh was offered a promotion to become the manager of Dunder Mifflin's newly formed Northeast region. However, he leveraged the offer to obtain a senior management job with Staples, throwing plans for the Scranton closing into disarray. As a direct result of Josh's decision to leave Dunder Mifflin, it was decided to close the Stamford branch instead. Disgusted, Jim later says of Josh's double-dealing, "Say what you will about Michael Scott -- but he would never do that."

In deleted scenes from the episode "The Convention" Josh states that he once spent time working on a Kibbutz in Israel and when Dwight asks if they grew beets there Josh says they focused on growing oranges, tells Dwight he was once a member of the United States Coast Guard, says he doesn't want to comment on Michael and Jan because it's gross, and declines Jan's offer to join her in her room for a drink.

Ed Truck

Ed Truck (Deceased) (Ken Howard) Former Regional Manager of Scranton Branch. Ed Truck is the former Regional Manager that Michael worked for before he took his place. Ed also hired Creed and Phyllis, who describe Ed as "a good guy". In the episode "The Carpet" Michael believes that the fecal matter left on his office carpet was left there because he is disliked by his coworkers. He scams Truck into meeting with him to discuss pension issues but winds up asking for his opinions on the situation. As it turned out, Ed had someone defecate on his office carpet as well. In that discussion, Ed's advice to Michael is "Why can't you just let your workers be your workers, your friends be your friends, and your family be your family?" (The joke here is that Michael has no real friends or family, and his employees serve as reluctant surrogates).

According to Creed (in "Grief Counseling"), Ed was "drunk as a skunk" and driving on Route 6 when he managed to go under an 18-wheeler, decapitating himself. Michael doesn't take the death of his former boss too well, leading to grief counseling for his employees. Though Michael in previous episodes expressed feelings of dislike toward Ed, he, in grieving, implies that Ed was inspirational. In the episode, Michael hides his feelings of grief, which perhaps exacerbates his later breakdown. Michael requests that a statue of Ed be erected in his memory, but Jan nixes the suggestion, stating that Corporate wouldn't like it. As a compromise, there is a plaque honoring him hanging between Michael's office and the conference room.


Hunter (Nicholas D'Agosto) was Jan's assistant ("The Negotiation"). Michael feels threatened by Hunter's youthful good looks. He also has listened in on Michael and Jan's phone conversations; in Women's Appreciation he was on the line during a sensitive phone conversation between the two and Jan tells Michael to tell Hunter if he is visiting her that night, so that he can get more vodka. In "The Job", Michael makes Hunter uncomfortable by asking him to give Jan a message: "I want to squeeze them." After receiving her termination, Jan wishes Hunter luck with his band and tells him, "Don't let them change you." In "Dinner Party", it is revealed that Ryan fired Hunter not long afterwards; however, he has released a CD with his band, The Hunted. One of the songs (as well as Jan's behavior when she listens to it), "That One Night", seems to imply that Hunter at one point may have slept with Jan, and quite possibly that he lost his virginity to her. On Jan's website, "", she lists one candle as "Hunter Green" and says, "This youthful, firm scent will leave your mouth watering. While designing this candle I felt like a college girl again. Just as Eve was tempted by a decadent apple, you’ll be tempted by the most erotic scent of my collection, "Hunter Green." "[2], another hint at the possible sexual relations between her and Hunter.


Ronni (Dale Raoul) appeared in the episode "Weight Loss" as the replacement for Pam as receptionist when she went to art school. Michael was visibly unappreciative of her, and he later had Ronni replaced with Ryan. She also has a cameo in the episode "Shareholder Meeting" in a flashback.

Dan Gore

Dan Gore (Dan Cole) is the Regional Manager of the Buffalo branch. He was first introduced in "Valentine's Day" attending the meeting with the new CFO, David Wallace. He also attended Wallace's cocktail party in "Cocktails", and was seen in "Launch Party" trying to see if his branch's camera was working. He was one of the company leaders who attended Ryan's wilderness retreat, along with Toby (and not the pointedly un-invited Michael Scott). It is announced in "Company Picnic" that the Buffalo branch is closing due to the economy, meaning all the employees working at the branch will lose their jobs, though he is not present to hear this.

