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Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
Abbreviation CASS
Formation 1977
Type Research Organization; Think Tank
Location Beijing
President Chen Kuiyuan
Affiliations State Council of China
Staff 3200
Website CASS

The Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) (simplified Chinese: 中国社会科学院traditional Chinese: 中國社會科學院pinyin: Zhōngguó Shèhuì Kēxuéyuàn) is the premier academic research organization in the fields of philosophy and social sciences of China, it is also the most important think tank in China. It has also been ranked by Foreign Policy as the top think tank in Asia.[1] Established in 1977, CASS was built on the Department of Philosophy and Social Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences and affiliated to the State Council of China. The first president was Hu Qiaomu, who held his position until his death, and the present president is Professor Chen Kuiyuan.

In May 1977, aimed to prosper and promote the development of social sciences, which had been almost totally destroyed in the Cultural Revolution,14 research units of the Department of Philosophy and Social Sciences were separated from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, established a new research organization: the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. From then on, some new institutes were established.

Chinese Academy of Social Sciences has five academic divisions:

CASS is now made up of 35 research institutes, more than 90 research centers, and one graduate school (Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences), CASS is also in charge of 105 national academic communities throughout China.

CASS currently has over 3200 resident scholars[2], the membership and honorary CASS membership are the highest academic titles in the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences,and both enjoy a life-time honor. There are 47 members and 95 honorary members now.


List of Presidents

  1. Hu Qiaomu (胡乔木): 1977-1982
  2. Ma Hong (马洪): 1982-1985
  3. Hu Qiaomu: 1985-1988
  4. Hu Sheng (胡绳): 1988-1998
  5. Li Tieying (李铁映): 1998-2003
  6. Chen Kuiyuan (陈奎元): 2003-present

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