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Front view of neck.
Latin mentum
Artery inferior alveolar artery
Nerve mental nerve
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In the human anatomy, the chin is the lowermost part of the face.

It is formed by the lower front of the mandible.

People show a wide variety of chin structures. See Cleft chin.

The chin developed as a point of muscular attachment facilitating minute movements of the lips associated with speech. In human evolution, the chin is a cladistic apomorphy, partially defining anatomically modern Humans as distinct from archaic forms.

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Chin State is in Myanmar.

  • Tuimang
  • Kaptel
  • Tedim
  • Hakha - the capital
  • Cikha
  • Falam
  • Kanpalet
  • Matupi
  • Mindat
  • Paletwa
  • Rezua
  • Rihkhuadar
  • Thantlang
  • Tonzang
  • Tuithang
  • Lunmual
  • Hiangon
  • Suangzang
  • Heilei,

Mualbem, Laitui, Tuitawh, Guasing, Mualnuam, Keizang,

  • Suangphei

Gamlai Gamngai

  • Munluah

Thuklai Khuasak Vaangteh Dolluang Thangnuai Suangpi

Get in

Get a flight from Yangon or Mandalay to Kalay Myo. From Kalaymyo you can take a bus to Tedim, Falam or Hakha. It will only take you about 5 hours to get to Tedim from Kalaymyo.

  • Lennupa,
  • Kaptel Lei,
  • Laitui Lei,
  • Thuamvum Mual,

Thangmual Lih Thaang (Fort White) Khai Kam Khua


Pankaba Hotel, Zolengthe Tower and Taungzalat Hotel, on the Lentaang range are well known in Tedim



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  1. A surname of Chinese origin.


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  • inch

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The chin is the most lower part of the face. This is under the mouth and is an extension of the jaw which it is more or less large depending on the people. Despite these major morphological changes, it is still regarded as salient in Humans, except for pathological cases.

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