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Chestnut Hill is a novel series written by Lauren Brooke. The author, more commonly known for writing the Heartland series. The first book in the series, The New Class, was published in August 2005. The series revolves around four girls who all live together at a boarding school in Virginia called Chestnut Hill, where they take classes and ride horses at a stable on campus. Lauren Brooke has said that she went through a lot of preparation for this series, including listing and developing over one-hundred names and drawing maps of her new setting.


Connecting Series

Author Lauren Brooke has created ties between her popular series, Heartland and Chestnut Hill. Both series take place in Virginia. Readers that have read the last book in the Heartland series will see an definite connection. Amy who is the main character of the Heartland series, gave a talk in the first novel and helped Malory to solve the trusting issue with Tybalt in the second Chestnut Hill book, Making Strides as well.

The Novels

  1. The New Class (2005)
  2. Making Strides (2005)
  3. Heart of Gold (2006)
  4. Playing for Keeps (2006)
  5. The Scheme Team (Team Spirit in the UK) (2006)
  6. All Or Nothing (2006)
  7. Chasing Dreams (2008)
  8. A Time to Remember (2008)
  9. Helping Hands (2009)
  10. Racing Hearts (2009)
  11. A Chance to Shine (2009)
  12. Far and Away (2010)

The Characters


Main Characters

Dylan Walsh - Books revolving around Dylan are The New Class, The Scheme Team (Team Spirit) and Helping Hands. She is friendly, witty and sometimes spontaneous, Her Aunt, Ali Carmichael, known to the students as Ms. Carmichael, is the Director of Riding at Chestnut Hill. She has wanted to attend Chestnut Hill since fourth grade, and becomes best friends with Honey, Lani, and Malory, while making enemies with Lynsey Harrison and Patience Duvall. She shares rooms with Lynsey and Honey in books 1-6 and just with Lynsey in book 7 onwards.

Dylan's favorite horse is called Morello. He is a skewbald gelding owned by her Aunt Ali. Dylan met him when visiting her aunt's ranch in Kentucky and fell in love with him immediately. Dylan was glad to hear that Aunt Ali had brought him along with Quince to Chestnut Hill with her. Dylan and Morello are very alike in personality and that is probably one of the reasons they get along so well.

Malory O'Neil - Books revolving around Malory are Making Strides, All or Nothing and Racing Hearts. She came to Chestnut Hill on a scholarship after winning the prestigious Rockwell Award, given out by Diane Rockwell, a former student at the school who felt that she had to give the chance at the fabulous school to less wealthy girls. She does not pay much attention to fashion, and seems to lack self-confidence at times, but never around horses. She is shy and timid at some points but can also be appear moody and finds it hard to talk about personal issues. Her best friends are Dylan, Honey, and Lani. Malory is an only child. Her mother died a year prior to the first book and her father is a shoe-shop owner. Her father is not very wealthy - a fact Lynsey reminds her of frequently. Malory met a boy, Caleb Smith, from Saint Christophers, the neighboring school, over the summer. They went on a few dates, and broke up due to a disagreement about the importance of winning, and then reunited in All or Nothing. She shares rooms with Lani and Alexandra in books 1-6 and just with Alexandra in book 7 onwards.

Malory's favorite horse is Tybalt, a gorgeous, dark brown Thoroughbred X gelding. Malory came across him when she and Dylan went with Ms. Carmichael to purchase some horses. They were only supposed to buy two (Foxy Lady and Winter Wonderland) but Malory persuaded Ms. Carmichael to buy Tybalt as well, since he reminded her of the horse she learnt to ride on, Zanzibar. Ms. Carmichael took Tybalt on a short lease for a while and then decided to keep him after Malory and Amy Fleming helped him settle down. Soon after he was good enough to become Malory's show pony, and although Lynsey says he is unreliable, he is less nervous and skittish, although he still needs an understanding rider like Malory.

