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Chinon Industries Inc.
Former type Kabushiki gaisha
Founded 1948
Defunct 2004
Headquarters Japan Tokyo, Japan
Industry electronics
Products Cameras, computer peripherals

Chinon Industries Inc. (チノン株式会社 Chinon Kabushiki-gaisha ?) was a Japanese camera manufacturer. Kodak took a majority stake in the company in 1997, and made it a fully-owned subsidiary of Kodak Japan, Kodak Digital Product Center, Japan Ltd. (株式会社コダック デジタル プロダクト センター Kabushiki-gaisha Kodakku Dejitaru Purodakuto Sentā ?), in 2004 .[1] As a subsidiary, it continues to develop digital camera models.

Chinon CE-3 memotron labeled as Revueflex AC 1
Chinon CP-9 AF with Autofocusobjectiv 35-135mm

They manufactured many cameras, such as the CG-5 which was one of the first cameras ever to use an Auto Focus lens, which had to be bought separately. The lenses are now rare and difficult to come by. They were cumbersome and had two infra-red "eyes" on the top. They would connect by a bayonet fitting similar to the Pentax K fitting except they also had electrical contacts which would power the motor at the press of the shutter release button. Most of Chinon's cameras used the Pentax K mount, which was promoted by Pentax as a universal mount, and therefore allowed, and encouraged other manufacturers to utilize their mount.

Chinon also was a manufacturer of CD-ROM drives, scanners, electronic pocket calculators, and floppy disk drives. They even dabbled in VR with Cybershades for your PC, launched in the US market in 1995 for $199.


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