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Christopher Wood (November 5, 1935 in London) is an English screenwriter and novelist best known under the pseudonym 'Timothy Lea' for the Confessions series of novels and films. Under his own name, he adapted two James Bond novels for the screen: The Spy Who Loved Me (1977 with Richard Maibaum) and Moonraker (1979).

Wood was the first author to write novelizations of Bond films. His novelization of The Spy Who Loved Me, renamed James Bond, The Spy Who Loved Me to avoid confusion with Ian Fleming's original novel, has nothing in common with the Fleming book. Similarly, the plot of Moonraker, renamed James Bond and Moonraker, is almost entirely written by Wood, although it does share some similarities with Fleming's original novel, in particular the villain Sir Hugo Drax. Bond fans generally rate Wood's novelizations highly. Kingsley Amis wrote in the The New Statesman that, despite several reservations, "Mr Wood has bravely tackled his formidable task, that of turning a typical late Bond film, which must be basically facetious, into a novel after Ian Fleming, which must be basically serious. ... the descriptions are adequate and the action writing excellent."

Wood was also responsible for the Confessions series of novels and their film adaptations, written under the pseudonym 'Timothy Lea'. They are Confessions of a Window Cleaner, Confessions of a Driving Instructor, Confessions From a Holiday Camp, Confessions From a Hotel, Confessions of a Travelling Salesman, Confessions From the Clink, Confessions of a Private Soldier, Confessions From the Pop Scene, Confessions From a Health Farm, Confessions From the Shop Floor, Confessions of a Long Distance Lorry Driver, Confessions of a Plumber's Mate, Confessions of a Private Dick, Confessions From a Luxury Liner, Confessions From a Nudist Colony, Confessions of a Milkman, Confessions of an Ice Cream Man and Confessions From a Haunted House.

Wood also created a female counterpart, Rosie Dixon, and these were likewise written in the first person perspective and published pseudonymously under the name "Rosie Dixon". Although nine Rosie Dixon novels were published, only the first one was made into a film, Rosie Dixon - Night Nurse (1978) based on Confessions of a Night Nurse. The other titles were Confessions of a Gym Mistress, Confessions From an Escort Agency, Confessions of a Lady Courier, Confessions From a Package Tour, Confessions of a Physical WRAC, Confessions of a Baby Sitter, Confessions of a Personal Secretary, and Rosie Dixon, Barmaid.

This was his second series to feature a female protagonist as he started the Penny Sutton books a year previously with The Stewardesses. The other books in the series were The Stewardesses Down Under, The Jumbo Jet Girls, I'm Penny Fly Me and Penny Sutton Supersonic.

Woold also wrote three pseudonymous books featuring the teenager Oliver Grape: Onwards Virgins (later reissued as Forward Virgins), Crumpet Voluntary and It's a Knock Up.

In 1979 LWT screened his 13 part situation comedy Lovely Couple, produced and directed by Derrick Goodwin.

He also wrote the 1985 action film Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins with Fred Ward, which was directed by former Bond director Guy Hamilton.

Wood has also written many novels. His novels divide into four groups: semi-autobiographical literary fiction, historical fiction, adventure novels, and pseudononymous humorous erotica.

His daughter Caroline Wood is a film producer and literary agent.[1]


Bibliography (excluding pseudonymous work)

Year Title Notes
1969 Make It Happen to Me literary fiction (reissued in paperback as Kiss Off 1970)
1970 "Terrible Hard", Says Alice literary fiction
1971 John Adam - Samurai historical fiction
1973 John Adam in Eden historical fiction
1976 The Further Adventures of Barry Lyndon by Himself historical fiction
1977 James Bond, The Spy Who Loved Me adventure novel / James Bond novelization
1979 James Bond and Moonraker adventure novel / James Bond novelization
1979 Fire Mountain WWII adventure novel (published in the U.S. as North to Rabaul)
1980 Dead Centre woman's adventure novel
1981 Taiwan adventure novel
1983 A Dove Against Death WWI adventure novel
1985 Kago adventure novel
2004 Sincere Male Seeks Love and Someone to Wash His Underpants literary fiction [1]
2004 California, Here I Am literary fiction [2]
2006 James Bond, The Spy I Loved memoirs


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