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Chi's Sweet Home
ChiSweetHome vol1 Cover.jpg
Cover of Chi's Sweet Home volume 1 as published by Kodansha
(chīzu suīto hōmu)
Genre Comedy
Author Konami Kanata
Publisher Japan Kodansha
English publisher United States Vertical Inc
Demographic Seinen
Magazine Weekly Morning
Original run November 22, 2004 – ongoing
Volumes 6 (List of volumes)
TV anime
(First Season)
Director Mitsuyuki Masuhara
Studio Madhouse Ltd.
Network Japan TV Osaka, TV Tokyo
Original run March 31, 2008September 26, 2008
Episodes 104
TV anime
(Second season)
Chi's Sweet Home: Chi's New Address (チーズスイートホーム あたらしいおうち chīzu suīto hōmu atarashii ouchi?)
Director Mitsuyuki Masuhara
Studio Madhouse Ltd.
Network Japan TV Osaka, TV Tokyo
Original run March 30, 2009September 25, 2009
Episodes 104
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Chi's Sweet Home (チーズスイートホーム chīzu suīto hōmu?) is a manga series written and illustrated by Konami Kanata. It has been serialized in Kodansha's seinen manga magazine Weekly Morning since 2004. The manga has been licensed for North American distribution by Vertical Inc. To date, it has been collected in six volumes, the most recent being published in April 2009. An anime adaptation began airing on 31 March 2008 and is produced by studio Madhouse.



A gray and white kitten with black stripes wanders away from her mother and siblings one day while enjoying a walk outside with her family. Lost in her surroundings, the kitten struggles to find her family and instead is found by a young boy, Youhei, and his mother. They take the kitten home, but as pets are not allowed in their housing complex, they try to find her a new home. This proves to be difficult, and the family decides to keep the kitten. While being housebroken, she mistakenly answers to "Chi," (the Japanese word for "small", can also be "urine") and this becomes her name. Chi then has a splendid time living with her new family, learning about different things and meeting new people and animals.


Yamada family

Chi (チー Chii?)
Voiced by: Satomi Kōrogi

Chi is a small grey and white kitten with large eyes. She is easily distracted and does not have much experience of the world. Chi is particularly attracted to small moving objects, but is scared by larger animals, especially dogs. Although her speech is understandable to the viewers, the Yamadas cannot understand her.

Youhei (ヨウヘイ Youhei?)
Voiced by: Etsuko Kozakura

Youhei is the very small boy who finds Chi when she gets lost. He is cheerful, kind, obedient, and fond of toy trains.

Mom (おかあさん Okaasan?)
Voiced by: Noriko Hidaka

Mom is a housewife. She stays home with Youhei and Chi.

Dad (おとうさん Otousan?)
Voiced by: Hidenobu Kiuchi

Dad is the working man of the house, a graphic designer.



The manga series is written and illustrated by Konami Kanata. The first chapter were released with the 22 November 2004 issue of the Weekly Morning manga magazine. So far 6 tankōbon have been released. Contrary to the serialized version, which is black and white, the tankōbon version is in full color. The manga is still ongoing as of April 2009, with an upcoming 7th volume to be released in the Spring of 2010.


The anime series is directed by Mitsuyuki Masuhara and produced by Madhouse, the first episode aired on 31 March 2008. The episodes are 3 minutes long and equivalent to one chapter from the manga. The opening theme is "Home is the best!" Ouchi ga ichiban (おうちがいちばん?) by Satomi Kōrogi.

The second season of Chi's Sweet Home, called Chi's Sweet Home: New Address (チーズスイートホーム あたらしいおうち Chi's Sweet Home: Atarashii Ouchi) began airing 30 March 2009.

