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This article is about a magician. For the blues musician, see Charley Jordan.

Charles Thorton Jordan (born on October 1, 1888 in Berkeley, California - 1944) was a magician. In 1919 he published a book on card magic entitled Thirty Card Mysteries. In it he described a novel sleight called Jordan Count, a method of false counting of four cards in which the illusion is created that all cards have been shown when in fact they have not.

In 1920 he published 5 booklets with over 50 card effects of his own invention. He continued publishing until 1923 when he lost his interest in magic.

Charles Jordan never performed in public and his fame was based mainly on his publications. In 1935 he was contacted by Theodore Annemann who wanted to publish a collection of his work. However, the series was abandoned shortly after.

Jordan died in 1944 after 4 years of illness.

Many of Jordan’s effects were re-written and re-published as collections years later by Karl Fulves and others.


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