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Charles M. Tanner (April 11, 1919 – March 11, 2006) was a Screenwright, Playwright, and Founder and Director of Covenant Players.

Known to everyone as "Chuck", he turned away from his then passionate love - film production as a writer, producer and director in Hollywood - to begin Covenant Players in 1963. He wrote over 3000 plays, as well as being Chief Executive Officer of the group until suffering a stroke in 1998. He died in March 2006.

Born in Salamanca, New York, Chuck began writing while still in school. After service as an officer in the US Army, he became head of the Motion Picture Department of the American Military Government in Korea. When war forced his evacuation, he became the Foreign Service Officer for all media productions in the Philippines. He was then appointed Production Chief for the Department of State (Foreign Service) in Japan.

Chuck received Best Picture of the Year in Korea in 1949 for the film, "Brothers in Arms". In 1954 another film he produced, entitled "Arts in Japan", was selected to be exhibited for a Special award art the Edinburgh Film Festival.


1919 Born in Salamanca, New York on April 11. Attended Salamanca High School.

1940 - 46 World War II: Enlisted as Private - September 1940 in US Air Corps. By 1942, had been a Sergeant, 2nd Lieutenant & 1st Lieutenant. Company Commander of Company C, 846 Photographic Battalion, 9th Army (through England, Belgium, Germany & France, then through the Panama Canal to the Philippines by war's end). Signal Corps Photo Center, Long Island, New York. Received THE BRONZE STAR and THE PURPLE HEART during his military service.

1947 - 1950 Department of State Motion Picture Editor, Seoul, Korea. Awarded Scroll by Seoul City Cultural Association in 1949: Best Picture: BROTHERS IN ARMS.

1950 - 1952 Motion Picture Officer and Media Director, Department of State United States Information Service (USIS), Manila, Philippines.

1952 - 1953 Motion Picture Officer, Department of State, Tokyo, Japan. USIS film, ARTS OF JAPAN, shown at Film Festival, Scotland.

1953 - 1955 Committee for Free Asia, San Francisco, California. Liaison with the Hollywood film community.

1959 Producer of CHAINS, for the Laubach Literacy Fund, Los Angeles, California.

1961 - 1962 Director of Encino Presbyterian Players, Community Theatre. Wrote and directed PLANET OF THE TWO QUEENS.

1963 Wrote three plays for "GLASS" (Greater LA Area Sunday Schools), Van Nuys, CA. September 29 - first play in a church service - Covenant Players is born.

1964 First road trip to Seattle, Washington, with 60 plays, eleven people in two cars.

1969 International performing begins with performances in Canada, followed by: Europe in 1971; Asia in 1972; Australia in 1973; Africa in 1981; Latin America in 1985

1982 Wrote 1,000th play.

1987 Awarded ANGEL AWARD by Religion in Media - "For a Lifetime of Excellence. Gifted by God. Honored by Men."

1990 Wrote 2,000th play.

1996 Wrote 3,000th play.

1998 Suffered massive stroke.

2002 Wrote 3,500th play.

2006 Died March 11.

Published works

  • Toward The Prize (c)1974, Kirk Press
  • On The Mark (c)1975, Kirk Press
  • Target - Life! (c)1976, Kirk Press
  • Crossroads And Bridges (c)1978, Kirk Press
  • To Run The Race (c)1982, Kirk Press
  • Acting on Faith (c)1994, Abingdon Press
  • The Second Book of Acts (c)1996, Covenant Players

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