Episode list

Season One
# Title [1] Original airdate
01 "Chi Gets Lost."
"Chi, maigo ni naru." (チー、迷子になる.) 
March 31, 2008
Chi ends up lost when walking with her family. 
02 "Chi Is Picked Up."
"Chi, hirowareru." (チー、拾われる) 
April 1, 2008
Chi is found by a young boy and his mother. 
03 "Chi Has A Tough Time."
"Chi, hidoi me ni au." (チー、ひどい目にあう.) 
April 2, 2008
Mr and Mrs Yamada try to give Chi a bath. 
04 "Chi Forgets."
"Chi, wasureru." (チー、忘れる.) 
April 3, 2008
Chi wants to go home, but is distracted by a number of new experiences. 
05 "Chi Begins."
"Chi, hajimeru." (チー、始める.) 
April 7, 2008
Settling into her new home, Chi struggles to understand where the toilet is. 
06 "Chi Continues."
"Chi, tsuzukeru." (チー、続ける.) 
April 8, 2008
After Chi mistakes his bag for a toilet, Mr. Yamada sets out to buy litter for her. 
07 "Chi Gets Disappointed."
"Chi, gakkari suru." (チー、がっかりする) 
April 9, 2008
The newspaper Chi was playing on is replaced with a litter box
08 "Chi Understands."
"Chi, rikai suru." (チー、理解する.) 
April 10, 2008
Chi believes she understands why people say a certain word to her a lot. 
09 "Chi Remembers."
"Chi, omoidasu." (チー、思い出す.) 
April 14, 2008
Chi remembers his mother and tries to go out and find her. 
10 "Chi Dreams."
"Chi, yumewomiru." (チー、夢を見る.) 
April 15, 2008
Asleep after a long day, Chi has dreams and nightmares about her past. 
11 "Chi Is Adopted."
"Chi, hikitorareru." (チー、引き取られる.) 
April 16, 2008
The Yamadas believe they have found a new owner for Chi, but Chi isn't so sure. 
12 "Chi Decides."
"Chi, kimaru." (チー、決まる.) 
April 17, 2008
The Yamadas decide they will keep Chi themselves as they can't give it to anyone. 
13 "Chi Gets Excited."
"Chi, koufun suru." (チー、興奮する.) 
April 21, 2008
Youhei is told to clear up some bouncy balls, but Chi knocks them down. 
14 "Chi Accepts."
"Chi, morau." (チー、もらう.) 
April 22, 2008
Mr. Yamada worries that Chi doesn't have any toys. 
15 "Chi Plays."
"Chi, asobu." (チー、遊ぶ.) 
April 23, 2008
Chi has a bundle of new toys, but doesn't know what to do with them. 
16 "Chi Gets In The Way."
"Chi, jama suru." (チー、邪魔する.) 
April 24, 2008
Mr. Yamada is trying to work. Chi has other ideas. 
17 "Chi Runs Away."
"Chi, nigedasu." (チー、逃げ出す.) 
April 28, 2008
After Mrs. Yamada frightens her, Chi dashes out of the apartment. 
18 "Chi Takes A Walk."
"Chi, sanpo suru." (チー、散歩する.) 
April 29, 2008
Chi discovers the world outside the apartment. 
19 "Chi Explores."
"Chi, tanken suru." (チー、探検する.) 
April 30, 2008
While Youhei searches for her outside, Chi has fun discovering the local park. 
20 "Chi Is Left Alone."
"Chi, futatabi maigo ni naru." (チー、再び迷子になる.) 
May 1, 2008
The park becomes lonely and scary at night. 
21 "Chi Goes To The Hospital. (Part 1)"
"Chi, byouin ni iku – zenpen" (チー、病院に行く(前編)) 
May 5, 2008
It's time for Chi's health checkup, but how to smuggle her out? 
22 "Chi Goes To The Hospital. (Part 2)"
"Chi, byouin ni iku – chuhen" (チー、病院に行く(中編).) 
May 6, 2008
The landlady nearly spots Chi, but Youhei's quick thinking saves the day. 
23 "Chi Goes To The Hospital. (Part 3)"
"Chi, byouin ni iku – kouhen" (チー、病院に行く(後編).) 
May 7, 2008
Chi's first medical check-up is a traumatic experience. 
24 "Chi Hates."
"Chi, iyagaru" (チー、嫌がる.) 
May 8, 2008
Chi is afraid that Mr. Yamada wants to take her for another check-up, and won't come near him. 
25 "Chi Obsesses."
"Chi, kodawaru" (チー、こだわる.) 
May 12, 2008
Chi wants to scratch something. Unfortunately, her objects of choice are very expensive. 
26 "Chi Chooses."
"Chi, erabu" (チー、選ぶ.) 
May 13, 2008
Mr. Yamada gets a new pair of jeans, but Chi prefers the old ones. 
27 "Chi Misunderstands."
"Chi, gokai suru" (チー、誤解する.) 
May 14, 2008
