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The following is a list of notable past players of the Chicago Bears professional American football team.


Historic teams


Partial Inaugural (1919) Roster

  • ADKINS, Roy S. "Bement", G (Millikin / played at Taylorville [11-Nov-19] and was subsequently kicked off the Millikin football team)
  • BAILEY, (?), E
  • BRANNAN, Robert E. "Red", E/Coach (Millikin / maybe BRANNON?)
  • BRANT, (John W.)?, HB
  • BRECOUNT, Perry, QB (Springfield HS / Illinois - freshman)
  • CASEY, (?), HB (assumed name for GEPFORD?)
  • CHASE, (Frank M.)?, G (Great Lakes NTS?)
  • COOPER, "Joe", E
  • CRISP, Robert L. "Bob", G
  • DANCLIFF, (?), C (possibly DANKLEF)
  • DRESSEN, Charles W. "Chuck", QB-HB (Decatur HS)
  • ECKHOFF, (Edward G.)?, E
  • GAMMEL, (?), G
  • GEPFORD, Sidney "Sunshine", HB-FB (Millikin / like ADKINS, was kicked off Millikin team for playing with Staleys at Taylorville)
  • HALTERMAN, Henry J., G (Illinois - freshman)
  • KOEHLER, "Charlie", T
  • KRIGBAUM, W. Lutz, G-FB (World War I Captain/Major - French Croix de Guerre / US Distinguished Service Cross)
  • LANUM, Ralph L. "Jake", HB-FB (Millikin/Illinois)
  • MAY, Chester A. "Baldy", G (Taylorville HS)
  • MAY, Walter O. "Red", T (Taylorville HS)
  • McGRATH, (?), C
  • McELVEY, (?), HB (Northwestern - freshman?)
  • MINTUN, John F. "Jack", C (Cambridge, NE, HS)
  • MOFFETT, George H., T (Millikin)
  • MORAN, "Bun", G (assumed name for ADKINS?)
  • PYRZYNSKI, (?), HB-FB (multiple variations on spelling of surname)
  • THRIFT, C. Lawrence, FB-E (Decatur HS)
  • VALENTINE, (Willard C.)?, E
  • VEACH, W. Walter, HB
  • WACASER, A. Wade, T (Taylorville Independents player - signed by Staleys to join team after Taylorville had concluded its season)
  • WAGNER, (?), E (Rose Polytechnic, IN)
  • WASEM, Fred P. "Fritz", E/Manager (Millikin)
  • WOODWORTH, Ray C. "Buster", E

Super Bowl XX championship roster

Complete Roster of 1985 season (1/26/1986)


Offensive backs


Tight ends



Offensive line

Defensive line




Defensive backs


Current players

Chicago Bears roster

Running Backs

Wide Receivers

Tight Ends

Offensive Linemen

Defensive Linemen


Defensive Backs

Special Teams

Reserve Lists
  • Currently vacant

Rookies in italics
Roster updated January 4, 2010
Depth ChartTransactions

68 Active, 0 Inactive

More rosters

First-round draft picks

The following is a list of first round draft picks of the Chicago Bears professional American football team.[1]

Starting quarterbacks

These quarterbacks have started for the NFL's Chicago Bears. They are listed in order of the date of each man's first start at quarterback for the Bears.

1920s Early Era (1920-1969)





1970s Modern Era (1970-present)





  1. ^ NFL Draft History
  2. ^ Grossman was named as the Bears' starting quarterback for week fifteen (2005) and the NFC Divisional Playoffs.
  3. ^ Orton was named as the Bears starting quarterback for week fourteen of the 2007 season, after Grossman sustained a knee injury during week thirteen.
  4. ^ Griese replaced Grossman as the team's starting quarterback after week three. However, Grossman reclaimed his job after Griese sustained a shoulder injury during week ten.
  5. ^ Grossman was the Bears’ starting quarterback before the start of the 2007 Chicago Bears season. After three inconsistent starts, Griese replaced Grossman. However, Griese sustained an injury during week ten, prompting Grossman to return again. Grossman, in turn, suffered an injury weeks later that forced him to relinquish his starting role again.



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