Thomas Peets

Thomas Peets, according to the season two episode, "Performance Review," was a former Dunder Mifflin Scranton accountant. Michael noted that Tom was "weird." Apparently, Tom suffered from mental illness and shot himself. For the first three seasons, he was simply referred to as "Tom." His full name was finally revealed on May 2, 2008, when NBC uploaded Dwight's organization charts from the fourth season episode "Did I Stutter?" as .pdf files available for download. In a DVD extra for the Fourth Season DVD set, the writers revealed that Tom's suicide was a joke but by setting it one year prior to the discovery of a note from Tom they realized that the suicide would have been the day before Ryan was hired as a [temporary worker]...thus making Ryan Tom's replacement.

Employees transferred from Stamford Branch

After Josh Porter throws the planned absorption of the Scranton Branch into disarray, corporate decides that Scranton will absorb Stamford. Six Stamford Branch employees are transferred to Scranton: Tony Gardner, Martin Nash, Hannah Smoterich-Barr, Karen Filippelli, Andy Bernard and Jim Halpert (who formerly worked at Scranton). The first three listed above quit almost immediately, because of Michael's management methods and other office problems; Andy and Jim stay. Karen stays for a considerable amount of time (the remainder of Season 3) but eventually transfers to the Utica branch after Jim breaks up with her.

Tony Gardner

Tony Gardner was a heavyset bespectacled employee at the Stamford branch, and is one of the six employees that were transferred to Scranton during "The Merger". Tony also has a tendency to whine, as shown in his first appearance in the "Diwali" episode, when his chips get stuck in a vending machine, and he asks Karen to use her "skinny little arms" to help him get them out. Before even meeting Tony, Dwight tries to persuade Michael to fire him on his first day in order to scare the new employees straight. On Tony's first day, he can hardly take Michael's antics, but he hits his breaking point when Michael and Dwight tried to lift his large person onto a table for an orientation demonstration (Michael refers to his leg as a "hock"). Humiliated and angry, Tony quits, admitting that he was not completely sure about transferring to begin with, but mostly blaming Michael's management style. An insulted Michael fires Tony instead, resulting in Dunder Mifflin having to pay him severance which infuriates Jan.

Martin Nash

Martin Nash (Wayne Wilderson) Supplier Relations. Martin Nash worked at the Stamford branch, and was one of the six employees transferred to Scranton in "The Merger". According to a deleted scene from The Merger Martin is 37 years old. Before working at Dunder Mifflin, he served time in prison after getting busted for insider trading (which Kevin says is strangely similar to what he does). However, since he was put in a minimum-security facility, Martin claims his time in prison was just really boring. When he was released, he was hired by Josh through a federal reformed convict employment program, which allows Dunder Mifflin to receive rebate checks. Michael made a bad first impression on Martin, when he told the African-American employee, "I will show you where all the slaves work." He attempted to befriend Stanley, but failed. In "The Convict", when Martin's past is revealed to the office, Michael overly stresses his trust in Martin to everyone, worried that people would see him as a racist for looking at him as an ex-convict. However, since Martin's tales from prison were generally positive, everyone actually envies his experience compared to their jobs, frustrating Michael. Martin is the second employee from the Stamford branch to leave because of Michael's management style, particularly after Michael makes his prison sentence the focal point of one of his seminars.

Hannah Smoterich-Barr

Hannah Smoterich-Barr (Ursula Burton) Accounting. Hannah worked at the Stamford branch, and was one of the six employees transferred to Scranton. In "The Merger", Hannah had unpleasant encounters with Ryan (who found it impossible to concentrate while she was using a breast milk pump) and Creed (who photographed her left breast and made it his computer's desktop wallpaper). She dresses her infant son in pink, claiming it's his "favorite color," and is offended when anyone assumes the child is female. Hannah quits her job while Michael is on vacation at Sandals in Jamaica, after complaining of the hostile environment and claiming harassment, making her the third transferred employee from the Stamford branch to quit at Scranton.

Family/Loved Ones of the main characters

Carol Stills

Carol Stills (Nancy Carell, wife of actor Steve Carell) is Michael's real estate agent. She has two children. Michael entertained her kids at an ice-skating rink and she was Michael's date to the casino night. In a deleted scene, it is revealed that after "Casino Night," Michael continued seeing her over the three months in between the second and third seasons.[3] Carol rejected Michael's marriage proposal after they had been on nine dates. In "A Benihana Christmas," after Michael gave her an inappropriate Christmas card of them (which was actually a family photo with Michael's face superimposed over Carol's ex-husband) she rejects his Christmas gift of two tickets to Jamaica and breaks up with him. In a deleted scene from that episode, Carol responds to Michael's question of what he did wrong with a very long list of complaints, and when Michael asks what he did right, she hangs up on him.