The Yamadas buy Chi a board to scratch, but she isn't sure what it's meant to do. 
28 "Chi Gets Her Claws Clipped."
"Chi, tsume wo kirareru" (チー、爪を切られる.) 
May 15, 2008
Mr. Yamada undertakes the dangerous mission of clipping Chi's claws. 
29 "Chi Prevents From Leaving."
"Chi, ashidome suru" (チー、足止めする) 
Mrs. Yamada needs to go shopping, but Chi wants to come along for the ride. 
30 "Chi is Lured."
"Chi, tsurareru" (チー、釣られる.) 
Things are inexplicably boring around Chi's house, and dinner is unusually large... a conspiracy is afoot to help her become independent. 
31 "Chi House Sits. (Part 1)"
"Chii, rusuban suru (zenpen)" (チー、留守番する(前編)。) 
It's Chi's first day home alone, but Mr. Yamada is worried about her. 
32 "Chi House Sits. (Part 2)"
"Chii, rusuban suru (kouhen)" (チー、留守番する(後編)。) 
Chi learns that an apartment without humans in it isn't as delightful as it seemed. 
33 "Chi Finds."
"Chii, mitsukeru." (チー、見つける。) 
Mrs. Yamada needs to take out the trash, but Chi clings to the bag. Mrs. Yamada distracts Chi with a ball, but while Mrs. Yamada is out, Chi climbs to a window and is almost seen. 
34 "Chi Wants To See."
"Chii, mitagaru." (チー、見たがる。) 
Mrs. Yamada takes away the books and boxes so Chi can't climb to the window. However, when Chi jumps, she's just a few centimeters short of reaching the windowsill. 
35 "Chi Sees."  
Chi is able to jump up to the windowsill, so Mrs. Yamada closes the door to Mr. Yamada's workroom. This angers Chi. Mr. Yamada buys a stuffed animal. 
36 "Chi Is Found."  
When talking with some neighbors outside, Mrs. Yamada thinks they've seen Chi in the window. However, it was the stuffed animal that Mr. Yamada bought. So, they buy more stuffed animals to put on the windowsill so Chi blends in. 
37 "Chi Is Deeply Moved."  
Chi searches for a delicious snack, then later eats Youhei's pancakes and finds them delicious. 
38 "Chi Has A Quarrel."  
Chi thinks that everything Youhei plays with is prey. So, Youhei tries to find things Chi will not like, but only makes Chi happier and then she rubs against Youhei's hand. 
39 "Chi Takes A Bath."  
Chi becomes suspicious of how much fun Youhei and Dad are having fun in the bath, so she goes in to see what they are doing. After Youhei pours toys in the tub, Chi looks over them and wants to play but unfortunately falls into the tub. 
40 "Chi Has A Showdown."  
Youhei and Chi are both annoying each other with their bad sleeping postures, then later sleep comfortable together. 
41 "Chi Stands Firm."  
While Chi and Youhei are playing in the sand box, a large black cat appears from behind the bushes so they run inside and the black cat walks into their home. 
42 "Chi Encounters."  
The black cat appears again in the Yamada house and eats Chi's dinner while the others are away. 
43 "Chi is Edible."  
After eating Chi's dinner, the black cat picks her up and walks over to take her chew toy and Chi tries to protect it. Then the black cat decides to groom Chi's back and so Chi realizes the cat isn't as mean as it looks. And leaves once again into the bushes. 
44 "Chi Reports."  
Everyone tells Dad about the large black cat at dinner. 
45 "Chi Gets Attention."  
Chi wants to play with everyone but everyone is too busy. Once they all come together to play with her, she dislikes the attention and walks away. 
46 "Chi Collects Interest."  
Chi tries to grab the Yamada family's attention when they sit together and discuss how they should go to Kyoto after seeing a postcard from Grandma. 
47 "Chi Sticks."  
Chi is house sitting again and gets her tail stuck to a roll of tape. 
48 "Chi Feigns Ignorance."  
Chi tries to remove the tape off her tail, and in the process she wrecks Dad's room. 
