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China Television
CTV logo.gif
Type Free-to-air nationwide TV
Branding CTV
Country  Republic of China
First air date 1969-10-31
Availability Taiwan
Official Website
CTV building in Taipei City

China Television Company, Ltd. (CTV, simplified Chinese: 中国电视公司traditional Chinese: 中國電視公司) was established on September 3, 1968 by the then-ruling Nationalist Party of the Republic of China (Taiwan). The party owned the majority stake of the network. Trial broadcast started on October 9, 1969 and the channel formally started broadcasting on October 31 the same year.

It was the first television channel to broadcast full colour television service to the whole island.

On August 9, 1999, the channel was publicly listed on Taiwan Stock Exchange, becoming the first publicly listed broadcasting company on the island.

In 2006, due to effects borne by the media reform law in Taiwan requiring all political parties to divest their control in radio and television companies, 90% of CTV shares were sold to the China Times media group, effectively giving the station leeway to some of its satellite TV concerns, notably the Chung T'ien Television (CTi), one of major cable television programmers in Taiwan. Some CTV shows are now seen on CTi's two channels on cable.

It is currently the largest television channels on the island. Its shows consistently rated 2nd in all major time slots, and is home to Taiwan's most watched early evening newscast, the CTV News Global Report.

Through the years, China TV has enjoyed the best shows to offer such as, Hexalight Talent Show (Liu Deng Jiang), The Golden Partners (Huang Jin Pai Dang), Flying to the Rainbow (Fei Shang Cai Hong, which hosted by Taiwan megastar, Fong Fei-fei. First aired on the CTV in 1984-85 and later to TTV in 1997), Happy 100 (Huan Le Yi Bai Dian) among others.

Current shows were shown are the popular Guess Guess Guess (Wo Cai Wo Cai Wo Cai Cai Cai), Variety Show Brothers (Zong Yi Da Ge Da), Go Go Jacky Show (Zhou Ri Ba Dian Dang).

China TV also shows the most classical martial arts dramas of all time through the years such as The Sacred Bow of Ling Mountain (Ling Shan Shen Jian), Return of the Condor Heroes, The Frontier Hero (Shen Zhou Xia Lu, also known as Condor Heroes II). It also shows the finest Asian dramas were shown such as NHK's "Oshin (Mandarin title as "A-Xing")", and "The Legend" from the MBC network of Korea starring Bae Yong-jun and Lee Ji-ah.


The China TV shows

Jing Jing (晶晶), the first TV serial in Taiwan. It was produced in 1969.

Happy Holiday (歡樂假期), the 19-year China TV variety show hosted be Mr Pao Kuo-liang (Bao Guoliang). It ran from 1970 to 1989.

The Golden Partners (黃金拍檔), the most popular Saturday night China TV show considered to be the most popular variety show of all time. Aired from 1984 to 1988. Hosted by Hsu Feng, Chang Fei, the late Ni Min-jan, Luo Chiang and Chien Chang.With all sorts of Berthas yo g!



Test card

The testcard of PTS is PM5544 with date time.

Closing and Opening times

"Closing time" is 100%. It close at 4:00. But it announced in the schedule.


  • 1969-2001 opens at 6:00. Closes everyday at 0:00.
  • 2001-2006 opens at 13:00. Closes everyday at 23:00. (Force of government)
  • 2008-today opens at 5:00 and close at 4:00 (Rarely close)

CTV Channels

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