Felicity "Honey" Harper - Goes by Honey. The books revolving around this character is Heart of Gold , Chasing Dreams and A Chance to Shine. She had her own pony before moving to America, named Rocky. Her best friends are Dylan, Lani, and Malory. She is originally from London. Honey is very much like her name, in that she is very sweet and she likes to make everyone happy. Honey has a twin brother, Sam, who has had leukemia. A boy, Josh, from Saint Christophers, the nearby boarding school, seems to like Honey, and she has attended a dance with him. She and Josh are dating in book nine. She shares rooms with Lynsey and Dylan in books 1-6 and with Lani in book 7 onwards.

Honey had her own pony in England before moving to America called Rocky. However, Honey's favorite pony is a grey Connemara mare named Moonlight Minuet (a.k.a. Minnie) named after one of the unicorns in famous fantasy novelist, Edward Hunter Duvall's books. She is owned by Patience Duvall, but after Patience loses interest, her father worked out an agreement with Ms. Carmichael to let her use Minnie as a school pony. Later however, in Chasing Dreams Honey finds out that Minnie is for sale, and tries to persuade Patience not to sell her. Patience tries to blackmail Honey, not intending to keep her part of the bargain. When Patience tells Honey that Minnie has been sold, Honey is devastated. Later in the book though, it turns out that it was actually Dylan who bought her, since her parents were looking to buy a new show pony for her, but Dylan culdn't bear the thought of having a bond with any horse but Morello, and so persuaded her parents to buy Minnie and draw up a lease agreement between them and Honey's parents saying that Minnie was Honey's to ride and take care of.

Lani Hernandez - Books revolving around Lani are Playing for Keeps, A Time to Remember and Far and Away She originally learned to ride Western, and is known to wear chaps instead of jodhpurs or breeches. Her best friends are Malory, Honey, and Dylan. Lani is smart and does well in school, her best subjects being science and maths, and knows how to lighten the mood. She is very friendly and is generally a happy and outgoing person. She has a mother and father and three older sisters named Marta, Guadeloupe, and Dacil. Lani shows a romantic interest is Sam, Honey's brother, who she met in book three Heart of Gold and later developed into a relationship in A Time to Remember. She shares rooms with Malory and Alexandra in books 1-6 and with Honey in book 7 onwards.

Lani's favorite horse is a buckskin gelding called Colorado who happens to share his name with Lani's home state, which is also where he came from. Both him and Lani are the best western riders at Chestnut Hill, and they show everybody at the charity Rodeo Day. Colorado is quite reluctant and needs his rider to be firm with his or her aids, but is forward and enthusiastic when Lani rides him.

Supporting Characters

Ali Carmichael - Director of Riding at Chestnut Hill, she has a horse ranch in Kentucky that she left for Chestnut Hill. She is Dylan's aunt and in the 10th book she starts to date malorys dad. She is a pleasant person but is firm with the students. She is the replacement of previous Director of Riding, Elizabeth Mitchell, who decided to leave Chestnut Hill. Many of the students question her ability to measure up to the former riding instructor. Her horse Quince is a silver Thoroughbred who came with her to Chestnut Hill.

Lynsey Harrison - She shares a room with Dylan and Honey in books 1-6 and with just Dylan in book 7. Lynsey has made fast enemies with the four main characters, Dylan, Malory, Honey, and Lani, due to her snobby attitude. Her best friend is Patience Duvall. Lynsey keeps her blue roan gelding, Bluegrass, at Chestnut Hill. Lynsey is cocky and arrogant and loves being the center of attention. She looks down on those less wealthy than herself. She is on the junior jumping team and field hockey team. She carries a high social status, wears fashionable and expensive clothing, and has had two sisters attend Chestnut Hill ahead of her who were really successful. Lynsey thinks she has to be as great as they were, and she doesn't mind hurting people to get that reputation.

Patience Duvall - Patience shares a room with Wei Lin Chang and Razina Jackson in books 1-6 and just Wei Lin in book 7 onwards, much to her disappointment. She is Lynsey's best friend and, like Lynsey, Patience is spoiled but less confident and only shows interest in something if Lynsey does, such as horse riding. Having Edward Hunter Duvall, author of a bestselling fantasy book series, as a father adds to her yet another reason to look down upon the less socially-prominent students. Patience has a Connemara named Moonlight Minuet that her father bought for her because he enjoys horse riding. His daughter, however, was irresponsible and schooled Minnie in wet sand, causing her to strain a tendon, and Patience quickly lost interest. She is also enemies with the four main characters after she tattled on Dylan for jumping Morello as a midnight dare set by Lynsey. In Chasing Dreams she decides to switch to playng golf and has a crush on the golf instructor.