49 "Chi Pursues."  
Chi follows the black cat and talks to it. 
50 "Chi Learns."  
The black cat hides Chi from a dog, then later tells her that she's a cat. 
51 "Chi Practices."  
Chi hides from a dog, then can't find her way home. 
52 "Chi Goes Home."  
Chi returns home by taking advice from the big black cat by looking at the sky. 
53 "Chi Rebels."  
Dad tries to take Chi to the vet, so she runs outside. The land lady almost see's her until the black cat jumps out of a window saving the Yamada family and Chi. 
54 "Chi Resists."  
Dad brings out the basket to take Chi to the vet, but Chi knows the basket means she's going to the vet so she runs away every time they try to put her in there. Until she traps herself and Youhei catches her. 
55 "Chi Grows Timid."  
Chi goes to the vet after Youhei captures her. When she returns home the black cat tells her not to trust humans, but Chi doesn't know what trust is. 
56 "Chi Finds Comrades."  
Chi returns home just to eat, but gets a treat of Tuna of tells the Yamada family to be her comrades. 
57 "Chi Gets Excited."  
There's a storm coming to the Yamada home. 
58 "Chi Gets Thrown Out."  
When Youhei goes outside to get his toy truck from being swept by the storm, Chi is left outside. 
59 "Chi Surprises."  
Dad finds Chi outside the window in the storm. 
60 "Chi Chases."  
The power goes out in the Yamada house, so Dad brings out the flashlight and Chi chases it, then Mom and Youhei all play with Chi with the flashlight in the dark. 
61 "Chi Cuddles."  
Youhei becomes ill, but Chi still wants to play. So she stands over him while he sleeps, then eventually cuddles and sleeps next to him. 
62 "Chi Stays Close."  
Mom becomes sick so Youhei tries to help her. 
63 "Chi Turns Around."  
After Youhei and Mom are no longer ill, Dad catches a cold. 
64 "Chi Annoys."  
Dad is trying to get better but all Chi wants to do is play. 
65 "Chi Wants."  
Chi tries a tasty cat treat and refuses to eat her dinner. 
66 "Chi Sulks."  
Youhei and Dad are out, so Mom catches up on some housework and accidentally scares Chi while cleaning the floors, so she bribes her with snacks. 
67 "Chi Finds."  
68 "Chi Kneads."  
69 "Chi Thinks."  
70 "Chi Tastes."  
71 "Chi Overeats."  
72 "Chi Hangs Around."  
73 "Chi Sheds."  
74 "Chi Gets Brushed."  
75 "Chi Likes."  
76 "Chi Breaks."  
77 "Chi Doesn't Get It."  
78 "Chi Hides."  
79 "Chi Hides Some More."  
80 "Chi Is Found."  
81 "Chi Learns."  
82 "Chi Fails."  
83 "Chi Plays A Game."  
84 "Chi Is Seen."  
85 "Chi Opens."  
86 "Chi Hides."  
87 "Chi Hides More."  
88 "Chi Makes Peace."  
89 "Chi Is Photographed."  
90 "Chi Is Attacked."  
91 "Chi Is Interested."  
92 "Chi Hits It Off."  
93 "Chi Learns."  
94 "Chi Is Cornered."  
95 "Chi Rests."  
96 "Chi Learns."  
97 "Chi Strives."  
98 "Chi Desires."  
99 "Chi Waits."  
100 "Chi Begs."  
101 "Chi Promises."  
102 "Chi Sees Off."  
103 "Chi Cries."  
the black bear cat moves so chi is sad 
104 "Chi Discovers."  
Season Two (New Address)
# Title[2] Original airdate
01 "Chi Goes West."
"Chi, motomeru." (チー、求める.) 
March 30, 2009
The Yamada family talks about whether they should send Chi to Hokkaido or not. 
02 "Chi is Taken Away."
"Chi, tsurete ikareru." (チー、連れて行かれる.) 
March 31, 2009
Dad dreams that Chi is missing, and worries if they should send her away. 
03 "Chi Runs Away."
"Chi, iede suru." (チー、家出する.) 
April 1, 2009
Youhei overhears Mom and Dad talking about sending Chi away, and runs away with her. However, Chi escapes from Youhei and chases a bird. 
04 "Chi Decides Again."
"Chi, mou ichido kimaru." (チー、もう一度決まる.) 
April 2, 2009
Chi comes back to the family, and they decide that instead of sending her away, they will move to a house where pets are allowed. 
