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Chikkun Takkun (チックンタックン ?) is an anime series by Studio Pierrot. The 23 episode series aired on Fuji Television from April 1984 to September 1984.[1]

The series stars Chikkun, Prince of Planet R, and Takkun, a retainer. Chikkun, Takkun, and five girls try to recover the Waruchin Encyclopedia (ワルチン大事典 Waruchin Daijiten ?) from Dr. Bell.


  • Chikkun Duck (チックン・ダック Chikkun Dakku ?)
  • Takkun Hat (タックン・ハット Takkun Hatto ?)
  • Jitabata Mechaman (ジタバタ・メカマン Jitabata Mekaman ?)
  • Dr. Bell (ドクター・ベル Dokutā Beru ?)
  • Gijigiji (ギジギジ ?)


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