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A Cherry-Red spot is a finding in the macula of the eye in a variety of lipid storage disorders.[1] It describes the appearance of a small circular chorid shape as seen through the fovea centralis Medical Dictionary. Its appearance is due to a relative transparency of the macula; storage disorders cause the accumulation of storage material within the cell layers of the retina, however, the macula, which is relatively devoid of cellular layers, does not build up this material, and thus allows the eye to cell through the macula to the red choroid below. [2]

The sign was first described by Warren Tay, founding member of the British Ophthalmological Society, in 1881, with reference to a patient with Tay-Sachs disease.

The cherry red spot is seen in central retinal artery occlusion, appearing several hours after the blockage of the retinal artery occurs. [3] It is also seen in several other conditions, classically Tay-Sachs Disease but is seen in Niemann-Pick Disease, Sandoff Disease and mucolipodosis.

D/D of Cherry Red Spot at Macula

1. Metabolic Storage Diseases: a)Mucopolysaccharidosis b)Hurler's disease c)Tay Sach's disease d)Gaucher's disease e)MPS VII f)Farber's disease g)GM1 gangliosidosis h)Juvenileeroid i)Nieman Pick's disease j)Sandoff's disease k)Goldberg syndrome l)lysosome storage Diseases

2. Congenital Developmental Diseases : Amaurosis, congenital, Leber's

3. Hereditary/ Familial: a)Hallervorden Spatz disease b)leukodystrophy, krabbe's

4. Degenerative: Metachromatic leukodystrophy

5. Vascular: CRAO

6. Drugs: a)Quinine toxicity b)Dapsone toxicity

7. Poisoning: a)Carbon monoxide b)Methanol

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