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The chgrp (from change group) command is used by unprivileged users on Unix-like systems to change the group associated with a computer file. Unlike the chown command, chgrp allows regular users to change groups, but only to one of which they are a member.



The general syntax of the chgrp command is:

chgrp group target1 [target2 ..]
  • The group parameter indicates the new group with which the targets should be associated. It may either be a symbolic name or an identifier.
  • The target1 parameter indicates the files or directories for which the change should be made.
  • The target2 parameter indicates optional additional files or directories for which the change should be made.

Usage example

$ ls -l ttt
-rw-r--r--   1 gbeeker  staff           545 Nov 04 2004  ttt
$ chgrp system ttt
$ ls -l ttt
-rw-r--r--   1 gbeeker  system          545 Nov 04 2004  ttt

The above command changes the group associated with ttt to 'system', provided the executing user is a member of that group.

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