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Chocotto Sister
ChocotoSister vol3.jpg
Cover of Chocotto Sister volume 3
(Chokotto Sister)
Genre Comedy, Slice of life story
Author Go Zappa
Illustrator Sakura Takeuchi
Publisher Japan Hakusensha
Demographic Seinen
Magazine Japan Young Animal
Original run 2003May 2007
Volumes 8
TV anime
Director Yasuhiro Kuroda
Studio Nomad
Network Japan Chiba TV
Original run 12 July 200620 December 2006
Episodes 24
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Chocotto Sister (ちょこッとSister?) is a manga series written by Go Zappa and illustrated by Sakura Takeuchi. It is published by Hakusensha in the magazine Young Animal and collected in 8 tankōbon volumes. The series has been adapted as an 24-episode anime by Nomad, airing in 2006 and released on 8 DVDs. It is also known as Chokotto Sister and Chocosis.



The story centers around a Christmas wish made by Haruma Kawagoe after his mother had suffered a miscarriage, followed by an operation which prevented her from having any more children. Several years later, when Haruma is a college student, a woman on a flying motorbike claiming to be Santa Claus delivers his wish, a younger sister. When he remarks that he made his wish a long time ago, "Santa" replies that making a little sister takes a lot more time than just making an android, takes his signature for delivery, and departs. Haruma now has a little sister, who comes with her own instruction manual—a manual for how to be a little sister, that is. When she asks him to name her, he calls her Choco, which refers to the Japanese word for "manual".