Sam Harper - Honey's brother. Lani and he have a complicated relationship since Lani found out about him when helping Honey escape a show to see him in hospital when he is suffering from cancer and eventually start to date in A Time to Remember. In Racing Hearts Sam starts school at Saint Christopher's (a.k.a. Saint Kits).

Caleb Smith - Caleb is a rider from Saint Kits. He met met Malory in the summer before The New Class at Cheney Falls Stables. Malory and Caleb get along really well until The Scheme Team where they break up due to an argument over how important winning is. After getting back together in All or Nothing they fall into a steady relationship. Caleb owns a grey gelding called Pageant's Pride (a.k.a. Gent).

Josh - Josh is a non-rider at Saint Kits, he is Caleb's best friend, and Honey's boyfriend since Playing for Keeps.

Razina Jackson - Razina is a non-rider at Chestnut Hill. She is an Adams student and shares a room with Patience and Wei Lin in books 1-6 and it is unknown who she shares a room with in book 7 onwards. Her mother owns an art gallery in New York and is a rather big traveller, going to all sorts of places such as the Norwegian Fjords and Africa.

Wei Lin Chang - Wei Lin is an Asian girl who is another non-rider in Adams at Chestnut Hill. She shares rooms with Patience and Razina in book 1-6 and just Patience in book 7 onwards although Patience isn't very happy about this.

Alexandra Cooper - Alexandra, while smart, is very indecisive. She is an Adams student at Chestnut Hill, and shares a room with Lani and Malory in book 1-6 but just Malory in book 7 onwards.

Kelly and Sarah - Kelly and Sarah are Chestnut Hill's grooms. They are very friendly, and willing to let the students help take care of some of the horses.

Description of Novels

The New Class - This book is about Dylan Walsh. After Dylan moves into her new room with Honey Harper and Lynsey Harrison, she starts a feud with Malory O'Neil. At the start of riding lessons, Dylan hopes to be riding Morello, but is put to ride somone else. In the third riding lesson she is put to ride Morello, and is told that he will be the pony she rides for the rest of the year, Malory is given Hardy to ride.Near the end of the book, Malory announces that she's leaving Chestnut Hill. Desperate to clear things up with her, Dylan persuades her to stay. Then at the end of the book, the All Schools League takes place.

Making Strides - This book is about Malory O'Neil. When Ms Carmichael, the riding director of Chestnut Hill, also Dylan Walsh's aunt, takes Malory and Dylan to a stable near Cheney Falls, to buy some new horses. Malory becomes attatched to a young, afraid horse named Tybalt who Malory thinks is her grandparents neighbours horse. She peruades Ms Carmichael to buy Tybalt along with, Winter Wonderland (Winnie) and Foxy Lady. To start Tybalt's training, Ms Carmichael gives a hat with names of the riders in to Malory and Dylan's other best friend Honey Harper, to pick out someone to ride Tybalt. Unfourtunatly, Honey picks out Lynsey Harrison, who Dylan along with her best friend Lani Hernandez hate. Top notch rider Lynsey, has a bad expedrience on Tybalt after he bucks her off. Malory and Lani then have the idea, to call in horse expert Amy

Writing Errors

In Heart of Gold Moonlight Minuet (Minnie) is said to be pure Connemara, but in Chasing Dreams it says that she is Connemara x Arabian.

In Helping Hands Pageant's Pride (Gent) is called George.

Also, in Making Strides Pageant's Pride's owner Caleb Smith's surname is changed to Caleb Summers.

Razina has had a varied surname throughout the series although originally being known as Razina Jackson in The New Class, in All or Nothing her surname was changed to Oluday, then in Helping Hands it became Campbell.

Throughout the books, Ms. Carmichael's horse Quince, is sometimes referred to as male, but sometimes female as well.

Also, throughout the books there are many typo's such as many letters being capitalized in the middle of a word.

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