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The Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys (CIPA) is the British professional body of patent attorneys. It was founded in 1882 as the Chartered Institute of Patent Agents and incorporated by Royal Charter in 1891. [1] The Institute changed its name in June 2006.

Its objective is to promote awareness of, and well-founded confidence in, the UK Intellectual Property profession and to represent the interests of its approximately 3000 members, 1700 of whom are Registered Patent Attorneys, qualified by professional examination.

Another of CIPA's long-established objectives is regulation of the profession. Recently, CIPA and ITMA (the Institute of Trade Mark Attorneys) set up the Intellectual Property Regulation Board (IPReg)[2] to undertake jointly the regulation of the Patent Attorney and Trade Mark Attorney professions.

CIPA maintains the Register of Patent Agents under statutory authority on behalf of the Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills and reports to the Comptroller-General of Patents, Trade Marks and Designs at the UK Intellectual Property Office.[3]

Presidents of CIPA[1]
1. John Henry Johnson (1882-1884).
2. John Imray (1884-1886).
3. William Carpmael (1886-1888).
4. John Clayton Mewburn (1888-1890).
5. Sir William Lloyd Wise (1890-1897).
6. Charles Denton Abel (1897-1899).
7. Edward Carpmael (1899-1901).
8. Philip Middleton Justice (1901-1903).
9. George Gatton Melhuish Hardingham (1903-1905).
10. John Corry Fell (1905-1907).
11. William Clark (1907-1909).
12. Oliver Imray (1909-1911).
13. Thomas Alfred Hearson (1911-1913).
14. George Barker (1913-1915).
15. John Ebenezer Bousfield (1915-1917).
16. William John Tennant (1917-1919).
17. Robert Bolton Ransford (1919-1921).
18. Bertram Edward Dunbar Kilburn (1921-1923).
19. Harold Wade (1923-1924).
20. Reginald Haddan (1924-1925).
21. Hubert Alexander Gill (1925-1926) (1939-40).
22. Arthur George Bloxam (1926-1927).
23. John Edward Lloyd Barnes (1927-1928).
24. Reginald William James (1928-1929).
25. Arthur Woosnam (1929-1930).
26. Griffith Brewer (1930-1931).
27. Alfred Stuart Cachemaille (1931-1932).
28. Frederick Gilbert Brettell (1932-1933).
29. Gordon Melville Clark (1933-1934).
30. Alfred Augustus Thornton (1934-1935).
31. George Edward Folkes (1935-1936).
32. Richard John Tugwood (1936-1937).
33. Arthur Carpmael (1937-1938).
34. William Henry Ballantyne (1938-39).
35. Henry Withers Kickweed Jennings (1940-42).
36. Walter Philip Williams (1942-43).
37. Ernest William Moss (1943-44).
38. ...


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