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Chesney Battersby-Brown
Chesney CS.jpg
Chesney Battersby-Brown in 2007
Coronation Street
Portrayed by Sam Aston
Duration 2003–
First appearance 14 November 2003
Created by Chris Parker
Occupation Student
Residence 5 Coronation Street

Chesney Battersby-Brown (né Brown), is a fictional character in the UK television ITV soap opera, Coronation Street. Portrayed by actor Sam Aston, the character first appeared onscreen during the episode airing on 14 November 2003. He has struck up an on-screen duo with Schmiechel, his beloved pet Great Dane.



Sam Aston was chosen to play Chesney after training at a local drama group, Carl Godby’s Theatre Workshop. It was revealed by producers that he was named after 1980s icon Chesney Hawkes. [1][2]

Sam Aston signed a new contract in September 2008 so that the character can stay on the street for at least another year. [3][4]




Chesney first appeared in Coronation Street in 2003 as the brother of Fiz Brown and son of Cilla Brown. Cillas boyfriend Les Battersby took them in and Chesney soon bonded with Les and saw him as the father figure he'd never had. Chesney also got on well with Fiz's then boyfriend Kirk who was also a lodger at the house.

"Attacked" by Rita

In 2004, Rita Sullivan once clipped Chesney around the ear for repeatedly stealing sweets from her shop. However, Chesney fell against some shelving and hurt his head. He wasn't hurt badly but when Cilla learned of the incident she spotted an opportunity for compensation. She happily made the most out of her son's injuries. The Battersby-Browns had Chesney checked up at the hospital, with Cilla prompting her son to complain of fake symptoms so that he would be certified with extreme concussion as a result of Rita's 'abuse'. Rita was arrested and charged with assaulting a minor and Cilla set about trying to ruin Rita's reputation.

Cilla coached Chesney into saying the 'right' answers and Rita was ordered to pay £500 in damages to the family and £500 in court fees. Disappointed with the court payment, Cilla threatened Rita with civil court action if she did not pay a £3,000 out of court settlement. Rita put the Kabin on the market and prepared to leave the area, but Les Battersby talked Cilla out of the compensation action and Rita stayed in her rightful place. Rita continued to hate Cilla, but bore no ill will against Chesney, even taking him in one night when he had nowhere else to go and later employing him to do the paper round.

Having real friends and family

Chesney attempted to run away after his mum left without him but Les took him back in. He was given a pure breed Great Dane dog, Schmeichel, named after Danish footballer Peter Schmeichel, by Maya Sharma. He also made friends with Sophie Webster.

Les was the closest thing Chesney had ever had to a loving parent. When Cilla returned, she married Les, and Les adopted Chesney.

In 2005, he conned several residents at Easter into giving him chocolate eggs. That August, Schmeichel was run over by a bus driven by Claire Peacock, leaving Chesney devastated, but his companion pulled through. Chesney accidentally walked in on Sally Webster when she was in the shower. Chesney sought revenge on Les, after Les told everyone about him seeing Sally, which threatened his friendship with Sophie. Nevertheless, Chesney and Sophie have remained close friends.

Cillas cancer

In September 2006, Fiz and Kirk bought Chesney a second-hand computer and Roy Cropper taught him all about internet auctioning. Typically, Cilla took over, selling anything and everything just to get some easy money. Soon after, Cilla learned she had skin cancer. She kept the news from her family, and her frequent absences made them think she was having an affair. They all turned against her. Chesney saw Les the morning after a one-night stand with Cilla's best friend, Yana Lumb. Chesney was disgusted, but kept quiet. Cilla actually had a mild form of skin cancer, but when she found out about Yana and Les, she lied that she was terminally ill in order to make them feel guilty as well as raise money to take herself and Chesney to "Sea Land" to swim with the dolphins. Soon before the trip, she told everyone the truth. Chesney was devastated, as he had spent months believing his mother was going to die. He told her he hated her, and she went to Florida on her own.

Les and Cilla leave

In 2007, Les left Weatherfield to work as a roadie. Aside from the occasional phone call, he has no contact with Chesney. Chesney had often been closer to Les than anyone, and had a hard time adjusting to Les' absence. By the end of 2007, Cilla also chose to leave Weatherfield. Ches was upset, but had become used to his mother always putting herself first.

In March 2008, Chesney was taken to a foster home as Kirk Sutherland could not take care of him properly. Claire later revealed that she reported them to the Social Services, in Chesney's best interests. Chesney was later enabled to return home after Fiz agreed to move into Number 5, though with much reluctance, as Kirk was living there.

His hate for John Stape

In July 2008, Chesney was dismayed to see the return of Fiz's ex John Stape who cheated on her with Rosie Webster. John bought Chesney a bike for his birthday which he rejected when he found out who it had come from. In a fit of rage Chesney also broke the wing mirror on John's taxi.