Bob Vance

Robert "Bob" Vance (Robert R. Shafer) is Phyllis Lapin's husband and owner of Vance Refrigeration, a neighboring tenant in the office park. His professional name is "Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration," evidenced by the officiator's dialogue in "Phyllis' Wedding". He always introduces himself as "Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration", most likely in an attempt to plug his business through the documentary. He is seen for the first time in "Christmas Party" and introduces himself to Kevin, Stanley, and Ryan in exactly that manner individually even though they were all standing next to each other. This leads Ryan to jokingly ask "So...what line of work are you in Bob?" It is implied that he is involved in illegal activities based on the facts that he was indicted by the grand jury and was seen having large amount of cash readily available. On Valentine's Day, he sent a number of gifts to Phyllis at the office, each card signed with his tagline. He also supplied a mini-fridge as a "Casino Night" prize. In "Initiation", he referred to Michael and Stanley as "a pair of Marys" after they ordered Phyllis to get to the back of the pretzel line, instead of letting the two kiss. He is a friendly and helpful neighbor to Dunder Mifflin, including offering to pump the employees' car tires back full of air after Michael had flattened them in an attempt to create office camaraderie in "The Merger." When word gets out that the Scranton branch is shutting down, Bob offers to buy the Dunder Mifflin warehouse, therefore allowing all the workers there to keep their jobs. In "Ben Franklin" a bachelor party is held for him in the Dunder Mifflin warehouse before his wedding, but he refuses to be entertained by the stripper Michael hires. He eventually marries Phyllis in "Phyllis' Wedding," invites all her coworkers, and kicks Michael out after an embarrassing toast. In a deleted scene from "Women's Appreciation," he comes to the Dunder Mifflin office to comfort Phyllis after she is flashed, then takes her for a walk to calm her nerves.

He drives a GMC Yukon and is a Unitarian ("Fun Run"). He is portrayed as an attentive and dedicated husband who is deeply in love with Phyllis. During the wedding episode, Phyllis mentions "baby mama drama" because Bob's other family from Ho Chi Minh City is coming in, but this has not been mentioned otherwise. In the 2nd episode of the Outburst webisodes, Oscar mentioned that Bob had been indicted by a grand jury. However, Phyllis states that all the charges were dropped after none of the witnesses showed up. In the episode "Chair Model" Bob and three other members of "The Five Families," W.B. Jones, Bill Cress and Paul Faust convene to resolve a dispute over the parking lot brought before them by Kevin and Andy. In "Goodbye Toby" Bob attends the going away party for Toby and in a deleted scene is shown giving Phyllis a large sum of cash so that her debut as head of the Party Planning Committee will be success. In "Crime Aid," Bob attends Michael's auction intent on winning the Bruce Springsteen tickets, but after a spirited bidding war with Dwight, ends up buying a hug from Phyllis for $1000. In "Blood Drive", he refers to Michael, Dwight, and Andy each as "that jackass", "that other jackass" and "that new jackass" respectively. In "Secret Santa", Phyllis threatens to "get Bob involved" to resolve her Santa role rivalvry with Michael. Jim is confused about what Bob would do at first, but appears mildly alarmed when Phyllis recants, "Never mind, I shouldn't have said that."

Mose dressed as fear in the "Initiation."

Mose Schrute

Mose Schrute (played by writer Michael Schur) is Dwight's only cousin and house mate at the Schrute family beet farm. In "The Injury," Michael refers to Mose as Dwight's "weirdo brother" who is "27 years old (and) never left the beet farm;" later, he is shown in the warehouse. Mose wears an Amish-style beard and clothing, and speaks and behaves in a naive and childlike manner, sometimes appearing mentally unstable and very socially awkward. Dwight easily dominates him mentally. The uncommon name Mose is a variant of Moses, and its use steadily declined in the decades following 1900.[4] Mose can be seen in a photo on Dwight's desk.

He made his first live appearance in "Initiation," where he takes part in Dwight's misguided attempts to haze Ryan in the beet farm. Ryan decides he has had enough when Dwight tells him he must now wrestle Mose. Ryan storms off and Mose tells Dwight that Ryan seems nice. As an apology he leaves some eggs, bacon and a whittling in the shape of the Venus of Willendorf with Dwight. In "Money," when Pam and Jim stay at the Schrute Farms bed and breakfast, Pam looks out the window at night to see Mose using an outhouse. Dwight later tells Jim that Mose has had nightmares ever since "the storm". Like Dwight, Mose is a skilled table tennis player; at the end of the "The Deposition," Dwight and Mose play a high-skilled match in the warehouse at Dunder Mifflin. In the final episode of Season 4, Goodbye, Toby, Mose again makes an appearance when he helps Dwight in his further misguided attempts at "hazing" Toby's replacement, Holly, on whom Michael has a crush. He also appears in The Surplus when Dwight is giving Andy and Angela a tour of the beet farm. He is seen playing catch with Andy, and eventually throwing the ball at Andy's head.

