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Hollyoaks character
Cheryl Brady
Portrayed by Bronagh Waugh
Created by Lucy Allan
Duration 2008, 2009—
First appearance 24 November 2008
Date of birth 1982
Occupation Waitress
Status Engaged
Home 2 Oakdale Drive

Cheryl Brady is a fictional character from the long-running Channel 4 soap opera Hollyoaks, played by Bronagh Waugh. The character first appeared on-screen on November 2008 during the first series of Hollyoaks Later as an old love interest of Malachy Fisher.[1] She made her first appearance in main Hollyoaks episodes on 3 July 2009.[2]


Character creation



The character of Cheryl was created to help correctly show a cross-section of young people in British society.[3] Cheryl was given immediate links to Malachy, being his ex girlfriend and Kris Fisher who also knew her from his time living in Belfast. When Cheryl was introduced to the main cast she had already established links with character Zak Ramsey, who she had previously shared a fling with. Series producer Lucy Allan also stated she had big plans for the character.[4]


Actress Bronagh Waugh received a call to audition for the part of Cheryl in 2008.[3] At first Waugh thought it was a mistake because she did not see herself fitting in with the typical stereotype of the female cast.[3] Waugh went onto get the part, which was initially a short term stint in spin-off series, Hollyoaks Later. After Waugh had impressed series producer Lucy Allan, Waugh was called back and offered a one year contract to appear in the main series.[3] Initially the casting department were looking for a actress that weighed far more, but couldn't find anyone and decided to find someone of normal size with curves.[3] Of the part she said: "I think it's good to see someone with flaws. I feel an enormous responsibility to younger viewers who may be watching and going 'oh my God, the girls in Hollyoaks are so skinny and gorgeous' and I really want to stand up for ordinary girls."[3] Waugh also credited actor Gerard McCarthy who plays Kris Fisher in the series for helping her secure the role.[5]

In January 2010, Waugh announced she was staying with Hollyoaks until at least April 2011 after signing an 18-month contract.[6] Speaking to PA, Waugh explained: "It is quite long actually. Most people are six months or a year. But I'm glad they've let me know longer term because at least you're not going 'Should I look for another job?'. I can really put my head down and concentrate and enjoy the next couple of years." She also admitted she was "happy" to stick with the show for another two years, but believes it will be "time to go" after that. She continued: "It's such a big character that I wouldn't want to get pigeon-holed in just that type of thing."[6]

Character development

Personality and identity

Cheryl has a outlandish personality, she is loud and a larger than life character, speaking on in conjunction with this series producer Lucy Allan made a comment stating "You can't have anything but big with Cheryl, can you?"[4] Waugh has also has compared her to a popular cartoon character stating: "She's like the Tasmanian devil, just a whirlwind hurricane leaving carnage in her wake and then totters off as if that's completely normal and goes and buys a loaf of bread."[7] She has also spoke about her character's softer side stating: "She's like a bulldozer, she just storms in and goes nuts, and she's a real maneater. But at the same time what I love is that they let me show her vulnerability. If you're a big two-dimensional comedy character, it's good fun for a couple of weeks but then that's it. I think someone who's as brash and brazen as her needs to show a flip-side, there's a reason why she acts the way she does and we get to see that too."[3] The official Channel4 publicity describes her as 'the bubbly tart with a heart’ and states that she spells out trouble for the males and causes a ruckus for the females.[1]


Cheryl's only long term relationship with a fellow character was with Malachy Fisher, their relationship happened off-screen. The characters have often been shown recalling how good they were together, although it was Malachy who left her. She has shown a keen interest in a strew on male characters since her first appearance but always seems to be unlucky in love.



Cheryl was first seen continually clashing with Mercedes McQueen over her Malachy. She eventually convinced him to go ahead with the wedding despite her then, still present feelings for him. She had a brief fling in this time with Zak Ramsey, but she was to keen on him and scared him off.

She appeared in the Hollyoaks village in the back of a taxi and visited Malachy at the McQueens claiming she was looking for Zak Ramsey, whom she had shared a kiss with. On learning Zak had gone to the funeral of Warren Fox, she and Malachy also went to find him. Michaela McQueen displayed her dislike for Zak's old flame's return and was jealous. Sasha Valentine ordered a noisy Cheryl to leave the church, on her exit, she walked into Mercedes Fisher. The pair ended up in a fight and were restrained by Calvin Valentine and Malachy. Cheryl revealed to Malachy and Kris Fisher that the reason she was in Hollyoaks village was because a man had died whilst having sex with her and she is scared the police would arrest her, however Kris later informed her that the police were not looking for her. Steph Cunningham gave Cheryl a job at MOBs and she moved into Halls. Cheryl began looking after Spencer Gray in an attempt to get closer to Calvin, but gave genuine guiltiness of letting Calvin referring Spencer to a care home as Calvin couldn't cope with him. Cheryl moved in with the Valentines when she got kicked out of halls and struck up friendship with Leo Valentine, who allowed her to move in with him. Cheryl remained living with the family, despite Calvin's reluctance, until Sasha returned and demanded Cheryl move out. Leo and Calvin asked Cheryl to leave, but she eventually proved herself by persuading Malachy and Mercedes not to sue Spencer for Malachy's accident on the building site.

In order to make Calvin jealous Cheryl kisses Gilly Roach, who is trying to make Steph jealous. However, things do not go to plan when his false tooth falls out in her mouth. Cheryl begins to realise she does have feelings for Gilly. When Calvin insults him, she tells him she does love him, and is not using him. Cheryl sees Gilly holding an engagement ring, which Fernando Fernandez plans to give to Steph. Cheryl immediately assumes Gilly is planning to propose and announces their engagement.


Bronagh Waugh was nominated for 'Best Newcomer' at the 2009 and 2010 National Television Awards.[8][9]


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