Haruma Kawagoe (川越はるま Kawagoe Haruma?)
Voiced by: Daisuke Hirakawa
The main character, a young man who once made a prayer to God that his mother would recover after her miscarriage, as well as a wish to Santa that he would "stand in" for her and deliver him a little sister. Years after the wish, it was granted, leaving Haruma with a sudden addition to his household. He apparently cares a great deal for his new sister already and considers her to be extremely cute.
Choco (ちょこ Choko?)
Voiced by: Momoko Saito
The little sister that "Santa" brought to Haruma. She is sweet and very innocent, all her knowledge of the world initially derived from an instruction manual she was given before her delivery to Haruma's home. Apparently the manual does not cover all situations and it is not really written for someone of Choco's level of experience. Some of the information is even quite inappropriate for someone of her age... Choco appears to be a sweet girl and is very fond of her new "onii-chan" (affectionate term for an older brother), as she immediately identified Haruma.
"Santa" (サンタ?)
Voiced by: Rio Natsuki
Claiming to be Santa Claus, she is a rather tough-looking woman who rides a flying motorbike with reindeer antler-style handlebars and does not have much time for chitchat or objections. She makes Haruma sign for the big bundle of joy she brought him, wrapped up in a bag with a ribbon, then flies off, stating he should present any and all complaints to God. She later makes a reappearance, in a nightmare of Haruma's where she reclaims Choco and hands Haruma some gift certificates in exchange.
Ayano Sonozaki (園崎綾乃 Sonozaki Ayano?)
Voiced by: Sayaka Ohara
A woman who works in the Ciel blue de fleur (which appeared misspelled early on in the anime—it should probably be the French "bleu" instead of the English "blue": "Blue heaven of flowers") near Tsabuki manor. Ayano's dream has apparently always been to open her own flower shop. Haruma has a crush on her, but has so far been unable to work up the nerve to do anything about it. It seems that she remains oblivious of Haruma's affections and sees him as no more than a good acquaintance. She was engaged to Kazuya until he broke it off, to her considerable sorrow.
Yasuoka (安岡?)
Voiced by: Kenichi Mochizuki
Haruma's neighbor in Tsubaki manor, a middle-aged man about whose existence Haruma had managed to forget until they met at a shrine, the first New Year's Day since Choco's appearance. Yasuoka appears to be struggling to find a new job and is currently unemployed.
Makoto Ashirai (足来真琴 Ashirai Makoto?)
Voiced by: Rika Morinaga
A young woman who lives in Tsubaki manor, the same building that Haruma, Choco and Yasuoka inhabit. She sports orange hair, apparently enjoys liquor and teases Haruma with her (lack of) wardrobe and claims that he is interested in her body. Despite her apparent penchant for inebriation, her laziness, her tendency to mooch any and all kinds of food off her neighbors, her "adult" sense of humor and a somewhat scheming, manipulative nature, she seems to have a good character. She came to the original landlady's rescue after the latter took a spill down a staircase, spraining her ankle and waist. She has displayed a rather uncomfortable interest in Chitose's bust—uncomfortable to Chitose, that is. She is a model, however does not reveal it to those around her.
Landlady (管理人さん Kanrinin-san?)
The original manager of Tsubaki manor, where Haruma, Choco, Yasuoka, and Makoto all live. She has no other name. A kind-faced widow woman who is getting on in years and seems quite easy-going. She decides to vacate the building after her accident to go live with her son and daughter-in-law, citing the accident has shown her she is getting too old. She gives over her role to her granddaughter. She is the one who inspires Choco to start a pictorial diary.
Chitose Serikawa (芹川千歳 Serikawa Chitose?)
Voiced by: Kaori Mizuhashi
The granddaughter of the original landlady. A nice, but somewhat shy and accident-prone young woman who has no sense of direction and who holds feelings of insecurity due to having to wear glasses and discontent with her own looks; she suffered a painful episode in school when she overheard the boy she liked calling her "an ugly girl with glasses". Several characters have remarked upon the impressive size of her bust. She seems to have developed a crush on Haruma since he said her glasses suit her very well.
Tamami Marumo (丸茂珠美 Marumo Tamami?)
Voiced by: Yuki Matsuoka
A young woman who is Haruma's "senpai" (upperclassman) at school, in a club he belongs to. Tamami gives the impression of being quite free-spirited. Apparently she has a habit of getting Haruma and other students part-time jobs as a stand-in for herself. Jobs which Haruma claims are "too busy" or just do not pay the way he was hoping ...
Kakeru Ishida (石田駆 Ishida Kakeru?)
Voiced by: Yumiko Kobayashi
A young boy apparently Choco's age, who seems to be slightly shy and unintentionally saves Choco from a nasty fall and soon develops a strong crush on her. He works in a public bath, apparently to help out since he lives there.
Midori (?)
Voiced by: Yuka Koyama
A mature woman who Choco first encounters in the public bath attended by Kakeru. She is apparently a woman of firm convictions, amongst others about the proper way to behave in a public bath. It is revealed in the last episode of the anime that she is "Santa".
Kazuya Sawamori (沢森一也 Sawamori Kazuya?)
Voiced by: Ken Narita
A young man who is engaged with Ayano and used to hold a position as illustrator with a magazine. He is forced to head into the country to take over the family inn, because his father died on New Year's Eve and there are no other heirs. Because Ayano has dreamed of opening her own flower shop, he decides to cancel their engagement, rather than take her with him. This has caused Ayano considerable heartache.
Yurika Hanayamada (華山田ゆりか Hanayamada Yurika?)
Voiced by: Rie Kugimiya
A young girl who appears to be younger than Choco. She is from a rich family and lives in a big house with a maid who tends to her. To live to her standards, she is often forced to take violin lessons, tutor, English conversation lessons, which she dislikes. During one of her attempts to escape her lessons, she meets Choco and they become friends. Even though in the beginning, she did not really like Choco, she came to really care for Choco as they got to know each other better. However, Yurika is not good at showing her true feelings and often denies this. Also, Choco gave her a nickname, "Yuri-pyon", to which she objected at first but got used to. She has a crush on Kakeru but he is oblivious to her feelings.




Chocotto Sister was published by Hakusensha in the seinen magazine Young Animal and has been collected in 8 tankōbon volumes.

No. Release date ISBN
1 2003-12-19 ISBN 978-4-592-13893-8
2 2004-06-29 ISBN 978-4-592-13894-5
3 2004-12-20 ISBN 978-4-592-13895-2
4 2005-06-29 ISBN 978-4-592-13896-9
5 2006-02-28 ISBN 978-4-592-13897-6
6 2006-06-29 ISBN 978-4-592-14346-8
7 2006-11-29 ISBN 978-4-592-14347-5
8 2007-04-27 ISBN 978-4-592-14348-2


Chocotto Sister was by Nomad as an anime television series directed by Yasuhiro Kuroda, with music by Masara Nishida and character designs by Yukihiro Kitano. The opening theme is "Doki! Doki! My Sister Soul" by Harenchi Punch and the ending theme is "Neko-nyan Dance" by Harenchi Punch. It was broadcast in 24 episodes from 12 July 2006 and 20 December 2006 on Kids Station.[1] It was later released on eight DVDs.[2][3]

