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Choti Bahu - Sindoor Bin Suhagan
Format Drama
Created by DJ's Creative Unit
Written by Damini Kanwal Shetty, S.Manasvi
Directed by Mohit Kumar Jha
Starring see below
Opening theme "Choti Bahu" by Pamela Jain
Country of origin  India
Language(s) Hindi
No. of episodes 250+
Producer(s) Tony Singh & Deeya Singh
Running time approx. 23 minutes
Original channel Zee TV
Picture format 480i (SDTV),
Original run December 8, 2008 – present
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Choti Bahu - Sinduur Bin Suhagan is a Hindi serial that airs on Zee TV channel. As the name suggests, the concept focuses on the youngest daughter-in-law and traditional Indian society.[1] In an article on the changing backdrop of TV serials, TV producer Ekta Kapoor states, "TV has become more about the rural viewer. This is the new viewer, the most excited viewer. He has a lot more viewing time. Naturally, the content is changing. Urban stories are giving way to large socially relevant stories focusing on issues like child marriage, dowry death, female infanticide. The focus is on the real India because at the end of the day, television is for the masses. I will make shows for the rural viewer. Unless I’m hitting at a niche audience, my focus will always be the rural viewer, our newest audience."[2] The series was scheduled to premiere on November 10, 2008 but was delayed until December 8, 2008 due to the "Indian Television Strike" that began on November 9, 2008.[3]



Set in Brindavan, Choti Bahu focuses on the tribulations[4] and sacrifices of Radhika, the youngest daughter-in-law of the Purohit family and the adopted daughter of Vrindavan's Shastri.[5]


Radhika Purohit -

Radhika is the youngest daughter-in-law of the Purohits and the adopted daughter of Brindavan's Pandit Brij Mohan and Deviki Shastri.

Dev Raj Purohit -

Dev is Radhika's husband and the heir apparent of the Purohit khandan.

Pandit Brij Mohan Shastri -

Pandit Brij Mohan is the adoptive father of Radhika and biological father of Vishaka, whom he disowns, after suffering multiple humiliations brought on by her fierce independence.

Devki Shastri -

Devki is the wife of Shastriji and the mother of Radhika and Vishaka.

Vishaka Shastri -

Vishaka is the biological daughter of the Shastris. Shastriji disowns her after she relocates to Mumbai to pursue a career in acting.

Amma -

Amma is the mother of Shastriji. She adores Vishaka but treats Radhika as a bad omen because her caste whereabouts are unknown.She is a main antagonist.

Mr. Purohit -

Mr. Purohit is a Raj Purohit. He suffers a fatal heart attack, after passing on the mantle to his youngest son, Dev.

Vaishali Purohit -

Vaishali is Vivek and Dev's mother.

Dadi -

Dadi is the matriarch of the Purohit khandan. She shares a close friendship with her grandson, Dev and adores his wife, Radhika.

Vivek Purohit -

Vivek is the eldest son of the Purohit khandan, but he is not anointed Raj Purohit because he is handicapped and cannot provide an heir. He is aware of his wife Mrinalini's dalliances with Arjun but turns a blind eye.

Mrinalini Purohit -

Mrinalini is the badi bahu of the Purohit khandan. She backs Susheel and Arjun in their attempts to seize the benefits of the Raj Purohit title, as retaliation for being slighted by the Purohits. She fears she will have to take orders from a "servant", after Radhika provides the Purohits with an heir, but she is especially threatened by Radhika not because of her humble beginnings but because Radhika strengthens Dev’s position with her love and support and is not afraid to challenge Mrinalini's subversive attempts.

Susheel Purohit -

Susheel is Dev and Vivek's uncle, and he wants his son Arjun to replace Dev as Raj Purohit.

Arjun Purohit -

Arjun is Susheel's son and second in line for the Raj Purohit title. He shares an intimate relationship with Vivek's wife, Mrinalini.

Deepika Purohit -

Deepika is Arjun's wife. She is unaware of Arjun's dalliances with Mrinalini.

Birju -

Birju is Dev's best friend, and he works for the Purohit khandan. He loves his bhauji, Radhika, as she is very nice and sweet. He shares a brother-sister relationship with Radhika.

Keshav Chaubey -

Keshav was to wed Radhika before he learns that she loves Dev.

Purab -

Purab is a casting agent who befriends Vishaka and supports her whenever she asks for his help. He is frequently berated by the women on the show.

Nandu -

Nandu is a boy from Vrindavan who shares an affectionate relationship with Radhika and bears witness to her first marriage to Dev.


  • Rubina Dilaik ... Radhika Shastri/Purohit
  • Avinash Sachdev ... Dev Purohit
  • Priyanka Mishra ... Vishaka Shastri
  • Rajiv Verma ... Brij Mohan Shastri
  • Samta Sagar ... Devki Shastri
  • Gopi Desai ... Amma
  • Surendra Pal ... Mr. Purohit
  • Prabha Sinha ... Vaishali Purohit
  • Rita Bhaduri ... Dadi
  • Rajiv Kumar ... Vivek Purohit
  • Kirti Kelkar ... Mrinalini Purohit
  • ... Birju
  • Sanjay Batra ... Susheel Purohit
  • Raj Logani ... Arjun Purohit
  • Snehal Sahay ... Deepika Purohit
  • Shashank Sethi ... Keshav Chaubey
  • Darshan Gandas ... Purab
  • ... Nandu


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