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The Chib (Hindi: चिब, Urdu: چب) is a Chandravanshi Rajput clan found in the northern parts of India and Pakistan. They can be found in the Punjab and Kashmir areas of Pakistan and India. The majority of Chib are Muslims while some are Hindu. After independence in 1947, nearly all Muslim Chib migrated to Pakistan while Hindu Chib moved to India.



The ancestry of the Chib can be found in the Kangra region of India. The last Thakial Maharaja of the State was Siripat. It was at this time that Partab Chand, a prince of Kangra started his journey from Kangra to Bhimber. When he reached the hill tops near Bhimber, Partab Chand observed that it was very difficult to capture the state. He set a camp there and named this hilltop as Kangra and the village still exists by the same name even today. Partab Chand stayed for a long time with his troops on the hilltop waiting for a suitable opportunity to attack and capture the state but this did not arise as he had run short of supplies for his men.

Partab Chand sent his soldiers in disguise with his own jewelery to go down to the markets of Bhimber to get the much needed supplies. His men went to a Jeweller who was astonished when he saw the royal jewels. The Maharaja of Bhimber, Siripat Thakial learned about the men with the royal Jewels and found out about the deployment of the Kangra troops on hill top. He sent his ambassador to Partab Chand which resulted a friendly meeting between the Partab Chand and the Maharaja of Bhimber.

Maharaja Siripat Thakial had no sons but had a daughter. He married the princess with the oldest son of Partab Chand, the Raj Kumar Chib Chand. On the death of Maharaja Siripat, the Raj Kumar Chib Chand became the Maharaja of Bhimber. Raja Dharam Chand was the seventh Raja of the Chib Chand line. At present on dated 27 march of every year Hindu chibs of jammu and kashmir region celebrate the birth of maharaja Dharam Chand at the placed called Nad the Khu appx. 35-40 kilometer from jammu toward Akhnoor. At that place a temple in name of maharaja Dharam Chand and Rani is setup (on occasion of the day is called mael )and He converted to Islam and was named as Raja Shadab Khan of Bhimber. He was killed by Ibrahim Lodhi and his tomb still exists on the hills of Bhimber by the name of Hazrat Sheikh Baba Shadi Shaheed (Rehmat-Ulla-Ale).

Therefore the current Chib clan can claim its ancestry from the union of Thakial Princess (Rani) and Raj Kumar Chib Chand. [1]

After the advent of Islam into the Punjab a section of Chibs were converted to Islam .

The first of the tribe to become a Muslim was one Sur Sadi , which died a violent death in Aurangzeb s reign. He is still venerated as a martyr and the Muslim Chib offer the scalp locks of their male children at his tomb, till which ceremony the child is not considered a true Chibh , nor is his mother allowed to eat meat [2]

State of Bhimber was divided between the sons of Maharajah and there laying the foundation of two separate states Bhimber and Khari Khalyari, Maharajah Ranjit Singh's Armies defeated the Rajah of Bhimber after a long siege however they failed against the armies of Raja Umar Khan at Mangla, after hard fighting it was decided by the Maharajah's General to offer a truce to Rajah and join hands. On the eve of pact Raja Umar Khan died and Maharajah's armies annexed the state after the agreement that Rajah's sons will hold the titles of Grand Jagirdars instead of Princes of state and be Maharajah's representatives.

Chib Rajputs of Lehri and Khoiratta were the major Jagirdars and most influentials in the royal courts of Maharajahs, after partition Rajah Allahdad Khan Jagirdar of Lehri was threatened by the mob of peasants who looted the family houses when Rajah Allahdad Khan and his family took refuge with the Royal Gujar family in Chalianwala, Gujrat for six months.


There is a concentration of Chib villages in Bhimber District in Pakistani Kashmir, in Kotli, Azad Kashmir, Khoi Ratta, Segyum and Supplah. They claim descent from Raja Shadab Khan also known as Hazrat Sheikh Baba Shadi Shaheed (Rehmat-Ulla-Ale). There are also several Chib villages in Gujrat District and the Pabbi Hill region of Jhelum District.

In India, the Chibs are concentrated in the Jammu region of Indian administered Jammu and Kashmir, especially Jammu District.

Though Rajputs are warriors this type of Rajput are more focused towards Sufism. Prakash Singh Chib was the first Indian soldier with Victoria Cross given by the British army During World War I.

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