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A retail center in Chinatown in southwest Houston, where restaurants serving authentic Chinese food are located.
A portion of the newly developed area of Chinatown in southwest Houston.
Vietnam War memorial in the new Chinatown in Houston, Texas, United States.

Chinatown is a community in southwestern Houston, Texas, United States. It is roughly bounded by Fondren, Beechnut, State Highway 6, and Westpark, west of Bellaire in the Alief area. The naming of the new Chinatown is disputed, as various ethnic groups live within the community.[1]

There is another Chinatown called "Old Chinatown" located within the East Downtown Houston district near the George R. Brown Convention Center.[2]

The Bellaire Chinatown has many "retail condos," shopping centers in which spaces are owned instead of leased. Many East Asian people prefer to own shopping places instead of renting them. In the United States "retail condos" are rare outside of areas populated by East Asian Americans.[3]



In the 1990s the current Houston Chinatown formed when many Houston-area Asian American entrepreneurs moved their businesses from older neighborhoods in a search for more inexpensive land.[4]

Government and instrastructure

Ranchester Police Storefront - The Chinese name is the Chinatown Police Station (中國城警察局 Zhōngguóchéng Jǐngchájú)

The new Chinatown is served by the Westside Patrol Division of the Houston Police Department, with headquarters at 3203 South Dairy Ashford Road.[5][6] The division operates the Ranchester Storefront at 9146 Bellaire Boulevard.[6]


The new Chinatown is served by two separate school districts: Most of the New Chinatown is served by the Alief Independent School District, while an eastern portion is served by the Houston Independent School District. The HISD portion of the community is within Trustee District VI, represented by Greg Meyers as of 2008.[7]

Alief Independent School District

Zoned elementary schools (K-4) that take Alief ISD residents include [1]:

  • A. J. Bush
  • Chancellor (bilingual students zoned to Chancellor go to Youens ES)
  • Chambers
  • Collins
  • Hearne
  • Heflin (bilingual students zoned to Heflin go to Liestman ES)
  • Liestman
  • Martin
  • Outley (bilingual students zoned to Outley go to Youens ES)
  • Sneed
  • Youens

Zoned intermediate schools (5-6) include:

  • Budewig
  • Miller
  • Owens
  • Youngblood

Zoned middle schools (7-8) include:

  • Albright
  • Alief
  • Killough
  • O'Donnell

Regardless of location within the district, all Alief ISD residents may be randomly assigned to either Alief Elsik High School, Alief Hastings High School, and Alief Taylor High School.

Houston Independent School District

Zoned elementary schools (K-5) that take Houston ISD residents include:

Most of the HISD portion of New Chinatown is zoned to Sharpstown Middle School, while the northern portion is zoned to Revere Middle School.

The portion of the HISD portion of New Chinatown south of Bellaire Boulevard is zoned to Sharpstown High School, while the portion north of Bellaire Boulevard is zoned to Lee High School (With Lamar High School and Westside High School as options).


Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County, Texas provides local bus services to the area.[8]


The Chinese Community Center (CCC), an IRS 501(c)(3) organization and a United Way affiliate, is located at 9800 Town Park Drive. The facility opened in 1979 as the Chinese Language School.[9]

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