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Chronic Bachelor
Directed by Siddique
Produced by Fazil
Starring Mammootty
Music by Deepak Dev
Release date(s) April 2003
Country India
Language Malayalam

Chronic Bachelor (2003) is a movie about the life of Sathyaprathapan (known as SP), a bachelor and is reflected in the title. The film was directed by Siddique. It features Mammootty, Mukesh, Rambha, Bhavana, Indraja, Innocent and others. The movie is produced by famous malayalam director Fazil.

It was later remade in Tamil as Engal Anna starring Vijaykanth, Prabhu Deva, Namitha and Vadivelu.



The film opens with the flash back showing the family feud between families of Sathyaprathapan (Mammootty)and Bhavani (Indraja). Sathyaprathapan's sister and Bhavani's cousin are in love. The murder of Bhavani's cousin is wrongly accused on Balagangadharan (Lalu Alex), father of Sathyaprathapan. Sathyaprathapan's sisters commits suicide and Sathyaprathapan turns against his father. He starts to help Bhavani's family and mortgages his own house to finance her factory. A love develops between Sathyaprathapan and Bhavani. But Bhavani's father who is greedy wants to destroy Sathyaprathapan's family and tries to take their home. Sathyaprathapan comes to know that in fact it was actually Bhavani's father who killed her cousin. He tries to make her understand that and she stands by her father. Then Sathyaprathapan says he doesn't love her any more and vows that he will remain a bachelor for ever.

Then film comes to present time showing a legal battle between Sathyaprathapan (now called as SP) and Bhavani. Bhavani gets furious when SP win the legal battle to get back his house. She threatens to destroy SP.

From here story moves into day to day life of SP and falls into a comic track throughout first half. SP is now a successful businessman. SP has a stepsister, Sandhya (Bhavana), who is his father's daughter. He now lives for her. But she doesn't know that SP is her brother, although she stays next door to him. Kuruvila (Innocent) is SP's aide and he too is bachelor. Bhama (Rambha) comes to stay in the hostel where Sandhya stays and tries to win the heart of SP. But SP considers her as a nuisance.

SP agrees to take care of Srikumar (Mukesh). He is the son of Parameshwaran Mama (Janardhanan), who had helped SP to become a successful businessman. Srikumar is a flirt and womanizer. He is now after Sandhya and agrees to stay with SP, when he comes to know Sandhya stays next door to SP. Some comedy scenes are throughout the movie, where Kuruvila, who doesn't like Srikumar and his friend Ugran (Harisree Ashokan) staying with them, tries to get them out of the house.

Bhama comes to know SP is sponsoring the studies of Sandhya and confronts him. SP tells her that Sandhya is his sister. Bhama then asks Sandhya to call SP for her birthday party. She let her know SP is her sponsor, but doesn't tell he is her brother. During birthday party, Bhavani comes and takes Bhama away. Then it becomes clear that Bhama is Bhavani's sister. Rivalry arises between Bhama and Bhavani and Bhama promises to help SP, but he turns down her plea.

Meanwhile SP asks Sandhya to move to his house. Srikumar finally succeeds in gaining love from her. The marriage of Sandhya and Srikumar is fixed. But during marriage festivities, Bhavani and her brother Hareendhran (Biju Menon) come and prevent the celebrations. Along with them comes the elder brother of Sandhya, Shekarankutty (Lalu Alex). He challenges SP saying that he has more right over Sandhya as he is her brother, while SP is just a stepbrother. Shekarankutty then claims all property of SP, which SP is willing to give provided Sandhya lives happily and marries Srikumar. But Shekarankutty plans to marry off Sandhya to Hareendhran. SP doesn't want that to happen.

Sandhya, torn between two brothers, comes running when the brothers fight among themselves. She says she would marry anyone provided her brothers will live peacefully. SP then says he know what needs to be done to end the family feud and goes to kill Bhavani's father. Bhavani's father finally admits to her that he only killed her cousin and not SP's father. Bhavani realizes her mistakes and asks pardon from SP. She says only thing she can now offer is the marriage proposal of her sister Bhama to SP. SP finally agrees to marry Bhama.


Actor Role
Mammootty Sathyaprathapan (SP)
Mukesh Srikumar
Rambha Bhama
Bhavana Sandhya
Indraja Bhavani
Innocent Kuruvila
Lalu Alex Balagangadharan & Shekarankutty
Biju Menon Hareendran
Janardhanan Parameshwaran Mama
Harisree Ashokan Ugran
Edavela Babu Kuruvila (Young)
Seema G Nair Shekarankutty's Mother
K. P. A. C. Lalitha Vimala (Srikumar's mother)

Critical acclaim

The film was released as the Vishu release for 2003. It became a hit and ran for almost 100 days. This acted as a career boost for Mammootty, whose previous movies in year 2001 and 2002 like Raksharajaavu and Phantom, were disasters at the box-office. Director Siddique kept his history of never delivering a flop.


Later Siddique has claimed that the collection of the movie was affected by pirated CDs and decided against directing another movie in Malayalam until piracy is controlled.

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