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Scientific classification
Domain: Bacteria
Division: Chrysiogenetes
Garrity & Holt, 2002
Order: Chrysiogenales
Garrity & Holt, 2002
Family: Chrysiogenaceae
Garrity & Holt, 2002
Genus: Chrysiogenes
Macy et al., 1996
Species: C. arsenatis
Binomial name
Chrysiogenes arsenatis
Macy et al., 1996

Chrysiogenes arsenatis is a species of bacterium given its own phylum, called the Chrysiogenetes. It has a unique lifestyle and biochemistry. Instead of breathing oxygen it breathes the most oxidized form of arsenic, arsenate. It uses arsenate as its electron donor. Arsenic is usually toxic to life. Bacteria like Chrysiogenes arsenatis are found in anoxic arsenic-contaminated environments.


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Superregnum: Bacteria
Regnum: Bacteria
Phylum: Chrysiogenetes
Class: Chrysiogenetes
Order: Chrysiogenales
Family: Chrysiogenaceae
Genus: Chrysiogenes
Species: C. arsenatis


Chrysiogenes arsenatis Macy et al., 1996

Vernacular names

中文: 產金菌門

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