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Chott Melrhir
View from space. Note that most of the lake is already dried up in this picture.
Coordinates 34°18′N 6°18′E / 34.3°N 6.3°E / 34.3; 6.3Coordinates: 34°18′N 6°18′E / 34.3°N 6.3°E / 34.3; 6.3
Lake type endorheic salt lake
Basin countries Algeria
Surface area 6800 km²

Chott Melrhir (Arabic: شط ملغيغ‎) is a large endorheic salt lake in northeastern Algeria, located at 34°18′N 6°18′E / 34.3°N 6.3°E / 34.3; 6.3.

Chott Melrhir has an area of about 6700 km² and is the largest lake in Algeria. It also lies almost entirely below the sea level, the lowest point of Algeria is located here. It regularly dries up thus becomes a salt pan. The cities of Biskra, El Oued and Touggourt lie nearby. Chott Melrhir is designated a Ramsar wetland of international importance.



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