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Chasing the Grail
Studio album by Fozzy
Released January 26, 2010[1]
Genre Heavy metal
Label Riot
Producer Rich Ward
Fozzy chronology
All That Remains (2005) Chasing the Grail (2010)

Chasing the Grail is the upcoming fourth album from the heavy metal band Fozzy. It is their first album since the release of All That Remains in 2005. In an August 2009 interview with the Baltimore Sun, frontman Chris Jericho stated that the album will be released in January of 2010.[2]



In March 2009 the band announced that Riot Entertainment had signed the group to a worldwide deal for the release of a new album.[1] According to guitarist Rich Ward, Riot is the only label worthy of releasing the album.[3] As of June 2009 the band is finishing the last details of the album.[4]

On September 8, 2009, the band released the first material from the album, "Martyr No More", along with the album art and a release date of January 26, 2010.[5] It was announced on that "Martyr No More" will be used as the official theme song for the 2010 WWE Royal Rumble pay per view.

On October 16, 2009, the band released the second single from the album, entitled "Let The Madness Begin".[6]


  1. Under Blackened Skies - 4:05
  2. Martyr No More - 4:37
  3. Watch Me Shine
  4. Broken Soul
  5. Let the Madness Begin - 3:48
  6. Paraskavedekatriaphobia (Friday the 13th)
  7. God Pounds His Nails
  8. Pray for Blood
  9. Grail
  10. Revival
  11. New Day’s Dawn
  12. Wormwood* - 13:53


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