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Charles Moffat (March 3, 1979 - Present), is an influential Canadian artist/writer/movie director and a major force in the Neo-Gothic Art movement.

He was born in Wingham, Ontario and grew up near Walkerton, Ontario. Moffat's early writings were fantasy novels during the 1990s. His paintings at Walkerton District Secondary School and John Diefenbaker Secondary School in Hanover, Ontario were mostly portrait paintings and experimental painting in colour.

In 1999, Moffat moved to Toronto, Ontario where he studied a Honours BFA at York University in painting/photography. While there, he also studied Women's Studies, mythology, Chinese, Korean, Japanese and became an expert on the Lilith myth.

In 2000 he wrote "The Neo-Gothic Art Manifesto", an important historical document with reference to the postmodern art movement, and founded the Lilith Gallery of Toronto.

In 2003 (Summer), Moffat moved to Jeonju, South Korea, where he practiced his photography and painting, but also began directing video art pieces and independent films.

List of major works

  • (1999) "Lilith Incarnation #1: Blue Lilith"
  • (2001) "The Hermaphroditus/Salmacis Series"
  • (2001) "Capitalism Perverts Reality #2"
  • (2001) "United States Censorship"
  • (2002) "Pacifism"
  • (2003) "Salmacis In The Rain"
  • (2004) "Fear Americans Video Series: #1 - #7"
  • (2005) "Nuclear Winter"

  • Trivia

  • Often called by his full name: Charles Alexander Moffat.
  • Went to highschool in Walkerton, which later became the site of the 2000 E-Coli disaster.
  • Not related to the musical band The Moffatts.
  • Phil May and Megan Swaine starred in "Nuclear Winter", the 2005 movie directed by Charles Moffat.

  • Writing

  • Also known for his novels, non-fiction writing and his research into topics such as Lilith, art history, postmodern art, contemporary art:
  • "The Work of Art in the Age of Digital Reproduction" in 2002.
  • "The Neo-Gothic Art Manifesto in 2000.
  • "The Fear of Lilith" in 1999.
  • "Rise of the Blade", fantasy novel published in 1998.
  • "King Culprit", fantasy novel published in 1996/97.
  • "The Ice War", fantasy novel published in 1995/96.
  • "The Paladin Assassin", fantasy novel published in 1995.
  • *Also wrote various poetry.

  • Quotations

  • "People who study art or who claim to be artists almost never become professional artists. They think that just because they're artsy that they will somehow magically be "discovered", but they never are. A true artist goes through years and years of self-doubt, tonnes of work with little payoff. The only reason Jackson Pollock succeeded is because he was determined and ambitious, and kept working at it regardless of what other people said or did. He was not a lazy man who expected everything to come to him. He worked hard and deserved the attention that he eventually received later in his career. In short, it takes years of failure to make a professional artist."

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  • The Lilith Gallery of Toronto

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