While working on the school play, Chesney fell for Kayleigh Morton. He thought he had no chance with her, as she was interested in bad boy Kenzie Judd, but she eventually saw through Kenzie and chose Chesney. When Chesney returned after vacating to visit Cilla in Las Vegas, he was catching up with Kayleigh when Kenzie attacked him, leaving Chesney with a bloody nose, [5][6] but fortunately, John saw and broke up the fight. [7] However, instead of being grateful to John for saving him, he told Fiz that John had hit him. Fiz then found John and attacked him for "hitting" Chesney, before going to ask Kayleigh what really had happened, Fiz then went and made up with John but told Chesney that she was angry with him for lying to her but also told him that she wasn't a fool and John would not be given a second chance. Fiz and John later broke up after she found out he'd kidnapped Rosie Webster.

Kayleigh's family moved to Spain in September 2008, and Kayleigh promised to keep in touch with Chesney.

Reunion with Cilla (Out of Africa)

In November 2008, Chesney received a letter from Cilla saying she and Les were in South Africa and she wanted Chesney and Kirk to join them. Chesney was thrilled. His adventures were chronicled in the DVD Coronation Street: Out of Africa. [8][9]

Things quickly went downhill when Chesney and Kirk learned "Les" was actually Lesedi, a South African Cilla was dating. Cilla had invited them because she'd entered a Sunshine Families competition, with a $500,000 prize for the best family. They'd made the top three, guaranteeing them a week-long stay at a luxury resort. In order to help their chances, Cilla had lied that Chesney was paraplegic. Chesney had to stay in a wheelchair every time he left the hotel suite. Chesney was disgusted and would have refused if not for Cilla agreeing to return to Weatherfield with him once the competition was over. After Cilla lied to Fiz that Chesney had been in an accident, Fiz soon joined them, forced to pretend to be a nun.

One family was quickly disqualified, meaning their main competition for the prize was a "perfect family", the Teals. The Teal daughter, Ellie, who was around Chesney's age, was a violin player who strove to do everything right. They bonded almost instantly. Cilla was thrilled, as she hoped to use him as a spy. Ellie was often stressed and reduced to tears by her demanding father. She told Chesney she'd rather he won because if her family won, they'd never be normal. One day, she was talking to Chesney in her family's suite when her parents came back. She hid Chesney on the deck. Chesney taped the father berating his daughter and then belittling the mother for all her plastic surgery. Chesney was reluctant to use this information, but when Cilla told him they finally had a chance to win, he showed her the tape. Cilla put a note under the competition host's hotel room door, leaking the information to him. He then told them that they would definitely win.

Chesney was overjoyed, but that night, when Cilla thought he was asleep, he overheard her telling Lesedi that she had no intention of moving back to Weatherfield, or reuniting with her kids. The results of the competition were to be revealed the next day, after both families were interviewed for the crowd and the viewing public. Chesney stayed quiet, but when they won, Cilla began lying about what a wonderful mother she was. Chesney couldn't take anymore and stood up from his wheelchair and went on to expose all her lies to everyone. The judges decided that both families were disqualified.

The next morning, Chesney, Kirk, and Fiz prepared to leave. Ellie told Chesney that her parents were getting a divorce. She told Chesney she had actually trusted and liked him, but in the end, he'd been just like Cilla, a liar.

Lesedi, who had been like a father to Ches and Kirk during their stay, dropped in to say goodbye and tell them he was done with Cilla, who had vanished. In spite of once again being abandoned by Cilla, Chesney told them that he hoped she was alright.

Getting home-schooled

In April 2009, Fiz discovered that Chesney had being playing truant from school. When she confronted him over the matter, he admitted that Kenzie Judd had been bullying him over the past number of months. Fiz was extremely unhappy with the school headmaster's reaction to the bullying and took Chesney out of school to be home-tutored. On 25 May, Chesney told Fiz that he was going back to school on the Monday after half term, after Ben Richardson, Sophie's boyfriend, told Chesney that Kenzie was scared of Phil Hardwick, Ryan Connor's friend after he gave him a Chinese burn in Infants. He also reassured Chesney that Phil, Ryan and himself would be back up.

Fiz's Engagement To John

Chesney was horrified to find out that Fiz was consulting John Stape about his education, and regularly visiting him in prison. This led to a falling out between the pair, as Chesney was angry that his sister cared more about a "psycho" than she did him. Chesney later found out that Fiz and John were engaged and, in a fit of rage, he stole Fiz's engagement ring and crashed Rosie Webster's new car, nearly running over Anna Windass in the process. In the end, Chesney went to John's and Fiz's wedding.


Sam Aston was chosen to present the Queen with a bouquet of flowers at ITV's 50th anniversary in 2005. The actor has revealed in an interview that since he has joined the show, he seems to not get much attention from girls. He claims that as Chesney is more of a geeky character, women over 65 stop him in the street and offer to look after him. [10][11][12] Aston won the nomination for the Best Dramatic Performance from a Young Actor or Actress in 2005. In 2007, he was nominated for Best Young Actor, [13] though Eden Taylor-Draper, who plays Belle Dingle from Emmerdale, won the award. [14] Sam was also nominated for the Best Child Actor in 2008, [15] though yet again did not receive the award.[citation needed]

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