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== Laird Christopher L J Francis ==



Christopher Francis's full name and title is The Much Honoured, Laird Christopher Leslie James Francis CEng, IEng, CITP, FBCS. He was born on 1st April 1971, at 11.04pm in St Peters Hospital Chertsey. He is 6'6" tall, and bald (by choice) The son, and only child of Leslie James and Winifred Anne Francis (nee Goodyear) of Addlestone, Surrey. He is married to Camilla Anne Louise Francis (nee Pollock) daughter of William Scott and Nadine May Pollock. They have no children, just a West Highland Terrier Called Sammy and a Boxer Labrador Cross called Pumba! They are currently our children! They were married on 20th April 1996 after living together for a number of years, and now live in Addlestone in Surrey, they moved back here after living in New Malden for a couple of years. Its amazing how people can end up back home after all our big plans of moving away when they were young.

Christopher was born and raised in Addlestone, Surrey, and Camilla was born in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, and brought up in Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey.

His education was at The Meads School in Chertsey, and Abbeylands School (St Paul’s) in Addlestone, and then he went on to study Art, Design and Photography in Windsor, Berkshire.

Once leaving full time education he worked his way through Retail Management and Local Government. He also studied Engineering at NESCOT and the London School of Engineering. For the last 15 years he has worked in the IT Industry, and has worked and contracted for some of the UK’s Premier Manufacturers and Distributors.

Until a couple of years ago, he was a highly effective and innovative Business Development Manager / Director within the IT Industry, with proven technical sales success with in the corporate and media market sectors – he increased previous employer’s sales figures by 45% to win them 78% of the total market share; Versatile, analytical with a rounded experience of technical markets gained working for manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and media organisations; A proven Corporate Sales and Solution Sales history from conception to delivery; Used to working with Corporates, Manufacturers, Distributors, Resellers and Broadcasters at all levels; A firm believer that unrivalled quality service is the way forward within the IT industry, working with and leading teams to make it happen; I'm a natural communicator with an approachable, likable personality, comfortable liaising at all levels. In-depth computer knowledge; Used to extensive travel!

These days from what began as a spin off from a previous job (now that's a long story) and from what started as a hobby, he currently writes articles and features for the IT & Media press, and produces television programmes.

He is now a Freelance Media Journalist & Photographer / Broadcaster and IT/Gadget Guru, as well as a successful IT and Business Development Consultant, with a proven track record.
He has appeared on QVC, BBC, ITV & SKY and has had guest slots on radio and TV talking about gadgets and technology. Currently he is working behind the camera producing the return of a huge "old favourite" and on a new "gadget" show for main stream TV. So watch out!

He also run three separate businesses, and all under the umbrella of my parent trading arm Francis (UK) Developments.

It is a great honour for him and he is very proud to be a Liveryman of The City of London and the Worshipful Company of Pewterers - there is loads of information about this on his web site, so please take the time to have a look.


So what is a Laird, its a feudal lord. A lord is a male who has power and authority (or so the tradition goes.) Laird is the Scots equivalent. It can have different meanings depending on the context of use. The correct prefix for a Laird "The Much Honoured" or "His Worship" so now you know!

In feudalism, a lord/Laird (French: seigneur) has aristocratic rank and claims dominion over a portion of land and the produce and labour of the serfs living thereon. The serf would swear the oath of fealty to the Lord, or "keeper of the loaves". Such lords normally inherit their position and theoretically expect allegiance similar to that owed to a monarch.

As part of the heritage of feudalism, the word lord can generally refer to superiors of many kinds, e.g. "landlord". In many cultures in Europe the equivalent term serves as a general title of address equivalent to the English "Mister" (Spanish Señor, Italian Signore, German Herr) or to the English formal "you" (Polish Pan). Compare "gentleman".

In Scotland, the word Laird is also used for major feudal landlords or masters of landed estates.

So now you know! :)

In his spare time he is a huge rugby fan; A harlequin supporter, and a founder member of the RFU Official England Rugby Supporters Club. He enjoys playing with all technology and gadgets, as well as working with them. Music and Art are his second love after rugby, as well as cricket. He is a member of the Official England Cricket Supporters Club and a Surrey Cricket Club Supporter. He has a very wide and ecliptic musical spectrum from classical, and jazz to dance and rock - but not rap! His wife and him regularly attend the theatre and enjoy film and music concerts. Nothing makes him happier than enjoying fine wine and good food, with may be a nice old Single Malt to finish with friends and family. he has a "large" personality and is the life and soul of the party, or so his wife tells him!

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