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Chinese bakery products (Chinese: 中式糕点pinyin: zhōng shì gāo diǎn; literally "Chinese style cakes and snacks" or Chinese: 唐餅pinyin: táng bǐng; literally "Tang-style baked goods") consists of pastries, cakes, snacks, and desserts of largely Chinese origin, though some are derived from Western baked goods. Some of the most common Chinese bakery products include mooncakes, sun cakes, Egg tarts, and wife cakes.

The Chinese bakeries that produce these products are present in countries of Chinese nationality and across the world in Chinatowns. The establishments may also serve tea, coffee, and other drinks.


Bakery types

Although there are large overlaps in the products sold at Hong Kong-style and Taiwan-style baked goods, there nevertheless remains significant differences between the two types. For instance, Bread Cake and Pineapple tart was developed in Taiwan-style bakeries, while the Cocktail bun is a Hong Kong style product. Hong Kong bakeries have more western influence due to the 150 years of British rule that ended in 1997. There are also regional differences in overseas cities with large Chinese presences, particularly those in Asia like Penang, Ipoh, Jakarta, and Bangkok.

Eastern-origin pastry

Eastern-origin pastry section
Western-influenced pastry section

Western-influenced pastry



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