05 "Chi Prepares."
"Chi, junbi suru." (チー、準備する.) 
April 3, 2009
The Yamada family packs their belongings while Chi plays with the boxes. 
06 "Chi Imagines."
"Chi, souzou suru." (チー、想像する。) 
April 6, 2009
Chi is isolated in the bathroom while the movers take the boxes. 
07 "Chi, Reminisced."
"Chi, omoidasa reru." (チー、思い出される.) 
April 7, 2009
Chi comes out of the bathroom and goes to new home with the Yamada family. 
08 "Chi Moves."
"Chi, hikkosu." (チー、引っ越す.) 
April 8, 2009
The Yamada family takes Chi to the new home, but Chi does not want to come out of the box. 
09 "Chi, Sniffs."
"Chi, kagu." (チー、嗅ぐ.) 
April 13, 2009
While Chi is in the new home, she picks up strange smells around the house. She wants to return to the old house. 
10 "Chi, Makes Her Home."
"Chi, kaitaku suru." (チー、開拓する.) 
April 14, 2009
Chi makes everything in her new home smell like her. 
11 "Chi, Climbs."
"Chi , noboru." (チー、登る.) 
April 15, 2009
Chi climbs up the stairs. 
12 "Chi, Frets."  
Chi wonders if her new home is alright to her. 
13 "Chi, Has An Idea."  
Chi figures out how to use the kitty-door. 
14 "Chi, Introduction Part 1."  
Chi and the Yamadas visits her new neighbors, Akashi who owns a parakeet, Lucky and Furukawa who owns a rabbit, Mi-chan. 
15 "Chi, Introduction Part 2."  
Chi and the Yamadas continues to meet her new neighbor named Ijyuin with a golden long-haired cat named Alice. 
16 "Chi, Challenged."  
Chi and the Yamadas meets her next-door neighbor boy, Kusano Yuki with a dog, David. 
17 "Chi, Goes Into The Yard."  
Chi finally goes outside in her new backyard. 
18 "Chi, Gets Even."  
Chi isn't happy with the David from next door but discovers that David can't come in her backyard. 
19 "Chi, Welcomes."  
Chi's neighbor, Alice comes into her Chi's home. 
20 "Chi, Frolics About."  
Chi chases a butterfly and went into the Kusano's yard. 
21 "Chi, Goes Outside."  
Chi discovers outside of her yard. 
22 "Chi, Get Dizzy."  
Chi follows other cats and wandered away from home. 
23 "Chi, Returns."  
Chi came back to her old home but noticed something and wondered where her home is again. 
24 "Chi, Is Invited In."  
Chi met an orange, black and white cat named Mike and has been invited to his house. He asked Chi if she wants to say at his place instead. 
25 "Chi, Leaves Pawprints."  
Chi came back from outside and left pawprints everywhere at home. 
26 "Chi, Is Stopped."  
Chi get stopped by the Yamadas. 
27 "Chi, Gets Mad."  
Youhei invites his friends, Mayu and Ryu and introduced Chi. But Ryu is scared is scared of cats. 
28 "Chi, Makes Friends."  
Chi got angered by Ryu and Youhei's friends tries to make up for Chi. 
29 "Chi, is Fallen in Love With."  
Chi meets the pet store lady and she falls in love with Chi. 
30 "Chi, is Followed."  
Chi is followed by the pet store lady and lost her. Mr. Yamada brags about Chi to the pet store lady. 
31 "Chi, is Carried."  
Chi is carried in a kitty bag and Mr. Yamada came to the pet store again to bet who is the cutest cat. 
32 "Chi, Runs Around."  
Chi meets the pet store lady again and escapes from her. 
33 "Chi, Keeps Waiting."  
Chi visits the Furukawa and sees Mi-chan, the rabbit and waits. 
34 "Chi, is Impersonated."  
Chi visits the Akashi thinking that Lucky is food but Lucky impersonated Chi. 
35 "Chi, Goes Through."  
Chi likes to go through things. 
36 "Chi, Doesn't Sleep."  
Chi tries to sleep and then plays. 
37 "Chi, Makes Sure Of."  
Youhei gets his birthday present and Chi likes it. 
38 "Chi, Tastes."  
Ms. Yamada is getting Youhei's Birthday party ready and hopes Chi doesn't ruin it. 
39 "Chi, is Confused."  
