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Chocolate Cake
Type Mixed drink shooter/drink shot
Served neat/shaken and lose strained
Standard garnish lemon wedge sprinkled w/ brown sugar
Standard drinkware
Shot Glass (Standard).svg
Shot glass
Commonly used ingredients one-half shot of vodka, one-half shot of Frangelico
Preparation Stir the liquors in a shot glass. Consume the shot, then bite and suck on the lemon wedge.

The Chocolate Cake is a novelty shooter which combines the flavors of Frangelico liqueur, lemon, and brown sugar to create the convincing impression of a chocolate cake[1]. As the lemon and sugar are integral parts of the flavor of the cocktail, they must not be omitted for any reason.

A popular alternative method for making this drink/shot, is to use lemon vodka and/or white sugar. As the sugared lemon is sucked prior to ingestion it tends to concentrate the flavor of the Frangelico and white sugar is more common for bars and homes to have open access to (as brown sugar has a limited open shelf life). Further it is advised that the drink is shaken and "lose strained" (allowing ice chips to fall into the drink) so that the "bite" of the alcohol does not overwhelm the experience of the drink.


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