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Chuck Munson (born 1965) is an American anarchist[1] who runs the Alternative Media Project and the anarchist website[2]



Munson is active on many issues, ranging from media activism to prisoner rights to anti-globalization. He became radicalized at the University of Kansas (Lawrence) in the mid-1980s, helping organize protests against apartheid in South Africa and U.S. government intervention in Central America.[3] At one point he was the president of the K.U. Committee on South Africa.

He was a co-founder of the ISP.

He is involved as an activist in the library profession on issues such as intellectual freedom, alternative media, and censorship; he ran two online projects, Stop Filtering and Censorware in Libraries and Anarchist Librarians Web in the late 1990s,[4] and in 2004 was one of the founders of the Radical Reference project.


Munson has edited or published several zines and magazines, including The Journal of Disjunctive Librarianship (Madison, Wisc., 1990), Practical Anarchy (1991-present), and Alternative Press Review (1997-2002). He was also a member of the editorial collectives of Praxis (Lawrence, Kansas, 1980s) and The Gentle Anarchist (Lawrence, Kansas, 1986-88). In 1992, he co-founded the Spunk Library along with Mikael Cardell, Jack Jansen, and Ian Heavens. The Spunk Library is an online collection of anarchist and alternative texts, and one of the first digital archives of any kind. In 1992 Munson, along with Cardell, started Practical Anarchy Online, which was one of the first e-zines during its brief existence. Munson has also contributed to CounterPunch.[5]

Munson founded, a popular anarchist website,[6] in January 1995 as the Mid-Atlantic Infoshop.[7] Munson established Infoshop as a general resource on anarchism, moving to the domain name in 1998.[7] Munson reorganized the website as a collective project in 2001, and as of 2008, it is run by a core of seven people, supplemented by regular writers and volunteers.[7]


Munson considers anarchism to be the only sustainable way forward for humanity, claiming that "[t]raditional political ideologies have led the planet to ruin (capitalism and imperialism) or have prevented freedom (authoritarian communism)."[8] He considers anarchism to be a syncretic political movement, not limited to a "linear history of ideas".[8] Munson identifies as an anarchist without adjectives, describing himself as "an anarchist who is open-minded about anarchist ideas."[8] In an interview for The New York Times during the Republican Party political convention in New York City, published August 29, 2004, Munson compared anarchism to other radical movements, saying:

... we are a lot more anti-government, anti-state. We say that because we think people should have control of their lives at the individual and community level, a sort of radical participatory democracy." Asked about violence he replied, "I subscribe to a diversity of tactics, so I don't disavow violence. But I like to see nonviolence as much as possible."[1]


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