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This is a Chinese name; the family name is Cheng.
Cheng Bugao
Chinese name 程步高
Pinyin Chéng Bùgāo (Mandarin)
Born 1893
Zhejiang, China
Died 1966
Hong Kong
Occupation Film director, Screenwriter, Producer
Years active 1930s-1960s

Cheng Bugao (1893-1966) (Chinese: 程步高) was a prominent Chinese film director during the 1930s. Employed by the Mingxing Film Company, Cheng was responsible for several important "leftist" films in the period, including the Wild Torrents (1933) and Spring Silkworms (1933). Both films were based on screenplays by Xia Yan.[1]

After the Second Sino-Japanese War, Cheng moved to Hong Kong, where he made films of a purposefully apolitical nature.


Partial directorial filmography

Year English Title Chinese Title Notes
1933 Wild Torrent 狂流
1933 Spring Silkworms 春蚕
1934 Shared Hate 同仇
1934 To the Northwest 到西北去
1934 The Classics for Girls 女儿经 Co-directed with Zhang Shichuan, Yao Sufeng, Zheng Zhengqiu, Xu Xingfu, Li Pingqian, Chen Kengran, and Shen Xiling
1935 Ardent, Loyal Souls 热血忠魂 Co-directed with Zhang Shichuan, Wu Cun, Zheng Zhengqiu, Xu Xingfu, Li Pingqian, and Shen Xiling
1936 Old and New Shanghai 新旧上海滩
1936 Little Lingzi 小玲子
1949 Heavenly Souls 锦绣天堂
1949 Virtue in the Dust 春城花落
1951 Prisoner of Love 爱的俘虏
1954 The Old and New Loves 旧爱新欢
1954 The Merry-Go-Round 欢喜冤家
1957 Ming Phoon 鸣凤 Based on the novel by Ba Jin
1957 The Fairy Dove 小鸽子姑娘
1958 The Street Boy 慈母顽儿
1958 The Nature of Spring 有女怀春
1959 Wonderful Thoughts 机伶鬼与小懒猫
1960 Comedy of 100 Girls 脂粉小霸王
1961 The Lady Racketeer 美人计

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