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Charge or charged may refer to:


Mathematics, science, and technology

  • Charge (engine), the air and/or fuel mixture being fed to an internal combustion engine
  • Charge (physics), the susceptibility of a body to one of the fundamental forces
    • Color charge, a property of quarks and gluons, related to their strong interactions
    • Electric charge, a property which determines the electromagnetic interaction of subatomic particles
    • Magnetic charge, a property of theoretical magnetic monopoles
  • CHARGE syndrome, a specific set of birth defects in children
  • Explosive charge, a measured quantity of explosive material
  • Signed measure, in mathematics, a generalization of the concept of a measure that is allowed to have negative values


  • Charge card, anything similar to a credit card
  • Equitable charge, confers a right on the secured party to look to a particular asset in the event of the debtor's default
  • Floating charge, a security interest over the assets of a company


Other uses

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From LoveToKnow 1911

CHARGE (through the Fr. from the Late Lat. carricare, to load in a carrus or wagon; cf. "cargo"), a load; from this, its primary meaning, also seen in the word "charger," a large dish, come the uses of the word for the powder and shot to load a firearm, the accumulation of electricity in a battery, the necessary quantity of dynamite or other explosive in blasting, and a device borne on an escutcheon in heraldry. "Charge" can thus mean a burden, and so a care or duty laid upon one, as in "to be in charge" of another. With a transference to that which lays such a duty on another, "charge" is used of the instructions given by a judge to a jury, or by a bishop to the clergy of his diocese. In the special sense of a pecuniary burden the word is used of the price of goods, of an encumbrance on property, and of the expenses of running a business. Further uses of the word are of the violent, rushing attack of cavalry, or of a bull or elephant, or football player; hence "charger" is a horse ridden in a charge, or more loosely a horse ridden by an officer, whether of infantry or cavalry.

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See also charge, and chargé


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From French charge


Charge f. (genitive Charge, plural Chargen)

  1. load
  2. batch
  3. (military) rank

Simple English

Simple English Wiktionary has the word meaning for:

Charge could mean:

  • Charge (physics), the susceptibility of a body to one of the fundamental forces, particularly as in the electric charge of electromagnetism
  • Charge in electricity
  • to take charge, or being in charge means to take or have authority and responsibility for decisions
  • more loosely, charged or loaded language employs emotional overtones
  • In group dynamics, charge (group dynamics) is the build up of negative emotions
  • In heraldry, a charge (heraldry) means objects on the shield
  • In munitions and explosives, the charge is the explosive material used, for instance, to propel a bullet or shell, or demolish a structure
  • In firearms, to charge a weapon is to load it with a round and ready it for firing
  • Similarly, to charge a vessel is to fill it with material, which is subsequently known as the charge
  • Charge (engine), the air or fuel/air mixture being fed into the intake in an internal combustion engine. Charge air usually refers to air that has not had fuel mixed with it.
  • During the European Middle Ages, a charge (youth) often meant an underage person placed under the supervision of a nobleman
  • Charge (warfare), a maneuver in battle where soldiers rush towards their enemy to engage in close combat
  • In context of wartime operations, to charge with certain rights, such as guaranteeing persons held in custody are allowed those rights
  • In money, a charge is any fee assessed, such as a charge for using an automatic teller machine (ATM), entering a museum, being late with a payment, etc
  • In basketball, a charge is an offensive foul, called when an offensive player with the ball makes illegal contact with a defensive player who has legally established his position
  • In Scientology, a painful experience is remembered as a charge of energy.
  • Charge!!, a 2005 album by The Aquabats
  • Benzylpiperazine, a legal party pill in New Zealand
  • CHARGE syndrome, a specific set of birth defects in children
  • Charge card, similar to a credit card
  • A pen spinning trick where the pen makes conic rotations between two fingers

In law:

  • A criminal charge is an indictment before a court by a prosecuting authority
  • A jury charge is are jury instructions given by a judge to a jury concerning the law applicable to the case under consideration
  • An equitable charge is a security interest similar in effect to a mortgage

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