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Chief Executive is a term used for certain gubernatorial offices, expressing the nature of their job being analogous to a head of government.

While in most cases there is another specific style, such as (lieutenant-)governor(-general), there are a few offices formally styled Chief Executive:

  • in the People's Republic of China, in two special administrative regions that were under foreign colonial rule until their recent transfer of sovereignty, where the chief executive are heads of the regions and heads of government:
Title Created Replacing
Chief Executive of Hong Kong 1997 replaced the role of the Governor of Hong Kong
Chief Executive of Macau 1999 replaced the role of the Governor of Macau
  • in Mauritius, on Rodrigues island, since 12 October 2002 autonomy was granted:
Term Name Party
24 October 2002 - 23 October 2004 Claude Wong So Non-party
24 October 2004 - 20 Jean-Claude Pierre-Louis Non-party
  • The head of government in the Falkland Islands is known as the Chief Executive.

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