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Chuckles Logo
A package of Chuckles.

Chuckles is a confectionery produced by Farley's & Sathers Candy Company, Inc. Chuckles are jelly candies coated with a light layer of sugar. They come in five flavors: cherry, lemon, lime, orange, and Licorice. Each package of Chuckles contains one piece of each flavor. The candies have always been packaged in the traditional log with seven ribs. The candies are made with corn syrup, sugar, modified and unmodified cornstarch, and natural and artificial flavors and colors.

The Chuckles brand was first produced in 1921. Nabisco bought the Chuckles Company in 1970. A management buyout occurred in 1986, and the company was quickly snapped up by Leaf. Leaf's US properties were sold to The Hershey Company in 1996, and Hershey sold Chuckles to Farley's & Sathers in 2002.

In popular culture

Chuckles was one of motorcycle daredevil Evel Knievel's sponsors in the 1970s. The CHUCKLES name was on his leathers and helmets.

Chuckles is mentioned in the Seinfeld episode "The Heart Attack" when a fight breaks out between the driver and a crew member of George's ambulance over who ate the last of the Chuckles.

Chuckles is also mentioned in the Martin Scorsese film Taxi Driver when Travis Bickle orders a pack of Chuckles at a sex movie theater concession stand before the show begins.

In the episode "Earthquake" of Night Court, Dan is trapped in an elevator with two sumo wrestlers, and confides that he has C-H-U-C-K-L-E-S in his pocket.

In Punisher: War Zone, Frank Castle tells Grace that the MRE has Chuckles, and that it's "The best kind to get."

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