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Charles "Chuck" E. Traynor (August 21, 1937 - July 22, 2002) was an American entrepreneur and pornographer.

Traynor was a minor figure in the early US East Coast pornographic film industry and appeared in a number of short "loops" in the early 1970s, usually with his then-wife Linda Lovelace. He was the production manager during the production of the world-famous 1972 movie Deep Throat.

Traynor was married to two actresses from the "Golden Age of Porn," from 1971 to 1974 to Lovelace of Deep Throat fame, and from 1975 to 1985 to Behind the Green Door’s Marilyn Chambers, whom he also managed.[1]


Relationship with Linda Lovelace

In a 1980 article in Ms. Magazine, "The Real Linda Lovelace", Gloria Steinem discussed Traynor and Lovelace's relationship.[1] Steinem stated that "the myth that Lovelace loved to be sexually used and humiliated was created by her husband", and that he kept her as his prisoner.[1] Lovelace claimed that Traynor forced her into prostitution by threatening her with a gun,[1] repeatedly beat her,[1] forced her to make pornography and allowed men to repeatedly rape her. Lovelace tried to escape from Traynor three times before she was successful.[1] She said that during Deep Throat one can see visible scars and bruises left on her legs from a beating by Traynor. According to Steinem, Traynor once stated that, "When I first dated [Linda] she was so shy, it shocked her to be seen nude by a man...I created Linda Lovelace".[1]

In 1979 Lovelace underwent a lie detector test in which she repeated allegations she made against Traynor. During the session the test results supported the following allegations:[2]

  • In 1971 Traynor forced Lovelace to have sex with five men for money in the Coral Gables Holiday Inn. He pointed a gun at Lovelace and threatened to kill her if she refused.
  • During her relationship with Traynor, Lovelace feared for her life if she tried to leave him.
  • He would hypnotize her.
  • He asked her to help him run the prostitution business, and when she refused he hit her. He used to beat her occasionally, which seemed to sexually excite him. He beat her the night before their wedding, and during the filming of Deep Throat.
  • After she left him, Traynor threatened to shoot her sister's son if she did not return.
  • When out with other people, he would tell her not to speak, and she had to ask his permission to go to the toilet.
  • He kept the $1,200 she made from the film Deep Throat.


Traynor died aged 64 of a heart attack in Chatsworth, California on July 22, 2002, three months after Lovelace died from injuries sustained in a car crash. Lovelace's sister, Barbara Boreman, later said in an interview in Inside Deep Throat that she was disappointed that Traynor died before she could kill him.


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