Youhei's Birthday party started and Chi is scared of Youhei's present. 
40 "Chi, Celebrates."  
Youhei's Birthday parted ended and Mr. Yamada got the new pictures developed. The Yamadas realized that it's the first birthday that Chi has ever been to. 
41 "Chi, Wanders Aimlessly."  
Chi went out of her yard again and chased a butterfly. Chi wandered off again and this time to a acrade street which is a street mall. 
42 "Chi, is Told a Story."  
Chi was rescued by a cat with a ribbon around its neck named Tama and Tama keeps telling Chi to be careful. 
43 "Chi, Makes Her Debut."  
Chi follwed Tama to a cat meeting for the first time to see other cats and the elder cat, Fuji-San. 
44 "Chi, Looks Up The Sky."  
The cat meeting started and Fuji-San just says comforting things to the cats. 
45 "Chi, Is Treated."  
Chi visited Ijyuin's place to see Alice. 
46 "Chi, Is Washed."  
Mrs. Yamada is taking Chi to a pet salon for the first time with Ijyuin and Alice. 
47 "Chi, Is Opened Up."  
Mr. Yamada tries to open Chi's mouth to brush Chi's teeth. 
48 "Chi, Brushes Her Teeth."  
Mr. Yamada bought stuff from the pet store and still tries to brush Chi's teeth. 
49 "Chi, Is Tested."  
The Yamadas wanted to go on a trip but is afraid that Chi can't come so Mr. Yamada and Youhei takes Chi to ride a bus first. 
50 "Chi, Gets In The Car."  
The Yamadas wanted to go on a trip with Chi and so they decided to get a car. 
51 "Chi, Speeds Off."  
The Yamadas drove their new car around the neighborhood with Chi. 
52 "Chi, Goes Home."  
Mr. Yamada is getting used to driving and then they went to a drive-through to get lunch. Then Chi got out the window. 
52 "Chi, Rolls Around."  
The Yamadas decided to go tennis while Chi plays with tennis balls. 
53 "Chi, Runs About Here and There."  
Mr. and Mrs. Yamada plays tennis with each other and Chi wants to play with the tennis ball. 
54 "Chi, Dives."  
Chi went to Fuji-San's house. 
55 "Chi, Is Admired."  
Chi got carried to the cat meeting by Fuji-San and then David scared the other cats. 
56 "Chi, Trims The Bamboo Tree."  
The Tanabata (Bamboo) Festival came and the Yamadas got a bamboo tree to decorate it, but Chi came back home. 
57 "Chi, Wishes Upon A Star."  
Since the bamboo tree is ruined, the Yamadas used a Christmas tree instead and Youhei made a wish. 
59 "Chi, Gets Wet."  
Chi goes out and then it rains. 
60 "Chi, Takes Refuge From the Rain."  
Chi got carried by Tama and avoids the rain. 
61 "Chi, Pursues."  
Chi tries to catch a fly. 
62 "Chi, Is Sucked Up."  
Mrs. Yamada tries to vacuum the house but Chi doesn't want to move. 
63 "Chi, Is In Sync."  
Chi and Youhei are in sync together. 
64 "Chi, Rides Out of Danger."  
Youhei and Chi are home alone. 
65 "Chi, Is Treated."  
Tama and Alice argues who's food is better and Chi is the judge. 
66 "Chi, Is Followed."  
Chi wanders off while Tama and Alice keeps an eye on her as they argue. 
67 "Chi, Is Discovered."  
Chi wandered away and learned how to climb a tree but can't get down. 
68 "Chi, Goes Down."  
Chi is stuck in a tree and Ryu rescues Chi to overcome his fear. 
69 "Chi, Scoops."  
Summer has came and the Yamadas plan to have nagashi-soumen which is noodles flowing in water that you eat from the bamboo canals. 
70 "Chi, Goes Along."  
The Summer Festival has came and it's Chi's first time with Tama. 
71 "Chi, Experience."  
Chi get to experience the Summer Festival with Tama. 
72 "Chi, Looks Up."  
Chi and Tama had a good time at the Summer Festival. Chi was found by the Yamadas and then looks surprised at the fireworks. 
73 "Chi, Becomes Popular."  
Mr. and Mrs. Yamada competes who understands Chi the best. 
74 "Chi, Leaps ."  
