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The Centrist Democrat International was until 2001 the Christian Democrat International (CDI) and before that the Christian Democrat and People's Parties International (until 1999) (this earlier name is, since October 2000[1], sometimes used as an alternative name till today). This political international was created in 1961 in Santiago de Chile[2][3] as the Christian Democrat World Union, building on the legacy of other Christian Democrat internationals[4] who tried to create a Christian-inspired third way[5] alternative to the socialist internationals; in 1982 it was renamed for the first time Christian Democrat International.[6] The name officially changed due to the participation of groups of various faiths.[7] It is the global international political group dedicated to the promotion of Christian Democracy. There are slightly more than 100 member parties, drawn principally from Europe and Latin America. Some of the CDI member national parties are also members of the International Democrat Union, although the CDI is closer to the political centre and more communitarian than the IDU.

The CDI's European wing, the European People's Party, is the largest political party at the European level. Its Latin American equivalent is the Christian Democrat Organization of America. The Democratic Party of the United States of America maintains link with CDI through the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs. A youth organisation of the CDI is currently being established under the name of Youth of the Centrist Democrat International (YCDI).

The current Co-Presidents of the CDI are Pier Ferdinando Casini of Italy and Vicente Fox of Mexico.[8]


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