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Chord may mean:

  • Chord (music), an aggregate of musical pitches sounded simultaneously.
    • Chord (guitar) an aggregate of musical pitches played simultaneously on a guitar
  • Chord (geometry), a line segment joining two points on a curve
  • Chord (graph theory), an edge joining two not-adjacent nodes in a cycle
  • Chord (truss construction), an outside member of a truss, as opposed to the inner "webbed members"
  • Chord (aircraft), the distance between the front and back of a wing, measured in the direction of the normal airflow. The term chord was selected due to the curved nature of the wing's surface.
  • Chord (ornithology), the measurement of a birds bended wing from the tip of the longest primary feather to the farthest measurable point at the bend of the wrist.
  • Chord (peer-to-peer), a peer-to-peer system based on distributed hash tables (DHT)
  • Chord (concurrency), a concurrency construct in some object-oriented programming languages
  • Chord (comics), a comic book character who is the former mentor of the New Warriors
  • Chord (structural system), the member that is perpendicular to the shear wall that is used to resist bending of the diaphragm (structural system)
  • Chord (software), free software useful for creating stafless lead sheets

Chord may also refer to:

The Chords may refer to:

Chords may refer to:

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From Latin chorda (cord), < Ancient Greek (Doric) χορδά (khorda), Ionic χορδή (khorde) "string of gut, the string of a lyre"





chord (plural chords)

  1. (music) In music, a combination of any three or more notes sounded simultaneously.
  2. (geometry) A straight line between two points of a curve.
  3. (engineering) A horizontal member of a truss.
  4. (aeronautics) The distance between the leading and trailing edge of a wing, measured in the direction of the normal airflow.
  5. (computing) A keyboard shortcut that involves two or more distinct keypresses, such as Ctrl+M followed by P.

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to chord

Third person singular

Simple past

Past participle

Present participle

to chord (third-person singular simple present chords, present participle chording, simple past and past participle chorded)

  1. (transitive) To write chords for.
    • 2003, Dan Levenson, Clawhammer Banjo from Scratch
      This chording technique works well for learning any tune, but this is the only tune of the set that I will write out completely as a chorded version.

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