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Chroma, the Greek word for color, may refer to:

  • The difference from gray at a given hue and lightness in the Munsell color system
  • The perceived colorfulness in proportion to the brightness of a reference white patch.
  • Chrominance, one of the two components of a television signal
  • The quality of a musical pitch
  • Fully saturated color; where the RGB values must contain a 0, a 255 and either a 0, 128 or 255.

Chroma may also refer to:

  • Chroma (album), a 2005 album by the pop-punk band Cartel.
  • Chroma (ballet), a ballet created for the Royal Ballet by the choreographer Wayne McGregor
  • Chroma (Band), a heavy rock band from Rochester, NY.
  • Chroma (software), a media player for the Mac OS X platform.
  • Chroma: A Queer Literary Journal, a UK-based journal founded in 2004.
  • A 1987 novel by American writer Frederick Barthelme.
  • A 1995 book by Derek Jarman
  • An application developed by Thematic Software for skinning Windows.
  • Chroma SalonSpa-An Aveda Salon & Spa in Chicago, IL.
  • A fictional supernatural force which manifests telekinetic and telepathic powers in people in the video game The Indigo Prophecy.
  • The ARP Chroma, a synthesizer developed by ARP and released by Fender as the Rhodes Chroma.
  • A fictional character (Director of the Symphony of Colour) in the 1961 book "The Phantom Tollbooth", by Norton Juster.


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