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In the theatre of ancient Greece, chorêgos (pl. chorêgoi; Greek: χορηγός, Greek etymology: χορός "chorus" + ἡγεῖσθαι "to lead") was an honorary title for a wealthy Athenian citizen who assumed the public duty of financing and paying the expenses of the preparation of the chorus and other aspects of dramatic production that were not covered by the state.[1] The prizes for drama at the Athenian festival competitions were awarded jointly to the playwright and the chorêgos.[2]


  • Antiphon 6 - The Case of the Choregos
  • Lysias 21 - On the Charge of Accepting Bribes
  1. ^ Brockett and Hildy (2003, 20-21). Costs incurred by choregos could include costumes, masks,rehearsal costs, chorus, scenery or scene painting, props, special effects, eg sound, musicians (except the state provided the flute player. In modern Greek the word χορηγός is synonymous with the word "grantor".
  2. ^ Brockett and Hildy (2003, 20-21).


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