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Charles (Chuck) Rogers, born (December 30, 1921) was a United States geologist, pilot, and suspected murderer.

Born and raised in Texas, Rogers served in the U.S. Navy during World War II and studied nuclear physics at the University of Houston. He became a petroleum geologist as well as a licensed pilot in the Civil Air Patrol. While a member of the Civil Air Patrol, Rogers became a friend of David Ferrie. In 1956 Rogers joined the Central Intelligence Agency.

Roger's life was documented in the book, "The Man on the Grassy Knoll" researched by John R. Craig and A Rogers Philip. According to this non-fiction book, Rogers was a brilliant recluse who lived with his parents, Fred and Edwina Rogers, at 1815 Driscoll Street, Houston, Texas. On June 23, 1965, Rogers' parents were found murdered in their home, their bodies had been dismembered and stored in the family's refrigerator. Rogers was never located for questioning in the case, although he was a prime suspect at the time, and Rogers remains the prime suspect in what Houston residents refer to as the "The Icebox Murders."

In their book, "The Man on the Grassy Knoll" Craig and Philip (referenced below) allege Rogers' involvement in the Kennedy assassination; authors Craig and Philip charge that Rogers murdered his parents because his mother became suspicious of his alleged involvement in the Kennedy assassination, and threatened to bear witness against him.

Rogers has been identified in some Kennedy assassination conspiracy theory forums as one of the "three tramps" arrested near Dealey Plaza on the afternoon of Kennedy's assassination, along with E Howard Hunt. According to Watergate conspirator E Howard Hunt's posthumously released confessions[1], a gunman nicknamed "Frenchy" had been a trigger man in the assassination, and "Frenchy" was alleged to be one of Rogers' CIA code names, alleged by Craig and Philip in their book. Cite: Spartacus Schoolnet (Undated.). "Biography: Charles Rogers". Spartacus Educational.  

Rogers disappeared subsequent to the discovery of his parents remains in the family's refrigerator in 1965. According to Craig and Philip's book on Rogers, Rogers was last seen piloting a light plane from Houston, in the direction of Mexico and Central America. Rogers has not been seen or heard from since, and is still a wanted fugitive in the United States today.


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