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Total population
49,591 people
Regions with significant populations
 Russia Russia
Arab League Arab World

Adyghe, Kabardian dialect, Shapsugh dialect Russian


Sunni Islam, Orthodox Christian

Related ethnic groups

other Caucasus ethnicities

Cherkes (also Cherkess) are an ethnic group of the northwestern Caucasus region and are a part of the Adyghe nation. Principally inhabiting northern Karachay-Cherkessia (where they comprise 11% of the population) as well as four villages of Adygeya: Khodz, Blechepsin, Koshekhabl, and Ulyap.

They primarily speak the Cherkes (Kuban-Zelenchuk) dialect of Kabardian.

The Cherkes migrated from Kabarda between 1780–1825, settling in the upper Zelenchuks and Urup valleys, from which they were largely displaced during the period of the 1830-1850s. During the 19th century, due to pressure from the Russia, many Cherkes moved to the Middle Eastern countries, where they largely assimilated, while still living there as a distinguishable minority. Most Cherkes(but not all[1]) have converted to Islam.

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