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Chuck Campbell

Campbell at Wolf Pegasus Two, 2007
Born Charles Campbell
5 August 1969 (1969-08-05) (age 40)
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
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Chuck Campbell (born 5 August 1969) is a Canadian actor who portrayed the role of Chuck the Technician on Stargate Atlantis. He had a role in the webseries, Sanctuary.


Personal life

Campbell was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He got a BA in Theatre at Dalhousie University. He started his career in acting working with theatre troupes touring the US and Canada. He later moved to Toronto to start work in film and television, and also did a lot of radio and voice acting. He resides in Vancouver, British Columbia.[1]


Stargate Atlantis

Campbell was hired as a stand in for Joe Flanigan for Stargate Atlantis:Rising (Part 1) but was actually used as the stand-in for David Hewlett, and has continued to be his stand-in until the show ended. He was given an acting role in the Season 1 episode The Brotherhood by Martin Wood and has appeared in over thirty episodes since.[2][3] From the beginning of Season 2 he essentially replaced the character of Peter Grodin as Elizabeth Weir's assistant after Grodin was killed in The Siege part 1.

For three seasons, Campbell's character did not have a name, and he was always credited as "the technician". However, in First Strike, Weir refers to Campbell's character as Chuck, which is of course his actual name. Speaking at the Pegasus 2 convention in the UK, Campbell stated that he thought this was a mistake on Torri Higginson's part, but the director Martin Wood decided to keep the scene anyway. Since then, the character has continued to be called Chuck on-screen, but still has no surname. On the DVD commentary tracks, he has been referred to, jokingly, as "Chucknician", an amalgam of Chuck and technician.

Campbell was interviewed by GateWorld about his role on the show Stargate Atlantis. He talks about his character and Season 4.[4]

Other roles

Campbell played Tsunaron in the Jason film Jason X. This last installment was made with a more tongue-in-cheek feel than the others, which was one of the factors which made Chuck consider the role.[5] In an online interview, Chuck was asked the question: 'Why do you think the Friday the 13th movies have been a bigger hit than other thrillers featuring serial killers?'

His response: "Interesting question! I think it might be the car accident syndrome, where sometimes you don't WANT to look, but you always end up turning your head to see what happens. They are so unrealistic and usually quite graphic with their violence, that it becomes almost silly, and you start to laugh and wonder how is the next person going to die. Maybe everybody just likes a really good villain, and I think Jason is probably in the top five."[6]

Campbell once played Benvolio in a production of Romeo and Juliet which starred a fellow Stargate Atlantis cast member Claire Rankin as Juliet.[7]



Chuck once played Benvolio in a production of Romeo and Juliet which starred a fellow Stargate Atlantis cast member Claire Rankin as Juliet.[7]


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