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Christian Unity Party
Kristent Samlingsparti
Leader Ørnulf Nandrup
Founded 1998
Merger of Christian Conservative Party and New Future Coalition Party
Ideology Christian right
International affiliation None
European affiliation None
Official colours Red, Blue
Politics of Norway
Political parties

Christian Unity Party (Norwegian: Kristent Samlingsparti (KSP)[1]) is a conservative political party in Norway without parliamentary representation.

The party was founded on 26 September 1998[2] with the merging of Christian Conservative Party and the New Future Coalition Party, the first originating from a conservative branch of the Christian Democratic Party and the latter from the Progress Party. Their ideology is based upon Christianity, literal interpretation of the Bible, and opposition to reforms in the Norwegian Church.




2009 parliamentary election

During the 2009 election campaign, led by Pastor Jan-Aage Torp, the party planned to campaign against abortion by driving a truck around with posters of aborted fetuses on the exterior, and showing uncensored video footage of real abortions inside the truck, thus copying the tactics of the Abortion Opponents' List in previous (as well as this) elections.

The actions caused strong reaction with the more established Christian Democratic Party, as well as other parties of the parliament, with vice leader Inger Lise Hansen of the Christian Democrats calling it "tasteless".[3][4]

Election results

Year Result, Parliamentary elections Year Result, County elections
2001 0.3% 2003 0.1%
2005 0.1% 2007 0.1%
2009 0.2% 2011 -


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