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Chinese statement on election of Chen Shui-Ban
18 March 2000

The Taiwan Affairs Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council issued a statement on Taiwan election on March 18. The statement is as follows:

There is only one China in the world, and Taiwan is an inseparable part of Chinese territory. The election of a new leader in Taiwan can not change the fact that Taiwan is part of Chinese territory.

The "One China" principle is the prerequisite for peaceful reunification. "Taiwan independence" in whatever form will never be allowed. We should listen to what the new leader in Taiwan says and watch what he does. We will observe where he will lead cross-Straits relations.

We are willing to exchange views on cross-Straits relations and peaceful reunification with all parties, organizations, and personages in Taiwan who favor the "One China" principle. We appeal to Taiwan compatriots to combine their efforts with ours to safeguard the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the motherland, protect the fundamental interests of the Chinese nation, and realize the complete reunification of the motherland.

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