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Seal of the Chief of Staff
Flag of the Chief of Staff

The Chief of Staff of the Air Force (CSAF) is the senior uniformed officer in United States Air Force and is a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.[1] The CSAF heads the Air Staff and reports directly to the Secretary of the Air Force on matters of the Air Force. Under the authority of the secretary, the CSAF is responsible for the organization, training, and equipping of more than 700,000 active-duty, National Guard, Reserve, and civilian forces serving in the United States and overseas.[2] The CSAF also designates Air Force personnel and resources to the commanders of Unified Combatant Commands [3][4]. The CSAF also performs all other functions prescribed under 10 U.S.C. § 8033 and those assigned by the Secretary of the Air Force,[3] or delegates those duties and responsibilities to other officers in his administration under his name.

The CSAF is nominated for appointment by the President and must be confirmed via majority vote by the Senate.[2] By statute, the CSAF is appointed as a four-star general.[2] Like the other Joint Chiefs, the CSAF is an administrative position, with no operational command authority over the United States Air Force.

The current Air Force Chief of Staff is General Norton A. Schwartz.

Chronological list of Chiefs of Staff

Prior to the creation of this position, General Henry H. Arnold was designated Chief of the Army Air Forces during World War II. He was later promoted to the lifetime position of General of the Air Force.

Name Photo Start End Primary Background
1 Carl A. Spaatz Carl Spaatz, Air Force photo portrait, color.jpg September 26, 1947 April 29, 1948 Fighter Pilot (3 "kills" in WW I)
2 Hoyt S. Vandenberg Hoyt Vandenberg.jpg April 30, 1948 June 29, 1953 Fighter and Tactical Bomber Pilot
3 Nathan F. Twining* Nathan Twining 02.jpg June 30, 1953 June 30, 1957 Fighter and Bomber Pilot
4 Thomas D. White Gen Thomas D White.jpg July 1, 1957 June 30, 1961 Fighter Pilot
5 Curtis E. LeMay Curtis LeMay (USAF).jpg June 30, 1961 January 31, 1965 Heavy Bomber Pilot
6 John P. McConnell John P. McConnell.jpg February 1, 1965 July 31, 1969 Fighter Pilot
7 John D. Ryan John Dale Ryan.jpg August 1, 1969 July 31, 1973 Bomber Pilot
8 George S. Brown* GEN George Brown.JPG August 1, 1973 June 30, 1974 Bomber Pilot
9 David C. Jones* David C Jones official portrait.jpg July 1, 1974 June 20, 1978 Bomber Pilot
10 Lew Allen Jr. General Lew Allen, official military photo.jpg July 1, 1978 June 30, 1982 Bomber Pilot
11 Charles A. Gabriel Charles A. Gabriel.jpg July 1, 1982 June 30, 1986 Fighter Pilot (2 kills)
12 Larry D. Welch Larry D. Welch.jpg July 1, 1986 June 30, 1990 Fighter Pilot
13 Michael J. Dugan Michael Dugan, official military photo.jpg July 1, 1990 September 17, 1990 Fighter Pilot
Acting John M. Loh Gen John Michael Loh.jpg September 18, 1990 October 29, 1990 Fighter Pilot (AFTPS)
14 Merrill A. McPeak Merrill McPeak, official military photo.JPEG October 30, 1990 October 25, 1994 Fighter Pilot (Thunderbird)
15 Ronald R. Fogleman Ronald R. Fogleman.jpg October 26, 1994 September 1, 1997 Fighter Pilot
16 Michael E. Ryan Michael Ryan, official military photo.jpg November 6, 1997 September 5, 2001 Fighter Pilot
17 John P. Jumper John-P-Jumper.jpg September 6, 2001 September 2, 2005 Airlift and Fighter Pilot
18 T. Michael Moseley Moseley official photo 6.jpg September 2, 2005 August 1, 2008 [5] Fighter Pilot
19 Norton A. Schwartz Norton A Schwartz 2008 2.jpg August 12, 2008 Incumbent Airlift and Special Ops Pilot

*: These individuals also served as Chairmen of the Joint Chiefs of Staff:

  • Twining served as the Chairman from August 1957 to September 1960.
  • Brown served as the Chairman from July 1974 to June 1978.
  • Jones served as the Chairman from June 1978 to June 1982.


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