Ms. Yamada bought Youhei a balloon. 
75 "Chi, Boasts"  
Chi follows the dog, David and shows off that she can go anywhere. 
76 "Chi, Falls Over"  
Chi got trapped in a garbage can and can't get out. 
77 "Chi, Crosses the Sea"  
The Yamadas and Chi are going to Hokkaido to visit Juri and her family. With Chi, they are going on a cruise but Chi has to stay in a cage. 
78 "Chi, Rides Through Hokkaido"  
The Yamadas and Chi arrived in Hokkaido and are headed to Juri and her family's ranch. 
79 "Chi, Rides A Horse"  
Juri showed Youhei and Chi the horses. Youhei rode together with Juri on a pony while Chi on the other hand has a different ride. 
80 "Chi, Scares People"  
It's bedtime for Youhei and Juri, but Youhei got scared when Juri said that there's monsters. 
81 "Chi, is Surrounded"  
It's early morning and the morning caw from the rooster woke Chi up. Chi found herself some prey and trouble. 
82 "Chi, Meets a Cow"  
Juri showed Youhei and Chi the barn where they milk cows. 
83 "Chi, Sees Stars"  
It is the last day the Yamadas and Chi are staying. Juri decided to show Youhei and Chi her treasure. 
84 "Chi, Meets a Northern Fox."  
The Yamadas and Chi finally left the ranch but then they stopped at a sunflower field and decided to take a picture. But then Chi followed a butterfly and meets a Northern Fox. 
85 "Chi, is Chaperoned"  
Mr. Yamada has to work and can't play with Chi. But Chi always cause trouble and can't stay still. 
86 "Chi, Plays in the Yard"  
Kusano Yuki came over to the Yamadas to play with David. Chi tries to play with David in the yard. 
87 "Chi, is Shown Gratitude."  
The pet store lady came to visit Chi and got her some pet clothes. While Chi runs away from the pet store lady's dress up, Chi found Youhei with Mrs. Yamada playing with Mayu and Ryu. When the pet store lady found her, there has been a surprise. 
88 "Chi, Goes Together."  
Chi is going to the cat meeting and Alice comes along and tries to fit in. 
89 "Chi, Gets Tangled."  
Chi's favorite toy was worn out and Ms. Yamada tries to make a homemade toy for Chi to play with. 
90 "Chi, Has a Meeting."  
Mr. Yamada is late for an important meeting but unknowing when he rushed, Chi unexpectly came along. 
91 "Chi, Puts Out a Performance."  
Youhei practices the piano for school and Chi wants to play too. 
92 "Chi, Sows Seeds."  
The Yamadas decided to plant some flowers and Chi wanted to play in their newly-made garden. 
93 "Chi, is Mistaken."  
Chi remembered her first friend, the big black cat. 
94 "Chi, Panics."  
Chi mistakenly got in a pickup truck and went out of town. Chi is lost and can't get home. 
95 "Chi, is Surrounded."  
Chi couldn't find her way home but found some company led by Tiger. 
96 "Chi, Stays the Night."  
Chi slept at Tiger and his friends place and wanted to go home. 
97 "Chi, Conveys a Message."  
Chi is on her way home until she met Tama's little sister, Hana. 
98 "Chi, Continues."  
Chi tries following the sun to go home but found many obstacles. Everyone including the Yamadas continues looking for Chi. 
99 "Chi, Collapses."  
Chi still couldn't find her way home and collapsed with exhaustion. The Yamadas are not yet in giving up finding Chi. 
100 "Chi, Reunited."  
Chi meets the big black cat again. 
101 "Chi, is Happy."  
Chi travels with the big black cat. 
102 "Chi, Renews Her Promise."  
Chi found her way home and made a promise with the big black cat. 
103 "Chi, Runs."  
The Yamadas went to the place where they first found Chi and found Chi again. 
104 "Chi, Makes a Family"  
Chi finally returned home and so everyone made a party for her. Everyone there is her family. 

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