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Lord Sri Rama (center) with wife Sita, brother-- Lakshmana and devotee Hanuman. Rama and Lakshmana are always shown to be ready for battle, with bow and arrow, as it is their Kshatriya dharma to fight. Rama was from Suryavanshi lineage.

Chattar (Hindi: चत्तर), Chattari, Chhatri or Chatri, is the mother caste of suryavanshi Rajputs which originated from Rajputana in Rajasthan. However, there are many Gotras and sub castes in other major dynasties which are from the Chattari lineage. Chattaris belong to the military and ruling order of the traditional Vedic-Hindu social system as outlined by the Vedas. The "cenotaph" or "Chattari" of a Rajasthani architecture is the symbol of Rajput pride, which philosophically portrays a Chattari ruler who will sacrifice at all costs to defend and save the tribe under his shadow. Vedas gives its word that the ordinary people are safe under the "Chattar Chaya" (Shelter/refuge) of a true Kshatriya. According to the Vedas,

Chattaris are the sacred warriors who save the people from wounds by sustaining wounds themselves.[1]
The term Rajput is more social than ethnic one and rajputs are descended from a number of tribes and origins, being collected under the leadership of a Chhatri warrior, were granted a tribal name and in the course of time borrowed the pedigree of their founder, as a convenient explanation of their lineage.[2]

They are Kshatriyas and are placed second to the Brahmins in the Varna.

Rajputs (Raja-king, Putra-son) have been defined as " The Warrior and land owning race of Northern India who are also known as Thakur, Lord or Chhatri, the modern representative of ancient Kshatriya"[3][4]

Chattar has many subcastes and Gotras. Most commonly the subcastes are known by the subcaste title, not by their mother caste for example Chattaris of Jammu region are classified as Dogra, and Chattaris of Mewar are called Sisodia or Guhilot. Chattaris use the title of Raja or Thakur, while some were given the honorary titles of Sheikh or Malik after conversion to Islam.The names of many places in India, Pakistan and Kashmir is Chattar which represents the history of Chatri rulers of the area. Chatri rulers typically used the title of Maharaja, which is often retained by their decedents. Historically, rajput kings also used the title of Chhatrapati with their names.


Places in Pakistan and Kashmir

Pir Chattar,Mool Chattar Doda Kashmir,Chattar plain,Chattar Judicial Town Islamabad,Chattar Bagh(Park),Chattar class,Chattar Domel,Upper Chattar,Lower Chattar,Bun Chattar,Chattroh,Chattan,ChattarPari(ChitterPari)etc.

Places in India

Chittor,Chittorgarh,Chattisgar,Chattar Manzil,Chhatarpur,Kot Chattar,Chhattar Bilas Gardens Rajasthan, Chattar Mahal Rajasthan etc.

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