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The Rettig Report, officially The National Commission for Truth and Reconciliation Report, is a report by a commission designated by then President Patricio Aylwin (from the Concertación) encompassing human rights abuses resulting in death or disappearance that occurred in Chile during the years of military rule under Augusto Pinochet, which began on September 11, 1973 and ended on March 11, 1990. It is named after its chairman, Raúl Rettig, a former ambassador of President Salvador Allende. The eight-member commission (including Jaime Castillo Velasco, José Luis Cea Egaña, Mónica Jiménez de la Jara, Laura Novoa Vásquez, José Zalaquett Daher, Ricardo Martín Díaz, and Gonzalo Vial Correa) released its report in February 1991.

The report determined that 2,279 persons were killed for political reasons. In 641 cases, the commission could not conclusively determine that the person was killed for political reasons. It found 508 cases that were beyond its mandate, and that in 449 cases, no information beyond the name of a disappeared person could be determined.[1]

Among others cases, it investigated the 1989 assassination of MIR leader Jecar Neghme, stating that he was assassinated by Chilean intelligence agents. [1]


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Supreme Decree No. 355, creating the National Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

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