# Title[2] Original air date[4]
01 "The Present is a Little Sis?"
"Purezento wa imouto?" (プレゼントは妹?) 
Choco is delivered to Haruma's house. The new siblings take a trip to the mall to buy Choco clothing, but accidentally lose sight of each other inside. 
02 "The First New Year"
"Hajimete no oshougatsu" (はじめてのお正月) 
The new siblings go to a shrine for New Year's. Yasuoka, Makoto and the original landlady make their first appearance. Choco starts her picture diary. 
03 "The Manager is coming/The new manager has arrived"
"Kanrinin-san ga yatte kita" (管理人さんがやってきた) 
Chitose makes her way towards Tsubaki manor, but has many a mishap along the way. Eventually she makes it, thanks to Haruma's and Choco's help. 
04 "Black Valentine's Day"
"Burakku·Barentaindee" (ラック·バレンタインデー) 
Chitose plans to give chocolate to Haruma, who has been roped into a special Valentine's Day job by Tamami. Choco receives misinformation about the meaning of Valentine's Day from Makoto. Does Haruma have precognitive dreams ... ? 
05 "To Buy a Bra"
"Burajyā wo kai ni" (ブラジャーを買いに) 
After seeing Chitose's laundry and wheedling a demonstration out of the manager, Choco asks her big brother to buy her an item of lady's intimate apparel. A drunken Makoto embarrasses Chitose, but still manages to get herself invited for lunch the next day, along with Choco. 
06 "Easy-to-Understand Lecture on Public Baths"
"Yoku wakaru sento koza" (よくわかる銭湯講座) 
Tamami saddles Haruma with yet another job, which winds up being paid for in goods. In this case, T-shirts and some tickets for the premiere of a movie. Haruma ends up inviting Ayano, who is a huge fan of the movie's main actor. Meanwhile, Choco first encounters Kakeru. A water outage causes her to meet him for a second time, when the Kawagoes go to a public bath. Choco is instructed in public bath etiquette by Midori. 
07 "Cheerful, Heartbroken, Depressed"
"Ukiuki, gakkuri, shonbori" (ウキウキ、ガックリ、しょんぼり) 
Haruma manages to anger Choco by going on a date with Ayano and leaving her at home. When Chitose sees the two of them out, she becomes depressed. However, it seems Ayano has romantic troubles of her own which do not concern Haruma, but rather a young man soon bound for the countryside ... In the end, Haruma manages to redeem himself somewhat in the eyes of Choco and Chitose. 
08 "Draft"
"Sukima kaze" (すきまカゼ) 
After Ayano invites him out for some drinks to stave off her own romantic woes, Haruma is late to get back home. In the end, he has to take an inebriated Ayano home. Ayano's dreams reveal the truth about her relationship with Kazuya. Choco falls ill after staying up too late, waiting for Haruma, causing her big brother to panic. 
09 "Buds of Love"
"Koi no tsubomi" (恋のつぼみ) 
Haruma is ignoring Ayano because of what happened that night. When Kazuya comes to get his ring from Ayano, Haruma shows up to stop it. Ayano tells him about her and Kazuya. The next day he gets flowers as a gift from Ayano and he goes shopping with Choco to get a watering pot. 
10 "Let's (Go to the) Hot Spring!"
"Let's Onsen!" (Let's 温泉!) 
While shopping with Chitose at the local shopping arcade, Choco wins a free trip to the Hot Springs for 4. Choco chooses herself, Haruma, Chitose and Makoto to go. After a rehearsal bath at the public bath with Choco and Makoto, Makoto gets a call from her job while at the train station and she ends up not getting to go. Choco, Chitose and Haruma travel via train to the hot springs. When they got there they went to the baths. Haruma found out that it was a shared bath and he tried to hide from Choco and Chitose but after staying in too long he got up dizzy and as he was walking out Chitose saw his private places. That night Haruma couldn't sleep so Choco held his hand so he could. 
11 "Love, Gone"
"Koi, sarime" (恋、去りぬ) 
The Next Day Choco, Haruma and Chitose go to the top of the mountain with plans to hike down while seeing the sights. On the way Haruma meets Ayano and convinces her not to give up on her love. 
12 "A Downpour, and then..."
"Doshaburi, soshite――" (どしゃ降り、そして――) 
