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Chocolate-covered bacon
Chocolate covered bacon.JPG
Bacon dipped in chocolate ganache
Place of origin United States
Dish details
Main ingredient(s) Pork belly, chocolate
Approximate calories per serving 638 (440 from fat; serving size 132 g)[1]
Other information cholesterol 53 mg, sodium 632 mg, potassium 347 mg, carbohydrate 37.7 g, protein 11.3 g[1]

Chocolate-covered bacon is an American dish that consists of cooked bacon with a coating of either milk chocolate or dark chocolate. It can be topped with sea salt, crumbled pistachio or almond bits.[2][3] References on the internet date back at least to 2005.[4] The popularity of the dish has spread and the dish has featured on television shows about food. A variant has been served at state fairs, where the bacon is served with chocolate sauce for dipping. It was even developed into a gourmet food bar.



Bacon dipped in chocolate from the 2008 Minnesota State Fair

Chocolate-covered bacon is sold as a specialty food across the United States. It appeared at the Minnesota State Fair under the name "Pig Lickers";[5] it is sold at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk in California and under the name "Pig Candy" by a chocolate maker in New York City.[6]

The dish has appeared on the television show Dinner: Impossible as one of the foods served by chef Michael Symon as part of his "mission" to turn everyday boardwalk foods into a gourmet meal at the boardwalk in Wildwood, New Jersey.[7]

A chocolate bacon bar is marketed by the Chicago-based luxury chocolate company Vosges Haut-Chocolate as "Mo's Bacon Bar". The bar contains smoked applewood bacon, alderwood smoked salt, and milk chocolate.[8] According to the company, "Sweet and smoky and salty is the perfect trifecta."[9] They are sold online for $7.50 per 3 oz. bar.[10] Vosges Haut shipped their product to London, England, to Selfridges & Co., where their stock sold out in 48 hours.[9] Not everyone was as excited about Mo's porcine delicacy; one British journalist said, "It is the vilest thing I've ever eaten. It's like the chocolate came out of a full ashtray."[11]

Bacon was served with a chocolate dipping sauce at the 2009 Florida State Fair,[12] where one review called chocolate covered bacon the "greatest thing since deep-fried Pepsi."[13] Time Magazine video taped the making of a bacon bar.[14]

Preparation and variations

A melted chocolate bar drizzled over bacon

The type of bacon used to make chocolate-covered bacon is streaky bacon. It is first cooked, then immersed in melted chocolate; toppings (if any) are added, and the dish is allowed to cool.[4][3] A variation is to dip the bacon in melted chocolate for a partial coating, leaving some of the bacon showing.

The recent popularity in the United States of bacon combined with sweet ingredients, caused by the quick (and sometimes viral) spreading of recipes in national media and on the internet, has led to unexpected culinary inventions, such as candied bacon cubes,[15] which are based on a recipe for "Candied bacon with whipped cream" printed in the New York Times,[16] and bacon strips baked with brown sugar used as garnish for martinis.[17]


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