Katy Moore

Katy Moore (Amy Adams) is an attractive handbag saleswoman who stops by the office in "Hot Girl." Dwight considers her to be his ideal woman. Both Michael and Dwight make a move on her; Michael by flirting aggressively, and Dwight by showing interest in purchasing a handbag. However, she ignores their advances and later dates Jim for a few months. After Pam and Roy decide to set a date for their wedding, a devastated Jim breaks up with Katy on the "Booze Cruise" episode when he admits that the two will never be as deeply in love with each other as Roy and Pam seem to be. Along with Toby, Katy is a graduate of Bishop O'Hara High School, where she was a cheerleader. She bonds with Pam's then-fiance Roy on the Booze Cruise when they realize they went to rival high schools and she cheered at games against the football team Roy played on. She drives a Volkswagen Jetta. One of her Desert Island Movies is Legally Blonde.

Thomas & Peter Halpert

Thomas Halpert (Blake Robbins) and Peter Halpert (Tug Coker) are Jim's brothers who have lunch with Jim and Pam in "Employee Transfer". Pam decides to meet with them before lunch to play a prank on Jim. Tom and Pete decide to make fun of her interest in art in front of Jim as a prank, as opposed to Pam's idea of losing her engagement ring. During lunch, they make numerous insults towards Pam's art career in front of Jim, who comes to her defense. After the argument escalates, Tom and Pete reveal it to be a prank, with Pam awkwardly confirming this. Afterward, Jim receives a text message from them welcoming Pam into the family, and Pam suggests they should "prank" Tom about being bald over Thanksgiving. They both attend Jim and Pam's wedding, and are shown to be frequent pranksters like Jim. They organize with Michael and Dwight to have everyone dance down the aisle in the style of the viral video, JK Wedding Entrance Dance.


Helene (Shannon Cochran in Season 2, Linda Purl in Season 6) is Pam's mother. Pam gets excited when Helene comes to visit her at work in "Sexual Harassment". Helene appears to get along with Roy very well, but is eager to meet Jim after Pam talked about him in private. In "Stress Relief", it is revealed Helene and Pam's father William are going through a rough patch in their marriage and it eventually ends in divorce after Jim confesses to William his deep and abiding love for Pam, a feeling that William never felt with Helene. In "Niagara", Helene comes to the wedding and is disturbed when William comes with a new girlfriend who is half his age. Helene takes pity on Michael when he talks about his past relationships and invites him into her room after the wedding. In "The Lover", Michael confirms to Jim and Pam that he is dating Helene, much to Pam's horror and anger. Pam maintains a hostile attitude toward their relationship until they go out to lunch for Helene's birthday in "Double Date", where she sees that Helene is happy with Michael. However, when Michael learns that Helene is turning 58 and has already done many things Michael hasn't done yet, he breaks up with her in front of Jim and Pam. In "The Delivery", Helene comes to visit Pam at the hospital after she gives birth and has an awkward moment with Michael.

Shannon Cochran portrayed Helene in "Sexual Harassment", but she was unavailable to return in Season 6 because she was committed to a 12-month stage production tour of August: Osage County, so the producers replaced her with Linda Purl.

Cecelia Halpert

Cecelia Marie Helpert is Pam and Jim Halpert's daughter, who was born in the episode "The Delivery". Cecelia was born after 19 hours of labor at 8:31 pm, weighing 7 pounds and 2 ounces. After birth, Pam has trouble getting Cecelia to breast feed and at one point, Pam accidentally feeds the wrong baby. Cecelia finally breast feeds as Jim and Pam are leaving the hospital. In the episode "St. Patrick's Day", a photo of Cecelia is seen on Jim's computer monitor while he is at work. Later in the episode, Jim becomes worried that he isn't spending enough time with Cecelia and tells Jo, the CEO of Sabre, that he has an afternoon meeting in order to leave early.