During a rainstorm Haruma gets a call from Ayano saying that she will be moving to the countryside with her finance. Noticing Haruma's depression Choco asks Chitose and Makoto for help, she eventually writes a letter to Ayano explaining Haruma's feelings about her, Haruma gets angry which makes choco run away. Haruma reads Choco's diary afterwards. 
13 "First with Yuri-pyon"
"Hajimete no Yuri Pyon" (はじめてのゆりぴょん) 
Yurika escaped from driver with some help of Choco. When her driver sees Yurika, Yurika quickly runs off and Choco follows her. Yurika tells Choco that she witnessed a murder and saw the murder's face by accident, which was a lie. The driver finally finds Yurika. Later Yurika goes searching for Choco, but she doesn't know her name. But she does know where Choco lives. By accident she finds the Tsubaki manor. Choco asks what was doing and they go inside the manor to get a drink. Then they become friends with each other. 
14 "Neko-nyan and Brassieres"
"Neko nyan to Burajyā" (ねこにゃんとブラジャー) 
Haruma and Choco are eating breakfast and they see the Nekonyan Dance on TV. Choco goes out and she walks by a school where little children are dancing the Nekonyan Dance. There teacher asks her to dance with them, so she does. They afterwards eat lunch together, and next they all play together. When it getting late all the little children go home except for a little boy, named Takeshi. Choco stays and plays with him. A while later Takeshi's mother comes to get Takeshi, but Choco and Takeshi have fallen in sleep. Later Choco is watching the Nekonyan Dance and Yurika calls, to say that she is nearby. 
15 "At the Pool, JAPUN!"
"Pūru DE Japun!" (プールDEじゃぷん!) 
16 "Dokiwaku Summer Festival"
"Dokiwaki natsumatsuri" (ドキワク夏祭り) 
17 "Noisy Tea Party"
"Dotabata tīpātī" (ドタバタ☆ティーパーティー) 
Yurika finds herself smitten with Kakeru, and plans a tea party as an opportunity to socialize with him. However, she is too shy to invite him directly, so she invites Choco and asks her to bring her friends. To Yurika's dismay, Choco arrives at the party accompanied not by Kakeru, but by a number of the kindergarteners she befriended in episode 14. 
18 "Let's Meow-Sing!"
"Let's nyan shingu!" (Let's にゃんシング!) 
19 "The Idol's Melancholy"
"Aidoru no yūutsu" (アイドルの憂鬱) 
Eriko Odawara ('Odaeri'), the idol famous for performing the Nekonyan Dance live on television every morning, is tiring of the role and bails out of a scheduled performance at the kindergarten in Choco's neighborhood. A chance encounter with Makoto (who it is strongly implied is actually the famous gravure idol Arisa Otokami) changes her mind about the true importance of her job. Odaeri then visits Choco's apartment to give her a private performance of the Nekonyan Dance. 
20 "My Kitten"
"Atashi no nyanko" (あたしのにゃんこ) 
After Haruma refuses to buy her a pet, Choco befriends an escaped puma, who she names Kuro (an abbreviation of the Japanese word for 'black'). Choco visits Kuro daily at his home in an abandoned warehouse, and introduces him to Kakeru and Yurika. Tragically, Kuro dies in a road accident. 
21 "Let's (Go to the) Amusement Park!"
"Let's yūenchi!" (Let's 遊園地!) 
22 "First Master"
"Hajimete no goshujinsama" (はじめての御主人様) 
Choco is puarsaded by Tamami to be apart of her club's made cafe for Haruma's collage festival. As Haruma is working he gets a call from his cousin who is in town, and she asks to visit him. When Choco approached Haruma and his cousin he said that Choco is not his little siter. Choco begins too question who she is, and her existence is then put into jeapordy. 
23 "Wish"
"Negai" (願い) 
Choco has disappeared and its up Haruma to remember Choco. 
24 "Happy Christmas"
"Happī·kurisumasu" (ハッピー·クリスマス) 
Choco is delivering her christmas gifts, who will be the surprise guest at the christmas party. 

Drama CDs

Four drama CDs have been produced.[5]


  • Yuuki, Masahiro and Aikawa, Akira. "Harenchi☆Punch's new 'Doki Doki! My Sister Soul' is the opening to Chocotto Sister". (November 2006) Newtype USA. p. 118.

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