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Jesus Christ is the central figure of Christianity.

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Christian tradition is a collection of traditions of practice or belief associated with Christianity.


Many churches have traditional practices, such as a particular patterns of services.

In the various Protestant denominations, where the Bible is considered the only source of religious truth, any story or belief not found therein is considered tradition, and not part of doctrine. In the Catholic Church and Eastern Orthodox churches Sacred Tradition is be considered doctrine.


In terms of belief, traditions are generally stories or history that are or were widely accepted without being part of Christian doctrine. Examples of such might be the crucifixion of Saint Peter, which is widely believed to have happened but is not recorded in scripture. Similarly the names of the Magi who visited Jesus at his birth are thought to have been invented much later than the events; they are not now considered authentic, but can be considered a tradition.

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The Christian religion is a belief of God. Jesus Christ is thought to be God's messenger.[1]


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