Other Characters

Hank Tate

Hank Tate (Hugh Dane) is head of security at the office park. He is first seen sitting at his desk as Michael exits the building at the end of "Halloween." In "Drug Testing", Michael "pulls a few strings" and makes Dwight official Security Supervisor for the Dunder Mifflin Scranton branch. Michael has Hank declare Dwight an "honorary volunteer corporal in charge of assisting all activity security". An annoyed Hank says "I don't think so" to Dwight's requests to both have a gun or bring his bo staff. In "Night Out", Jim forgets to let Hank know that the office workers would be working late and Hank locks them and their cars behind the parking lot's gate. Unsure of Hank's name, Jim calls Hank's number on Toby's cell phone to ask him to come and unlock the gate. The other office workers realize that they never tipped Hank last Christmas (Jim forgot to collect it) and Hank will probably not come help them. Later, the Scranton Business Park cleaning crew arrives to unlock the gate, and Hank arrives some time later to find everyone had left without notifying him. When Toby Flenderson leaves the office at the end of Season 4, Michael brings Hank to escort him out, to Toby's annoyance. He plays the guitar in Crime Aid while selling CD's to help repay for the robbery; he uses the stage name "Hank Doyle". Hank is also called upon by Michael to decide what the Dunder Mifflin staff should do with extra money in The Surplus but is abruptly dismissed after not being able to make a quick decision. During Two Weeks, Hank is ordered by Charles Miner to physically remove Michael from the office, which becomes slightly awkward for Hank.

Mr. Brown

Mr. Brown (played by producer/writer Larry Wilmore) is a consultant sent by corporate to mediate a healthy discussion of diversity issues with the office staff after receiving complaints about Michael's inflammatory impersonation of a Chris Rock speech, in the episode "Diversity Day". However, Michael's juvenile humor andoff-the-wall antics take a toll on Mr. Brown. He tells Michael that corporate sent him to specifically give Michael the diversity training but he made copies of the form that proves Michael underwent training, for the rest of the staff so to not embarrass Michael in front of everyone. Michael signs the form as "Daffy Duck". Mr. Brown is later seen in "Gay Witch Hunt," giving the Stamford branch the same diversity training he gave the Scranton Branch; he alludes to incidents at the Scranton branch as the reason he is in Stamford.

Billy Merchant

Billy Merchant (Marcus A. York), property manager of the office park in which Dunder Mifflin's Scranton office is located. Billy has used a wheelchair since the age of four. He is invited to the office in "The Injury" to speak about being disabled after Michael burns his foot on a George Foreman Grill, is offended by Michael's stupid and thoughtless remarks, but also brings to Jim's attention the serious concussion Dwight has suffered from crashing his car. Billy attends "Casino Night" with his girlfriend, a Chili's waitress, who Michael mistakes for his nurse. He participates in the "Fun Run" and later assists Michael in setting up an office (which is essentially a janitorial closet) for his new paper company in "Dream Team." Billy shares his last name with original series co-creator Stephen Merchant.

Elizabeth the Stripper

Elizabeth the Stripper (Jackie Debatin) is hired by Dwight to strip at Bob Vance's bachelor party in "Ben Franklin". Bob Vance refuses to let Elizabeth lap dance on him, and Michael starts to let Elizabeth do it for him, to the tune of Bad Company's "Feel Like Makin' Love," before deciding that he would be cheating on Jan. Dwight makes Elizabeth answer phones after the failed bachelor party because the company paid for three hours of work from her. When the office needs a medical person to receive a check for the proceeds of their fund-raiser (made out to 'Science'), Elizabeth is hired to come back dressed as a "nurse" and receive Michael's check to help cure rabies during the Season 4 opener, "Fun Run." She is later seen flirting with Darryl.


Alex (Rich Sommer) is a student at the Pratt Institute in New York who quickly befriends Pam during her summer internship. The two share a couple of jokes about two of the professors in "Weight Loss". He makes another appearance in "Customer Survey", where he tries to convince Pam to not return to Scranton, but instead stay in New York to pursue her career in art. It is implied through these appearances that he may be attracted to Pam, and Jim mentions to her in "Customer Survey" that "he is into you".


Rolf (James Urbaniak) is introduced in the season 5 finale Company Picnic as Dwight's new best friend. Dwight claims to have met him in a shoe store after having heard him "asking for a shoe that could increase his speed and not leave any tracks." Rolf and Dwight appear to share very similar personalities and interests. However, Rolf is much more outspoken than Dwight and at one point during the volleyball game has to be quieted by Dwight after telling David Wallace and Charles Miner from corporate that "You suckers are goin down! They're gonna wipe their asses with your serves! Piss all over your faces!" Dwight is further enraged when Rolf insults Angela for the second time during the volleyball game by calling her a whore. Rolf is told by Dwight to "knock it off."


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